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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reviews

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Al S

Super Reviewer

April 12, 2014
An insanely enjoyable and off the wall good-time at the movies. A terrific re-boot to a classic series that I and many others grew up with and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Producer, Michael Bay and Director, Jonathan Liebesman have delivered an explosive, hilarious and tremendously exciting guilty pleasure that you can watch again and again. This movie packs plenty of over the top martial arts action, spectacular special effects, outrageous humor and a lot of heart. The Turtles are done extremely well, they have great chemistry together and capture the real heart and essence of the Turtles and their brotherhood. William Fichtner is excellent. Megan Fox is surprisingly good in the film and really goes for it in this film. A non-stop action-packed joy-ride that's just awesome. A roller-coaster ride you don't want to get off of. One of the summers best and most enjoyable movies. A sensational adventure.
Kase V

Super Reviewer

August 16, 2014
Though all its glory comes from the effects work from behind a computer, the Michael Bay-esque Ninja Turtles are still a lot of fun. With exciting action sequences and great turtle banter, fans of the franchise should able to enjoy the film, as long as they go in with an open mind. Only then is the changed origin story and weak performances admissible. For those NOT familiar with the franchise, beware.
Everett J

Super Reviewer

August 22, 2014
Here's an updated take on the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". The rubber suits are out, and the CGI is in. Basically there isn't much to the movie, the turtles meet April O Neill and then battle Shredder to save New York. They joke around and love their pizza. This was surprisingly better than I anicipated it to be, however, I was hoping for a lot more humor. After seeing something like "Guardians of the Galaxy", it's eye opening as to how funny this could, and should have been. It does have some laughs, but it' too few and far between. For a turtles movie it is too dark at times. The action is phenomenal and the effects are top notch. Overall, it's good and probably the best of all the Turtle movies. Excited to see where the franchise goes from here, just hopefully it gets funnier.

Super Reviewer

August 20, 2014
Even though a lot of audiences like this movie, I'm just not in the mood for praising it since Bay is getting addicted with advertising in the middle of the movie and for me its getting worse since Transformers 4.. Megan Fox as April so lovely but she really can't be look ugly isn't she?

Super Reviewer

February 23, 2014
The leader. The brains. The attitude. And Mikey.

Good Fun Movie! The new turtles movie is not the disaster that it had the potential to be. Having Bay as the producer instead of the director was a better decision for this reviewer, because it put the explosions to a minimum and the action I expected to the max. Stable camera-work and animation keeps you in line with the action, allowing you to actually keep track of what is going on. While there is indeed a major divergence in the classic story and humor, it is still a fun adventure. Again I love action movies, but I think many will find this movie a fun flick to watch. Would I bring kids? It is true that there is a PG-13 rating due to the violence and terrorism themes, but I think most will be able to handle it, just exercise some caution. Was it worth a trip to the movie? For action lovers and non-purist TMNT fans, I think it is worth a trip. As for the casual fans, I think this one can wait for home, because it doesn't have all of the aspects that most audiences seem to enjoy.

Darkness has settled over ×New York City as Shredder and his evil ×Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April O'Neil and her cameraman ×Vern Fenwick to save the city and unravel Shredder's diabolical plan.

Super Reviewer

August 11, 2014
When I was a kid, I was a Ninja Turtles freak; I mean I was obsessed with it. I completely forgot about what most of a back-story is, as I feel that some childhood memories should not to be played with and that's where the classic 80's cartoon comes into play. This interpretations is mediocre at best with some good effects, and a common complaint here is that Michael Bay again messed with our "beloved childhoods" for those who are actually old enough to remember the cartoons, comics, toys and whatever awesome merchandise came with it, I believe they should just not take it too much to heart. Now, on to this film, first, the film is a mediocre affair and it doesn't do anything to really make it standout. First the great, the effects, the way the turtles look are wonderful. Some scenes are very good, the action is kind of cool, but in grand scheme of things, the film feels tiresome, empty as if they're trying to recapture the magic that cartoon and old films had. Unfortunately, it never becomes anything memorable, because the story I felt was too thin, and though it had an interesting twist on the Turtles, it never becomes anything really entertaining due to a lack of wonderful storytelling due to a lacking script. However director Jonathan Liebesman, who has a so-so career, and though I feel his best works are Battle: Los Angeles (I know, but the sheer idea of marines fighting a war with aliens, is really cool, for me anyways) and Wrath of the Titans. He's proven hew's able to craft effective action, yet I will admit, his lack wondrous storytelling, and rely on popcorn action to really grab your attention. With that being said, the action here is good, but with every other film in Liebesman's filmography, he crafted a popcorn film that can make a huge impact in the genre. Sure, the films I enjoyed that I mentioned earlier here were fun, but they won't be classics anytime. I would say that TMNT is Liebesman's most disappointing feature, and this one could have been something unique and really great if more attention to developing a great screenplay and picking a few different actors for various parts would have been undertaken. The most diehard fans will be disappointed, and I wanted like it, but I felt it lacked something to make it really fun, memorable and ultimately wonderful action filmmaking. Oh well, Liebesman has at least fun little films underneath his belt, and that's something.
Flutie A

