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Superman vs. The Elite Reviews

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Best Review Guy
July 21, 2014
GREAT story for the Man of Steel! Something they really should consider taking to the big screen!
June 13, 2012
one of the strongest superman stories is well told. The animation is poorly done but the story contains enough morel questions (many without definitive answers) to make even adults stop and think.
June 10, 2014
eh, it was okay, but overall disappointing. the comic was waaaay better.
January 14, 2013
The animation is a bit more cartoonish compared to the other DCAU movies, but the movie overall is a good one.
March 1, 2014
Great Superman story here. Maybe a little dark but I LOVED it !
August 11, 2012
Exactly what this series was designed for, a mature and brave take on superheroics. It's surprising and welcome to see a 'versus' film that pits moral philosophies against each other rather than powers, although there's plenty of that, and one that argues for the obsolete nature of the protagonist. Or does it?
January 10, 2014
The story is one of the modern western world: "Let's take our moral compass and distort it to satisfy our instant emotional impulse." We see what happens when the world looks at Superman as "old fashion" because he embraces morals and values; and we see what happens should Superman ever conform to the modern mentality.
December 13, 2013
Subiste de peso Supi?
June 12, 2013
Despite the animation style that doesn't play very well with the tone of the story this movie it's the best representation of Superman in the DC animated universe
December 27, 2013
this new animated feature based on one of the stories from the 90s is an okay effort. A story that features the topic of how far should a person go in the persuit of justice and how far is too far.
November 7, 2013
Plot/Summary,A group of so-called superheroes have been supposedly fighting for good, but leaving their enemies dead. This spurs Superman to stamp out their antics, leading to a battle on the surface of one of Jupiter's moons.
My Review
The only reason i saw this animated feature based on a graphic novel(which i have not read) containing my second favorite superhero of all time is because this is the year for the man of steel to shine in his 75th anniversary and i wanted to watch as many cool animated and live action adaptions of Superman as possible.
This animated feature revolves around superman trying to make the new intergalactic superhero team known as The Elites to realize that killing is wrong. It digs through the choice of superman thinking maybe the world need these better superhero's other then him. Should he do there ways and kill his enemies or leave his beloved planet Earth?
This animated feature has a good amount of things I do like and some things I don't like. The things I do like about this animated were the voice over actors for Superman, Lois Lane ,Johnathan Kent and that England leader of The Elites but the rest im not a fan of. The fights scenes are short and but cool which make it worthwhile. Finally also that little funny beginning with the little children's superman cartoon.
The things I don't like are some of the other voice actors like for characters Perry White, Jimmy Olsen and the rest of The Elites. They could of made this a little bit longer but al little bit of the movie feels rushed and bland. I would of liked this movie to be an hour and thirty minutes instead of one and fifteen minutes.
The movie is a little fun animated feature I guess but I still has some problems along with some good stuff if you want I think you should check it out I even do think it's a little better then All star Superman.
Maineutral R.
September 27, 2013
The comic was far more shorter...and serious (i mean, the designs of the characters here...too cartoonish for what's supposed to be a serious story) but the story did also point far from what the comic did. Superman vs The Elite is a fun, well animated and poignant movie that anyone can enjoy. But of course, i prefer the comics here. That final fight was more bloody on the paper than in the screen.
Drake T

Super Reviewer

September 21, 2013
It's unfortunate that the art style doesn't fit appropriately with the sophistication of the story because in all honesty, this movie embodies what it is to be "Superman" better than any other animated film featuring the character.

The theme of idealism against the harshness of reality, of overcoming the means to an end with the unwavering hope in principle and morality. This movie's plot defines Clark's character and that's where it really shines.

Unfortunately, there's just something unappealing and generally comical in the presentation of "The Elite" (design & voice acting), this combined with the juvenile art style takes away from the dark themes and ideas presented.

Of course, the fight scenes and animation is still quite stellar. The explosive battles are all very fluid and full of dynamism.

I think in the wake of Batman's popularity and that of vigilantes or dark heroes alike, this movie plays a pivotal role in reminding us that it's just as important to dream and strive for ideals.
November 7, 2012
Let's give it the props it deserves. They adapted the point of Issue #775 perfectly. Though I didn't like the down grade (as I see it) in animation, this was as good as the previous movies. But the most awesometacular thing about this movie was Pauley "NCIS Abby Schutto" was voice cast as Lois Lane. I've hated Lois Lane in every her every incarnation... til this. Picturing Abby as Lois Lane was a great treat. Thanks movie.
March 23, 2013
Another entry in the Bruce Timm supervised DCU animated universe that loosely asks similar questions to Man of Steel, due to a new band of misfit superheroes who have no compucture of using deadly force to solve the worlds problems, is Superman still relevant in todays society? The big selling point for this entry is the closing battle scene with Superman seemingly loosing control and almost terminally disposing of the interloopers. Not an all time classic like the recent Dark Knight Returns Duology, New Frontier or Return of the Joker, it does present some interesting points in tackling a hero that is in risk of becoming dated.
August 10, 2013
Loved the movie. Superman shows these so-called heroes what truth, justice, and the American way is all about.
July 26, 2013
Trata temas interesantes y que pueden llevar a la controversia, es bueno ver comics orientados a espectadores más serios, buenas escenas de pelea y buena historia
July 17, 2013
a favorite. one of the best Superman animated I've ever seen.
May 21, 2013
Man of Steel looked fantastic, but felt like it was missing something in the heart and soul department. Superman vs. The Elite on the other hand is full of heart and soul but isn't the greatest looking DC animation I've seen. It raises questions about morality and whether the old boy scout in blue is still relevant in today's world which makes for a more compelling story. It's sad that DC animated movies always seem to nail the character better than the live action films and get overlooked.

I will say I'm not a fan of the Supes is drawn in this. His chin is a little too super.
July 16, 2013
The art style wasn't the best of what you expect from DC animated films but if there is one word I will use to describe this film, it would be 'refreshing.' The movie was humorous, a bit raunchy, and a nice twist thrown in for good measure. It certainly isn't your typical superman movie, it was more mature which helped to make it stand out against the many other superman titles.
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