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September 8, 2014
Here's where they completely flew off the wagon with this. Not only is the plot completely a gimmick and not worth the charm of the characters, but it lost the fun and replaced it with bad one liners and too much goofiness. A lack of ideas is evident from the get go. It's just not fun at all and does not explore what made the TMNT characters so popular. They also changed the puppets and they were not as good as the originals from the first two. Not sure what happened there. This one is not worth the time, but if you already found the others not fun than this is not tolerable.
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October 1, 2010
The third film of this trilogy plummets to an all new low. With worse humour and no explanation for returning characters, the set-up for the film is terrible before the story even kicks in. After April O'Neil is accidentally transported back to 1603, the Turtles must travel through time in order to fight Ninja Warrior's and Samurai to save her. The plot is hilarious in itself already, but when you add it to an Ninja Turtles film, it shits on the source material in every way and makes the first two films look worse for no reason. There was no true reason that this film had to be made. Besides the costumes of the turtles and few nice fight moves, the film falls flat on it's face in script, acting, and jokes. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3" is a pile of crap that deserves to stay down in the sewers.
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September 18, 2007
Stuard Gillard takes the turtles to ancient Japan in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.Seemingly one of the most ideal situations for the turtles to showcase their martial arts skills, ends up a 90 minute less than stellar production. The time travel concept is a nice twist, but is never fully delved into. The rest of the story is mildly amusing.The martial arts choreography lacks, although Donatello seems to end up with a lot of the good stuff. As for the animatronics, it is a step back. The costumes are too generic and the mouth movements disappoint when it comes to word matching.The voices of the turtles are acceptable. Paige Turco tends to get lost in the shuffle. Elias Koteas proves himself as 2 characters, even though the one that matters is highly under utilized. Vivian Wu is a beauty on screen.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III has a bunch of letdowns, but manages to still be a watchable flick. Cowabunga dudes!
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½ August 12, 2013
The long awaited third sequel...well sorta, after the surprisingly popular half decent first film and the fun arcade fighter-like sequel, the third film limped along. Obviously trying for a fresh look and idea the Turtles find themselves being zapped back in time to feudal Japan mainly to capitalize on their martial arts background. The film was also kinda known as 'Turtles in Time' which was the title of the second scrolling beat 'em up for the SNES fighter back in 92.

To be honest I can see why they would make this move story wise, the Turtles do have that Eastern mythology to them so naturally they would fit well in the land of the rising sun. Its basically all about swapping places in time, the Turtles must travel back in time and exchange places with some elite warriors to save 'April' who accidentally got swapped with a Prince whose father is a Shogun (I think). So what we end up having is a nice lighthearted out of time culture shock routine for both the Turtles in ancient Japan and the Prince and his warriors in present day New York.

So what can you expect? well its pretty clear really, there are lots of hokey, silly, childish fight sequences where the four heroes battle Japanese warriors of various kinds. Lots of visual cartoonish humour, prat falls, rude jokes and talk of pizza. On the flip side back in New York we see the out of time strangers coming to grips with TV, pizza, modern music, night clubs, bars, drink etc...its all very cliched, very cheesy, very hammy and massively predictable but its suppose to be.

The visuals still look nice if you ask me, nothing special, feudal Japan is realised well with lots of hilly rocky green terrain and a nice fortress set. All the extras look fine in their traditional outfits accompanied by traditional weaponry, they all speak Japanese (no subs) and they all take their roles seriously enough to make the ride enjoyable. Sab Shimono as 'Lord Norinaga' looks great in his role and gives a decent performance, easily the best, he actually gives the whole thing a much needed boost of realism. The Turtles don't quite look as good as the previous two films, Henson's boys aren't behind the magic this time and you can tell but its still OK (they look quite good in their samurai armour). Splinter still looks the same which is good and its nice to see Koteas back as 'Casey Jones' albeit in a minor background role.

Not as good as the first two films but I still enjoyed this to a degree. Its meant for kids in every way and is in no way suppose to be anything remotely serious of course. Its still heavily based around the cartoon series which isn't a bad thing but I just feel had they used 'Shredder' 'Krang' 'Bebop' and 'Rocksteady' as the villains, still using the feudal Japan setting, we could have had a much better film.