Super Reviewer

February 6, 2014
I found this one to be formulaic and a wasted opportunity overall, though they have assembled some great parts for future sequels. The turtles looked pretty great and they all were voice-casted pretty spot-on except for Leo (Johnny Knoxville's voice just doesn't fit). They also are pretty excellent performances from the actors themselves, and they nailed the turtles personality-wise. From a story perspective, the plot isn't very exciting and is very basic. I hope they take a few more risks with the just-announced sequel...risks named Bebop and Rocksteady. And could someone at Marvel teach these guys how to do a post-credits tease (well, anyone but James Gunn)?

Super Reviewer

August 7, 2014
Remember those dreaded sequels to "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"? Well I am very sad to admit that this remake is almost worse than that. With almost no devotion to any characters throughout this film, and focussing more on the humans than the turtles, there is really not much to latch onto or care about here. Megan Fox is horribly casted as April O'Neil and almost every line of dialogue she delivers made me chuckle, not only due to the terrible acting, but due to the fact that it has one of the worst screenplays of the year. This version of the Ninja Turtles is so laughably bad that I had a blast watching it in the theatre. Everyone in this film is typecast because of their looks and the plot steals from every blockbuster out there (namely The Amazing Spider-Man). I felt like I was watching a film that a ten year old kid made who loves special effects. In the end, the turtles are fine in the scenes where they are solo, one of the action scenes is pretty fun, but the script, directing, and acting are so atrocious that it almost insults the intelligence of the previous films. Think about that for a second. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)" is one of the worst films of 2014. Stay away, curiosity will do you no good here.
Dann M

Super Reviewer

August 16, 2014
Another needless reboot, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is rather unremarkable and generic. And while the original films may be a little quaint and passe, they also had a bit magic and earnestness to them. This new version has better acting and better special effects, but that's all. The plot is ludicrously stupid, even for a kids' film, and the music is horrendous (especially the theme song). Still, the action sequences are dynamic and exciting, and bring a lot of energy to the film. Despite its lack of ambition, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles still entertains and is able to deliver a few good laughs.
Joey T

Super Reviewer

August 14, 2014
The film is riddled with problems, from its awful plot progression that is done through the most obvious expository dialogue I've ever seen, to the human characters who are only slightly better than the humans in Transformers films. That said, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles does a lot more right than it had any right to. The turtles are all likable (if a bit underdeveloped), the action and visual effects were great and far more comprehensible than a Transformers film, and the film didn't overstay its welcome and ends just when it needs to. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is... exceptionally adequate. While that isn't a recommendation, that is certainly much higher praise than what I expected to give this film. See Guardians of the Galaxy instead, but there are many worse films out there than this.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

August 11, 2014
A lot of movie fans could make an argument to me that this film deserves a lot lower rating than I am giving it, most of those argument would probably center around the fact that Michael Bay is involved with it. It's not like there is absolutely no merit to that argument because there is, but I also tried to wipe away nostalgia, take a step back, and I tried to examine this for what is was......a movie (like the Transformers) designed to sell merch and appeal to the lowest common denominator. And you know what? That isn't always a bad thing....

Now I'm sure I'm going to take a lot of flack for this but that is all the original cartoons and movies were designed to do as well. If wanted some kind of substantial story with interesting characters then that show and those movies aren't very good either. I really liked them as a kid but my tastes evolved over time and that song and dance just doesn't work the way it use to.

I am in rare company though as I actually enjoyed Director Jonathan Liebesman's last effort "Battle: LA". If there is one thing that irked me the most about this incarnation of TMNT it's that (either on purpose or by accident) this movie has Bay's hand prints all over it and it doesn't feel like Liebesman's work. Maybe that's why he gets so irked when people try talk to him about this movie.

As you might have guessed (as this is a reboot after all) they have significantly changed the turtles origin and they did it for the worse. Most of the other changes I found to be acceptable (yes even robot Shredder).

