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[Scorsese] seems to need scripts with well-designed humor and performers with the spirit of Ellen Burstyn to compensate for what seems to be a fundamentally depressed view of life and the belief that sobriety is the equivalent of seriousness.

August 30, 2009 Full Review Source: TIME Magazine | Comments (115)
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Peter Gallo

You're a ****ing idiot. This movie is a masterpiece.

Sep 1 - 05:59 PM


Brian Priestley

Wow are you serious? Thanks for ruining 100% for one of the greatest movies ever world. You are the lone person that ive ever known who does not like this movie. Congrats on trying to be different.

Sep 2 - 04:40 PM


samii y

I keep wondering, which does TIME Magazine keep giving rottons to movies that are on their top 100 list?

...and why review this, period?

Sep 2 - 05:07 PM

Zach Thomas

Zach Idiculla


Aug 13 - 12:14 PM

Grow A.

Grow Atog


Sep 2 - 05:56 PM

Triple T

Triple Twyford

Taxi Driver is an american classic, in the AFI Top-100 best movies ever made, and as someone noted above, it's even in TIME's top 100 best movies ever made list.

You sir, are an idiot.

Sep 2 - 06:31 PM

Big A2

Andréas _

The only person who's an idiot is the one who decided this out-dated review was suitable for RT.

Jun 11 - 08:24 AM

Zach Thomas

Zach Idiculla

Outdated? What makes an opinion in date or out-of-date? This movie came out in 1976, and this review was written at the time. Last time I checked, reviews normally accompany movies around the same time...

Aug 13 - 12:17 PM

Eliud R.

Eliud Rodriguez

this website really needs a deadline on reviews so idiots like you can't ruin perfect rated films.

Sep 2 - 07:32 PM


zeus manalo

S**t head, you just made the biggest mistake of your life, your review was quite improper. I disagree with most of what you said. Maybe you might want to think it over again

Sep 2 - 07:41 PM

William J.

William Johnsten

F*** you idiot

Sep 2 - 11:26 PM

Cam R.

Cam Rasmusson

Good grief. Why do people react so vehemently about these things?

Richard Schickel is a generally good critic, and this review was published over 30 years ago. A man can make a bad call. I bet if you ask Schickel today, he might admit he was off target on this one.

Sep 3 - 01:10 AM

Scott B.

Scott Brady

you're right, I think Schickel today would say he was off target when he wrote the review. He was obviouslly used to the feelgood surrealism from Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore and couldn't relate to the brutal realism of Taxi Driver. Despite this, I generally admire Schickel as a critic. Critics after all are merely human.

Jul 2 - 06:46 PM

Marco Martinez

Marco Martinez

He also wrote, Conversations with Martin Scorsese subsequently where he has admiration for his work, so maybe he had a enlightening experience later on

Jul 30 - 10:24 AM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

Because people are idiots.
Because people can't recognize an old review.
Because people don't know that most movies are not BORN classics.

Aug 29 - 10:33 AM


Eliot Vitalie

You ruined 100%, and to what purpose?

Sep 3 - 05:31 PM

Zach Thomas

Zach Idiculla

RottenTomatoes didn't exist when he wrote this, so stop acting like he consciously messed up this website's rating of the movie...

Aug 13 - 12:18 PM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

You made him eat his lollipop

Aug 29 - 10:35 AM


Aaron Yovanovits

To be honest Taxi Driver as great as it is, and it is definitely great, got a lot of negative reviews when it came out. This is the only available online I guess.

Sep 3 - 07:54 PM

girly g.

girly girl

good point
its a great movie, but i see why some people might have been like what the heck at the time
i wish we could see some of the other bad reviews
it would be interesting to see what people thought

Apr 1 - 10:00 PM

Peter W.

Peter Winters


Aug 29 - 10:36 AM


James Bond

**** this hack. He deserves to be shot by Bickle.

Sep 3 - 10:22 PM

Johan S.

Johan Sigg

What are you TALKING about?
This has to be the most misled, ridiculous review I've ever read.

Sep 4 - 10:14 AM


Dilbert Blake

Go stick your foot in a blender you fat ****. I don't give a goddamn ****ing **** if this was published 30 years ago, that just means you shouldn't have lived to be 30 ****ing years older today.

Sep 5 - 08:14 AM

Armond Whites No. 1 Fan

Tyler Parke

You're an ignorant, pretentious, spoiled teenager. And don't even bother arguing against that, because you are. I bet if you were alive when this movie came out, you would have thought likewise to Mr. Schickel.

Dec 11 - 05:55 AM

Martin S.

Martin Schlene

ok, really people youre just showing how unclassy you all are by calling this guy names for his opinion, its his personal opinion and he's obviously better at reviewing films than you seeing as how he works for time magazine, im not saying i agree with him i loved the movie but im not going to tell him he's an idiot for his opinion.

Sep 10 - 04:21 PM


Alexander Rysavy

Yes, but his "opinion" is incorrect.

Dec 6 - 07:25 PM

Stop Staring At My Name

Jack Dabronzke

Of course it's depressing! It's about a low-paid man in a world with 12 year old prostitutes, where motel room beds are covered in dick sweat, and a lying pimp! And how the hell did you say comedy, I can't remember the jokes, I remember the stand against liars in politics, prostitution, crime (well he did murder many people), and violence! The top 100 films according to AFI always seems to be rotten to you, an old person who usually enjoys them, how about you watch this when you're not laughing how small your dick is! Scripts? WTF, the dialogue was superb, I can't believe you loved the dialogue in Speed but not TAXI ****ING DRIVER!

Sep 11 - 04:22 AM

Zach Thomas

Zach Idiculla

Again, he wrote this before any "AFI 100" list even existed... in other words, before this was a classic and before bandwagoners like you existed.

Aug 13 - 12:21 PM

Whimmy Wham Wozzle

Jack Forbes

Look, I agree with the whole "each to his own" thing, but why the hell did you ruin the 100%. This one of the best films ever made... you are an idiot. That's it, nothing else.

Sep 12 - 05:36 AM

Alex G.

Alex Gaspar

It's obvious your negativity towards the film is simply your negativity on life, which ironic because you describe such negativity in the film. Life is sad and depressing, it is also happy and uplifting. There are two extremes to life now matter how you look at them and Taxi Driver is an aesthetic film portraying the darker side. Stop trying to be different because you got your journalism major at some pompous ivy league university and you believe that you are intelligently superior to the craft work of one of cinema's greatest directors and films because its widely popularized.

Sep 20 - 01:56 PM


bob jenkins

can the people of RT just vote to remove this guy's review

Sep 26 - 01:26 AM


James Bond

This guy...this guy's a ****ing mook.

Sep 28 - 04:26 PM

Bennett Galef

Bennett Galef

Hey, you can't call me a mook.

Sep 26 - 01:27 AM

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