The whole trilogy really missed Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady, all three films are a nice adaptation of the cartoon series and don't disappoint in all honesty. Sure they get more childish one by one but they still work both visually and simply for fun. For what they are, the approach and style of the franchise, they are perfect, perfect pop culture of the early 90's.
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December 28, 2006
You could tell they had run out of steam in the series by the third installment as this seems more like a straight to video attempt.
While it's interesting that they brought time travel into the mix we lose the chance to have Casey Jones and Master Splinter do their thing with the Turtles. They are made into side characters without much to do in the movie and this is a weakness.
Also the drama of the situation seems a little forced and in the end quickly forgotten when they get back from the past.
In the end it's an ok movie for the younger crowd of Turtle fans but the die hard folks are going to pass.
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December 11, 2009
Sunday Mornings Cartoon with Ninja turtles but the Movie was hmm.
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November 26, 2009
While this is not exactly where I expected they'd take the series, It's an extremely enjoyable movie. It still has all the great characters that you know and love and the story actually fit quite well. I was so happy they brought back Casey Jones, he is exactly what #2 was missing.
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March 21, 2009
it began 30,000 years ago in Japan.... yea, more like TURDY thousand.
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April 23, 2007
I actually prefer this sequel over the second one. First of all, the Turtles actually use their weapons in this movie to a greater degree, the story is vastly different, Casey Jones is back in the story and finally, the villain is played by the awesome Stuart Wilson!
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October 20, 2008
I did not respect this movie as a child. I remember hating this one more then anything until I recently decided to give all the movies a try again - turns out, I loved this one the best.

It's the most creative one yet and I think as a child it's to hard to follow but as an adult it's actually entertaining too see the Ninja Turtles in 1600 Japan when being a Ninja is a way of life.

It's the perfect place for the turtles to venture too, they brought Casey Jones back, and it tied up the series really well.

I think anyone who watched this as a kid and hated it because it strayed away from the turles we were used to, should give a re-try, because its totally worth it!

Negatives: I could of done without the anciet turtles scroll? That kind of was totally pointless and confused the entire movie. They could of just put that in a legend or something, it was a little unneccesary as well as some of the silly fighting scenes - such as Leo dunking under a cannon shell and another guy being hit in the head only to look like Don King. It was childish at times, but still fun.
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March 3, 2008
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January 31, 2007
A watchable sequel featuring the return of Elias Koteas as Casey Jones from the first movie, which makes it all the more watchable.
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October 4, 2007
Oh my gosh, no wonder the series stopped there. No, no it didn't. (sobs)
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April 6, 2007
Hey, it's a turtles film, so don't expect Kurosawa, but the time travel plot gives an excuse for some cool period costumes and OK action sequences. Mildly entertaining rubbish.
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½ March 28, 2007
This is not bad adventure and little hilarious of where youthful ninjas-on-the-half-shell and their friend travelling back in time to feudal Japan.
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March 25, 2007
Certainly not the best of the Ninja Turtles films. While the time travel aspect adds to the narrative, there is no "Go Ninja Rap" to elevate this picture to the classic "Secret of the Ooze" is.
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½ October 13, 2013
The Turtles' bodacious adventure continues across time in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. In this ridiculous tale the Turtles travel back in time to ancient Japan in order to save April, who's been kidnapped. The story is all kinds of crazy and is just too stupid to be any fun. The comedy is also extremely poor, as the jokes are about as subtle as a kick to the face. An embarrassment to the franchise, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is a foul piece of sewage.
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February 15, 2006
One of the most hilarious scenes of all time, as the villian falls into the ocean, followed a dramatic and obvious cut (completely different lighting) of him splashing.
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September 1, 2011
Too bad this picture didn't do so well but it sells out on every level. If there is anything good about the third Ninja Turtles movie the cinematography is breathtaking. So after watching three films I've finally made up my mind with a sad conclusion: The Ninja Turtles is bad role models to children.
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½ July 13, 2011
It's was better than the second one, but that's not saying much. They actually tired to make a decent flick, so I give that a thumbs up.
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