Despite disliking the look of the turtles I should not that from a clinical standpoint they look very well done and Leo and Raph do not come off nearly as bad as Donny and Mikey do. I should also note, that while proficiently done I didn't care for how they designed Splinter either. None of the character looks were really appealing to the eye.

The banter between the turtles was always the highlights of the previous films and this installment proved to be the same although there were plenty of cringe worthy lines as well. All of the turtles of course get character trait moments. Donny does something nerdy, Mikey tells some kind of joke, Raph does something rebellious, and Leo does something leader-ishly. Of course they never really stray from those lines which (for me anyway) kind of makes them boring.

As one would expect Megan Fox did a fairly acceptable job of playing April O'Neil....wait....what? That's right....FAIRLY ACCEPTABLE!!! She most definitely has some Megan Fox moments for sure, but she was largely just there......which far exceeded the low bar I had put in place for this movie. I should also note that Will Arnett has earned the Cinema Geekly 2014 award for most Ham-Fisted line in a feature film. Congratulations!

The action was largely good and easy to follow, I just never found myself interested in them nor did I really find anything in those scenes that really caught my eye but after having just seen Guardians of the Galaxy I suppose it isn't fair to the turtles.

I can't be too mad at this movie. It mostly did what it set out to do. Appeal to kids, sell merch, sell tickets, provide nostalgia, and sneak in a some pizza product placement. Ultimately the best things I can say about a TMNT movie in 2014 that featured Michael Bay's involvement is this: It was an hour and a half long and there weren't any heavily racist or over sexualized characters in it, so kudos TMNT......kudos...
Bradley W

Super Reviewer

July 20, 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is in no way a great movie, in fact its pretty sloppy in retrospect. But I'll be damned if this movie didn't entertain me for most of its running time. I enjoyed the turtles and their interaction with one another and their chemistry. Leonardo continues to be a honorable leader, Michaelangelo is the jokester, Donatello is the smart one, and Rafael is still the badass one who continues to be my favorite. Its a slightly more enjoyable film if you know the lore behind its source material, but not by much. The script was poorly made and not for a second did I ever become interested in the goings on of the story. I really couldn't tell you what the movie was about other than four giant fighting turtles need to take down the evil Shredder. In other words, you can tell that its a Michael Bay film once you notice their isn't any plot to work with. Megan Fox gives a functional performance, but in the end she is only here because of Bay's weird obsession with this woman. The film spends too much time on her boring character and it really brings the film down. They also made a mockery of the villain Shredder, who could've been a great villain but instead couldn't have been more bland. Its about 100 minutes of cliches, product placement, poor storytelling, boring performances, but exciting entertainment that kept the film fun. Its not very good, but its not the garbage I had anticipated.
Joshua S

Super Reviewer

August 15, 2014
I idea what to make of what I just saw. Going into this I already had quite a number of apprehensions and concerns regarding this whole enterprise. Namely, Michael Bay overseeing another movie based on a beloved Gen X cultural property and all the inevitable backlash associated with that. And the result is kind of terrible, but not quite the catastrophe one might expect. In other words Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen this is not. And I have certainly seen worse movies this year. What plagues this movie is just how generic it is. The plot and raw structure is largely ripped off superhero movies complete with "magic blood" and "evil gas threatening the city" clichés (see Batman Begins and The Amazing Spider-Man). The dialogue is laughable and William Fichtner and yes even Megan Fox are underutilized with cardboard thin characters with questionable motivations and some of the worst dialogue this side of an Asylum production. The Turtles themselves are hulking, overpowered monstrosities - a change made, I assume to make them more comparable to superheroes. Even Shredder is unrecognizable, looking more like one of Iron Man's mech villains or X-Men's Silver Samurai.

What does work are a couple of the action scenes (the snow chase in particular) and the banter between our four heroes. The humor is a little more effective here than in the Transformers movies even if it is pop culture reference heavy. Basically, if action is going on or the Turtles are cracking jokes and smashing into vehicles it's tolerable. If those things are not on screen it's unbearable. Also credit must be given for the presence of only two explosions the entire movie. I assume this was because Michael Bay was a producer and not in the director's chair, otherwise we would have gotten one every five minutes minimum. So surprise, surprise - shit movie is in fact, shit. It seems the definitive version of the Turtles will remain the 1990 original. Yes the one with the awkward rubber suits. And no not the sequels. By the way could we ever get a version of the original black and white comic? You know the one that was kind of dark and weird? Yeah we could Sin City the hell out of that and make an interesting film. At least it would be better than this. In regards to the movie we do have, I can only recommend seeing it on Netflix or checking it out from your local library. I cannot advise spending any money toward it.

