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½ August 31, 2007
The sequel is definitely a huge step down. It has a much more light hearted tone and thanks to dumb parent complaints doesn't let the turtles use their damn weapons. That said its still a lot of fun at times and I'm sure kids will be less concerned about its story problems. An okay kids flick but one that clearly showed the franchise sliding fast
February 20, 2014
It's nowhere near as good as the first movie, but there are still glimmers of treasure in this one.
½ September 9, 2007
I just discovered that parental complaints is what dulled the sequel to Ninja Turtles. This explains the more comedic tone, with less weapons fighting and more hand to hand combat. Also the 90's cheese is amplified with a lame karate practicing kid and Vanilla Ice rapping. The first movie had the theme of the fallacy of joining gangs, but Secret of the Ooze's only strength is the monsters that Shredder creates and the character development behind their mutation. Its still entertaining, but a step down from the first film.
August 10, 2014
Not as good as the original but still a really good childhood movie!
½ August 9, 2014
Beyond stupid and ridiculous, but admittedly entertaining and kinda fun, the second Ninja Turtles still hits the hearts of those that grew-up with it. I mean, take four mutated turtles named after the painters of the Renaissance era in a movie where the 90's Vanilla Ice sings and dances along with them. Sold, anyone?

It is a disappointment that the movie has the Turtles using their fists and other objects EXCEPT for their weapons while fighting crime. Because that is what every kid wanted to see...It is also a disappointment that Super Shredder gets easily beaten by himself...no kidding. Surely we all wanted to see Bebop and Rocksteady, but we have some shitty replacement called Tokka and Rahzar...and yes, it's not the same thing, there's a HUGE difference. All this in a silly effort to tone done the violence. I think a movie like this DESERVES such use of violence. The first one did well with all the violence, it would make sense that if they wanted to repeat the success, they would not tone down the violence, but oh man, they did. But even so, the action scenes are still entertaining and fun. Humor gets stupider as it goes and the climax is actually an anti-climax. This is not a good movie, let alone a good sequel, but it's still fun and surely has its nostalgia value to it, and it was because of that that I enjoyed it, but it was beyond stupid.

TMTN II is a guilty pleasure at least, and that's a lot to say when it comes to a movie that doesn't live up to its own title; after all, the secret of the Ooze is never revealed or explained, it's just an excuse for a subtitle. Guess that's why they stopped subtitling the other movies. Overall, an entertaining movie with a huge nostalgic value to it.
½ August 8, 2014
With as much humor blended in with it's martial arts theme, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze is equally as entertaining as its predecessor.
½ August 7, 2014
Kinda a step down don't you think?
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October 3, 2010
The sequel to the cult children's film "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" definitely loses the flare that made the first film so enjoyable, but the puns and choreography is more clever and dumb than ever, making this still a fun film to watch, even though you know you are viewing a pretty bad movie. Again, I respect anyone who bashes this trilogy, because I will have nothing to back it up, but the Turtles are just so loveable that you can't deny it's slight charm it has over you. The direction is fine, the acting is still hilarious, and the plot is even more preposterous this time around and the return of the main villain is never explained. I had a lot of fun watching this film, but I have no trouble admitting it is pretty lame. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze" is not terrible, but if I return to the series, it will be to the original!
½ September 28, 2010
The sequel is more and less what you'd want from TMNT... maybe a little lesser. The film does have a little more action and we get two creature characters Toko and Rahzar rather than just ninjas, so it's more satisfying in that sense, but there's other things they couldn't get quite right. The Turtles were toned down to sillier, childish characters and the film overall is much lighter (apparently parents complaints about the first film being a little darker with minor mature content) and the jokes and humour are even lamer and cheesier. The film's known highlight is when the Turtles crash a club party with Vanilla Ice, and he starts singing the "Ninja Rap". As if the film wasn't already pretty 90's, Vanilla Ice just stamps "Totally 1991" right onto the film, but nonetheless the scene is silly and the song is catchy. What should've been the film's highlight was a disappoitning showdown with Shredder where he becomes Super Shredder, but the fight is short-lived as he collapses the docks on himself and falls under a pile of rubble... and never gets up, that's it. It's an average sequel altogether, but it has its fun moments.
August 6, 2014
I loved the first and like this sequel, even if it is trying to put a storyline in it, the premise is to dumbed down to have an actual storyline but it almost works. One finds in them the same unabashed enjoyment of color and movement, of spectacular athletics and outrageous stunts, that animates the Hong Kong action cinema as a whole and makes it so superbly entertaining, of course it does feel dated but oddly upbeat. The plot, as primitive as it is, still isn't very clear; to a sense, it never acquires the spontaneity or the force of a true "story" but seems to exist mainly as a pretext for the familiar Ninja banter so beloved of the cult, as in "Cowabunga, dudes," and such forth. Nevertheless, this was my childhood film and even when I still watch it in my adulthood, I can always see why I loved it. Good fun sequel but this lacks the darkness and subtly that makes the first film so adult like, almost.
½ August 5, 2014
While it feels like a step backwards from its predecessor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze is juvenile fun that is sure to entertain the kids, not to mention it's one of those films where it's so bad it's funny!
October 2, 2010
Too much for a newcomer to handle.
½ September 6, 2012
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze" aún logra impresionar a su leal audiencia con sus disfraces, peleas y sus diálogos que son entretenidos hasta cierto punto. pero las referencias a la cultura pop de su tiempo y la poca seriedad de su trama no la deja en tan buena recepción como a su predecesora.
July 31, 2014
It's a sad, desperate episode of a children's cartoon made into a mess of a live action flick. It too often jumps from scenes of violence and mixes it into unfunny gags and eye-roll-worthy dialogue.
½ July 24, 2014
Fun, but stupid. More stupid than fun, actually... but still fun.
July 24, 2014
It's a nostalgic movie for me, I watched it over and over again on VHS when I was a child. I recognize it's flaws now but it's just way too fun and innocent to critize in that manner, you enjoy it for what it is.
July 24, 2014
It drops any seriousness that the first film may have had, in terms for a mostly incoherent thin plot and embarrassing action sequences. The characters are still pretty fun, and there's a lot of 90's cinematography cliches. It doesn't age well, but it's far from unwatchable.
July 23, 2014
Go Ninja, Go Ninja GO!
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May 6, 2007
4 turtles and a canister of ooze is what's on the table in Michael Pressman's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. Pizza too.Cheesy, yet radically amusing is how the story plays out for its 80 minute entirety. Definitely, not as strong as its predecessor, but easily more entertaining. There isn't much in the way of character buildup, especially when all of the major characters have already gone through that in the first film.While lacking emphasis on the individual weapons of the turtles, the martial arts segments have excellent choreography. The scenes at the end with music provided by Vanilla Ice is worthy of note. "Go ninja, go ninja, go!"For 4 people in turtle costumes, the acting is what it is, backed by acceptable voice work. Paige Turco gets lost in the shuffle as April O'Neil. Ernie Reyes Jr. gets a chance to showcase top notch martial arts skills.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze passes by as quickly as a ninja vanishes. Cowabunga!
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