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½ August 7, 2015
Death Wish remake, basically
August 5, 2015
One of my favorite movies of all time! Kept me on the edge of my seat thru-out entire film...
February 5, 2009
Traditional action movie with an agent that can and will do everything to save his daughter. No twist or suspense. We all know he's going to save her.
½ November 20, 2013
"Taken" is a film that is one part action, one part thriller, and 100% entertainment. What makes "Taken" such a great film, you ask? It might be the great performance of Liam Neeson that makes it such a great film, or it might be the fantastic action sequences. I say it's both.

Liam Neeson is such a badass in this film. For an actor whose background doesn't include many action films, Neeson plays the action hero like a pro. Sure, sometimes the film pushes the boundaries of believability with some of Neeson's sleuth skills, but it is so cool, I'm willing to overlook it. Then there's the action, which is all excellent, clever, and heart-pounding. Whoever choreographed the action and fight scenes is brilliant because the action is all very smart and well thought-out.

With a star as cool as Liam Neeson, and human trafficking bad guys asking to get their butts kicked, it's no surprise that I enjoyed "Taken" so much. "Taken" is, by far, one of the best action films I've seen in a while, and one I'd be happy to watch again and again.
March 22, 2009
You'll see it for one reason: Liam Neeson kicking ass.
½ July 26, 2015
Entertaining. That's just about it.
½ July 18, 2015
Rating: 85%
Liam Neeson plays a gripping role in Taken, which is action-packed and filled with thrills that will surely entertain fans of Neeson's work.
½ July 9, 2015
Liam Neeson is intense!
July 6, 2015
I WILL find you. And I will smurf you.
July 3, 2015
Probably one of the best action-thrillers

Remove Liam Neeson's mind-blowing performance, this film would have been just another generic action thriller. Neeson completely defines this film and is exceedingly likable as a loving father who becomes a merciless killing machine when his daughter is kidnapped by human- traffickers. This may be typical save the kidnapped girl story, but the way it gives edge-of-seat thrills combined with well-oiled action its becomes highly engaging. The sharp dialogues with Neeson's deep voice add to the package. Who wouldn't like Neeson's "I will find you and I will kill you" dialogue? And the action sequence when he finally finds the bad guys is simply mind blowing. Another of my favorite scenes is when he makes his old friend realize that he has been sitting on desk so long that he has forgotten the difference between a loaded and an empty gun. The plot remains intensely focused on the father's pursuit to find his daughter without floating into unnecessary sub-plots. The only relevant and important characters where the father and daughter, and their relation is well established in first 20 minutes giving room for the audience to invest their emotions. The film also portrays the horrors of human-trafficking giving enough reason for rooting Neeson's character to find and kill all those bad guys. With well choreographed action, engaging soundtrack and slick camera work with power-packed Neeson Taken is a ride not to be missed. I have watched it 5 times now and it was exciting each time. I still remember the first time I saw it about 4 years ago and how it totally blew my mind!

RATING: [4/5]
April 17, 2013
Taken has some good action sequences and Liam Neeson is great as always in his role. That being said, the storyline is stupendously unoriginal and cliched. Taken is nothing more than an action packed kidnapping flick. Picture Jason Bourne being in his fifties, and one of his kids gets kidnapped, so he pursuits the kidnappers. That's basically Taken. I do find this film to be overrated, but It's definitely not to hard to see why it has gained an immense following.
June 21, 2015
Taken is a very fun action movie that is also very intriguing and interesting during the whole ride.One of my favorite action movies ever,Taken is very simple,has good editing and it's easy to follow,packed with a very particular set of skills this movie absolutely scores a 5.
June 27, 2015
A good load of fun, despite its obvious flaws and cliched action. Bit of guilty pleasure to be honest.
January 20, 2014
Taken is undeniably fun with slick action and incredibly fun to watch
Super Reviewer
June 17, 2015
I don't understand where the hate of this film came from? It had an overall well written script, terrific ensemble, fascinating action and important underlying theme about the problems with human trafficking. But all these liberals see is that the film is racist. -Face palm- What about the millions of women being used as sex slaves in real life? Do they matter?

While sure, the film was exaggerated on its over the top action and story, it shows what a father will do to save her daughter and it;s beautiful. The only real problem I had was the silly ending but that could be easily forgiven.
June 8, 2015
To call 2009s Taken a guilty pleasure would be a disservice to the film. It would be a backhanded compliment due to the fact that such a term would imply it isn't good in a traditional sense, when in fact, it is. But maybe calling it a guilty pleasure is purely because of how much fun it is. Although the main plot isn't "fun"-about a man's teenage daughter being kidnapped (or... Taken) in Europe and his attempt to rescue her-the viewing experience is and for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is Pierre Morel's pulpy (and hard broiled) direction, the other is Liam Neeson's performance as an action hero (never gets old) but the clincher is Robert Mark Kamen and Luc Besson's great, genre-centric script. Yes, the same Besson who has proven himself the master of the stylish genre picture (La Femme Nikita, Léon: The Professional, The Fifth Element) and the pairing have gone back to a dormant genre-the vigilante, one-person killing machine, save-your-family-at-all-costs action genre of the 70s and 80s-and it has sorely been missed. Not since the days of the single-minded madness of Charles Bronson in 1974s Death Wish (and it's sequels), Arnold handling a bazooka in 1985s Commando or Bruce Willis being in the wrong place at the wrong time in 1988s Die Hard (and it's sequels) has a character been this aggressive, clinical and wrathful in their pursuit of a goal-and it is a joy to watch. Added with a surprisingly intricate script and a solid performance from Neeson to give life to the character, Taken is a worthy successor of said genre. Although some of the acting in the film is sometimes subpar (seeing Maggie Grace-playing the 17-year-old kidnapped daughter-convey youth through running like a 5-year-old adds to the fun) never diminishes the product and adds to the escapism the film succeeds at creating. Perhaps the guilt with viewing Taken would to not enjoy it.
½ June 7, 2015
a seven year old could of thought of the plot....enough said
March 26, 2014
I own this on DVD and on BLU-RAY in a three movie pack along with:
* Taken 2 (2012)
* Taken 3 (2014)
½ July 5, 2013
Never too late to watch a good fun entertaining action movie starring the man with the skills Liam frekkin' Neeson!
½ May 25, 2015
You know where the plot is going from the beginning, but somehow you remain hooked on the story of a father searching for his abducted daughter. While it's a shame that this film has been copied virtually piece by piece into a number of sequels and copycats, Taken defines a genre as the original that spawned a thousand films.
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