Super Reviewer

August 14, 2014
I honestly was expecting the film to be better. I thought it was so so. I saw it in 3D. The film felt like a Michel Bay film, even though he didn't direct it. It felt like his style. One of the major problems that I had with the film is that the Turtles are CGI. I liked the older films more, especially the first Ninja Turtles film cause it had a real feel to it. I would rather have a guy in a suit/costume playing the character than a CGI version of the character, cause it makes it more real. The CGI here looked too fake. I couldn't take the Turtles, Splinter, or even Shredder seriously here. Shredder looked like he came from the Transformers movie. He looked too fake to me.

I also didn't like that the action scenes happened too fast. This is a problem with a lot of action films lately. They happen too fast making it hard to tell what happened in the scene, or who got hit or hurt. They did make some slight changes to the origin of the Turtles and Splinter. The plot did seem very familiar to me. Shredder's plan and the big finale at the end reminded me of the Amazing Spiderman finale and the Lizard's plan.

I thought the voice actors for the Turtles and Splinter were not good. I thought the original films did a great job choosing the right actors in those roles, but not here. Megan Fox was ok as April, but I thought Paige Turco and Judith Hoag did a better job as April. Megan in my opinion, was better in Transformers. I was expecting more from William Fichtner in this film. I thought he was gonna be Shredder. Boy, was I wrong about that.

While kids will like the new film, I prefer the old ones.
Jeff B.
Jeff B.

Super Reviewer

August 12, 2014
Throwing everything from turtle soup to nutso visuals at the eyes and ears of moviegoers, the predictable but occasionally likeable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles knows karate and crazy and demonstrates both qualities quite often. Full of cheap jokes and expensive thrills, the movie proves to be what every young Turtles fan dreams of. Just as horny fan fiction dowagers didn't get to write their versions into the canonical Harry Potter, however, so hyped up teenage fanboys didn't write this reboot...but it feels like they did. In the post-9/11 era of presenting dark 'n' dirty vigilante cinema and, conversely, every old toy and cartoon is new again, it's only natural that Eastman and Laird's black and white cult comic book get remade again. If the 1990-1993 Jim Henson creature features aped Tim Burton's dark, Gothic, and slightly camp Batman, then the current TMNT gleefully falls in the shadow of Christopher Nolan's realistic, modern, and sociological commentary-pieces, The Dark Knight Trilogy. Whereas this threesome boasted a whiz-bang kinetic style that kept the drama, action, and thought provocation moving at a generous clip, however, Turtles just overly busies itself with sugar rush action sequences and a myriad of plot points borrowed from other superhero flicks. Despite being dizzying, the movie never bores though the paper doll-cutout characters sometimes grate on your patience.

In this PG-13-rated fantasy-adventure, four unlikely supersized outcast turtle brothers must work with fearless reporter April O'Neil (Fox) and her cameraman Vern Fenwick (Arnett) to save the city and unravel Shredder's diabolical plan.

Surprisingly, in throwing so much at the wall, some decent moments actually stick. Megan Fox, Will Arnett, and William Fitchner chew the scenery accordingly, which is a left-handed compliment. It's a live action cartoon, not a Lee Strasberg Acting School recital. Plus, the CGI-rendered heroes look authentic, albeit creepy, and the eye-popping costume and set design catch the mind's eye. Oh, it's not Mutant Shakespeare, but it hits the teenage demographic square in the PG-13, giving its target audience a pop culture bullseye while keeping adults mildly amused.

Bottom line: Story on a Half Shell
Christopher H

Super Reviewer

March 28, 2014
Get ready for the pitch forks! Of course the Michael Bay produced "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is getting heat right out of the gate, but put aside your Bayhem resentment and just enjoy a little trip down memory lane with the reboot of the crime-fighting mutant turtles with a soft spot for pizza. Truth be told, none of the previous Ninja Turtle movies were very good, we just hold them in a special place in our hearts because we ate them up as kids. The new film may falter at times, with Megan Fox still not showing any acting prowess and a Shredder that is so CGI heavy he hardly fits on the screen, but it still has its heart in the right place and revives the comedy that series was always known for. So wipe that chip off your shoulder, put down the flaming torch, and enjoy the film that your eight-year-old self would have absolutely adored.
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