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August 8, 2010
Yep I didn't know they had made a film either!. Guess what? its sucks ass a lot less than 'Street Fighter', about as good as 'Mortal Kombat' but miles better than 'Double Dragon' and 'Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li'.

OK firstly, the fights are actually quite good, most of them do in fact copy many moves from the game very well and there appears to be no camera tricks either, actually impressed there. Very little blood of course as this is aimed for a young audience which is a shame as an adult version could of been quite good.

Right characters, hmmmm well you can't include every character of course so they include most of the main popular guys n gals, 'Jin', 'Yoshimitsu', 'Fury', 'Nina', 'Eddie', 'Law' etc...and to be honest SOME of the cast do look the part and look half decent eg. 'Fury', 'Jin', 'Law' and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as 'Heihachi'. The rest I'm afraid look daft eg. 'Raven' looking the worst in his gay sparkly outfit. Cast wise its all unknowns to me apart from Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa who always hams it up something beautiful and is good as 'Heihachi' and Luke Goss who does nothing really. Much like all other video game adaptations in the beat em ups' genre most of the cast are pretty dire but look pretty and there's always one reasonable big name.

Lastly the plot and film, well its crap really innit, the plot is just a selection of fights between the fighters with a luke warm story in the background about the Tekken company ruling the US in a distopian future (like so many better sci-fi films) where 'the company' is seen as evil and only one man can topple it...'Jin'. Its turd and very basic with predictable outcomes, fight results and ending. It does help if you know the video game of course but I'm sure they have messed up that side too but I'm not fully up to date on the game plot anymore.

Lots of 'A-Team' like action throughout due to it being aimed at kids, shame, not many bullet holes on view, plenty of faceless drone like henchmen being killed, obvious sets, a little bit at the end credits and small character hints for the fans throughout. Sequel?? yes its set up for one but like 'Street Fighter II' its so dire I doubt they will be allowed to make another.
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½ April 5, 2010
A future world where fascistic corporations rule a street kid enters the prestigious "Iron Fist" tournament with the intention of killing the head of the Tekken corporation whom he holds responsible for the death of his mother. Yet another cheesy video game adaptation, Tekken is a cheap and cheerful B-movie that does exactly what it says on the tin. The script, as you'd expect, is sub standard, the acting suspect and dialogue regurgitated action movie cliches but the characters all look the part, the action sequences adequately executed and the fight scenes all decent. It's definitely a case of MTV film making with the usual flashing lights, fast cuts and inescapably constant and awful soundtrack but it's certainly not the worst video game adaptation I've seen and is no worse than you're average Paul W. S. Anderson film. Anyone with any sense will keep their expectations low, and they will no doubt be met.
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½ October 20, 2009
"You will fight, the world will watch, and my legacy will be written with your blood."

Tekken actually wasn't half-bad. I'm as surprised to be saying that as you probably are to be reading it.

It probably helped that the bar is so low for video game adaptations, and that the last such movie I saw was King of Fighters, which was awful to an absurd degree. Tekken can't help but look good in comparison to that. It helps that it makes at least an effort to keep some of the story and characters from the games, while offering frequent decent, if not great, fight scenes. The overuse of flashbacks gets a little old, but that's a much more minor issue than I was expecting Tekken to have.

I have to mention that Tekken looks pretty good, with some impressive sets and a slick, high-budget veneer. The main actors are adequate, with John Foo as Jin being a capable fighter and believable enough as an earnest and ultimately good-hearted guy. Kelly Overton doesn't have a lot to do other than look hot in her greatly revised role as Christie, but she's infinitely qualified in that particular area. She does okay in her action scenes, too. Ian Anthony Dale is appropriately villainous as Kazuya, and everyone else is at least acceptable.

Tekken is basically just another fighting tournament movie, placed in a video game setting. But, that's all it really needs to be. The story is simple and straight-forward, and I think that's a good thing. Keep in mind that this isn't supposed to be a 100% accurate adaptation of the game, and it'll probably entertain you.
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½ November 8, 2010
alot of punchin' and jumpin' and crouching tiger-style wall leaps and shit and theres a story too, but fuck if i know. i fell asleep around the 3rd fight and thank god i didn't wake up in time to see the next 8. if they're faithful to the video game, then there should be 11 fights but god holy Joseph fucking shit i could not care a bit. please don't feed Netflix money for this one. they're already hauling in enough from the L-Word and fucking Zack Gallofunakkist and whoever else.
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½ September 2, 2008
Not played the games, but I do like fighting games and martial arts films. This is ok as a film of a 1 on 1 fighting game. Reasonable budget, some good fight scenes and crazy characters. It didn't quite seem to have the polish of the recent Dead or Alive film though, which is very similar. If you liked that you'll find this ok. It could have been a lot better though I feel.
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½ August 23, 2010
Survival is no game.

It was good to see but this movie was missing so many details, I think the director made so many mistakes in the story and I'm not even a fan of Tekken or know the story but I know this was badly made. Anyone fan of this would probably tell you this movie sucked bad. The woman characters were extremely hot especially that Kelly Overton, that's why I love brunettes! I understand exactly why this movie never made it the theaters...

