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½ September 8, 2009
Has its beautiful & impressive moments but overall it's so so and the symbolism feels out of place, I liked Yumurta better than this, Looking forward to see the other installment of the trilogy, Bal
½ February 27, 2009
Lovely film with many painterly images. Kaplanoglu's aesthetic is definitely my cup of tea. I thought the part with the girl at the bookstore was just dropped and forgotten. I don't like all the snake symbolism the ending felt abrupt.
February 6, 2013
the second part of the "Yusuf- triology" does not speak as loud as the preious one, but Kaplanoglu continues showing us emotions living in us and also surrounding us all.
January 14, 2011
Boring and not very enjoyable mainly due to the unlikable protagonist.
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