Tim Burton Out of Jim Carrey's "Ripley's"? (Believe It or Not!)

by Scott Weinberg | Wednesday, Jun. 20 2007

Tim Burton might be finishing up with his "Sweeney Todd" adaptation, but is he now off the long-discussed "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" project?

We heard a while back that Burton and Jim Carrey would be collaborating on the Robert Ripley semi-bio-pic, but one source is now indicating that Mr. Burton may have bailed on the project. Which would be a shame because there's no telling what Tim Burton could do with the "Believe It or Not" material.

Carrey's pal Steve Oedekerk got a chance to work on the screenplay by Scott Alexander and Larry Karazsewski, but that seems to be where the project has slowed down. It's probably because of Carrey and Burton's busy schedules, but it also looks like this is a property doomed for more delays.

Source: ComingSoon.net