Jin Kazama witnesses the death of his mother Jun by Tekken in the slums known as Anvil. After finding a Tekken ID he decides to seek out vengeance for his mother's death.
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½ March 12, 2011
Wow this movie is flat-out awful beyond imagination even thow it's probably the most true to the material video game movie ever conceived but it just sucks big time. Even the charisma of Luke Goss. Gary Daniels and Ian Anthony Dale cant save the complete mess which is this film. Sure there is a cool soundtrack and some super cool and stylish action sequences but none of that makes up for the bad acting, bad characters and just dear god a bad movie. It's a video game film thats pumped on steroids and makes you feel like your loosing intelligence through every minute that passes by. Thank god i saw this online rather then wasting my money on it in the theaters this summer. This will probably be considered one of the worst films of the year if not one of the worst of the decade
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½ March 9, 2009
This live-action film adapted on the video games like Mortal Kombat, D.O.A.: Dead or Alive and Street Fighter isn't bad for what it's worth. The acting wasn't too great, However the fight scenes make up for that as when the fighting kicks in you completely forget about the acting. The film is highly watchable and good entertainment.
And Kelly Overton as Christie Monteiro looked bloody hot and sexy as I could see her almost butt in her costumes.
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½ October 14, 2010
"I am Tekken". I thought this movie was going to be ridiculous when I watched it. It turned out to be so much better than I gave it credit for. The acting was okay and the story was good, but overall this was just a fun film. Based on a video game this has a lot of expectation going into it, but adapting this film into a serious drama could have done it a lot of good. I think there was a lot to work with here, but obviously that would be a high risk to make.

If you are a fan of these types of movies, this is a fun one to watch. Not a must-see by any means.
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September 15, 2010
Tekken, Dwight Little's movie adaptation of the video game series, has very little to be happy for.The concept of the video game revolves around fighting and this picture makes that point known very early on. Heck, there isn't much time to waste when this production doesn't even reach 90 minutes. In the end, the story is predictable and unimpressive along with many lines of its dialogue.The fights are one of the few highlights, although it does shy away from them a little when the action turns into some gun play in an escape sequence. As for the fights, Cyril Raffaelli's choreography is noteworthy as he turns the matches into furious hand to hand and weapon encounters. On the downside, the frantic editing during these segments is a letdown.Most of the characters lack any serious buildup and back story, which makes them uninteresting. Luke Goss, Ian Anthony Dale, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, although looking strange, provide the more acceptable performances. Jon Foo and the alluring Kelly Overton are mediocre at best as the major characters.Tekken does very little in the way of captivating and is therefore a film to pass up on.
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½ September 12, 2010
the only good things about this: Cary Tagwa, Gary Daniels, Ian Anthony Dale, Luke Goss and the so sexy Kelly Overton.... not the greatest actors in the world but they did their part alright.

Other than that, the earlier fight scenes were okay, but its forgettable. Being male, I only re watched the night club scenes to check out Kelly Overton. XD

I think 1/1/2 stars says it all.
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September 5, 2010
My gut instinct told me this would probably suck, so I was quite surprised to discover that I was wrong in my presumption. I mean, first of all, I had heard no mention of it anywhere; which is always a bad sign as I read a lot of film news. Secondly, it's a movie based on a popular fighting game. And with turkeys like Street Fighter and DOA in mind, it's needless to say how that usually turns out. What separates this from those though, are two main factors: the entertainment value and the acting, which both were on a higher level here. In no regard award-worthy, but astonishingly decent. I might it also have a lot to do with the fact that I'm a big fan of the games though. I grew up playing them and have some very fond memories of all their cool and colorful characters. So it was fun to see them come alive like this through real-life actors. The story is pretty hollow, and full of nonsense, but I still somehow liked the film and enjoyed what it had to offer. So for a straight-to-dvd production, shot on a low budget, this actually wasn't half-bad. I wouldn't dare recommend it though, unless you're already a fan since before.
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August 7, 2010
Somebody tell these "film" makers that fighting games do not make good films. There are so many issues and problems that it's pointless to even try. First of all, fighting games don't really have a plot. They have some cut scenes and back story for the characters, but it's essentially all fighting. Translate this into a film and your fucked. They are always the same. Tournament, personal motive for protagonist, fights, the end. Enter the Dragon did this perfectly all those years ago, so just stop trying. That had actual characters it could play with. Here, the characters already exist, but no actor will ever do those pixels justice. We get a whiny boy here, enters a competition for revenge, has fight after fight, and that's it. I hope this is the last of this crap. At least the animated film had invisible dinosaurs.
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August 7, 2010
There have been many terrible video game adaptations in the past, but I am happy to say that this forgotten about film may just be one of the best video game based films I have ever seen. I has a great story, the style stays true to the game, and the action is heart-pounding. I Really Enjoyed this adrenaline fueled fighting fiasco. Take decent acting, a good story, great action, and a finale that sends a great message, and you have TEKKEN!
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½ November 25, 2013
Starring personal favourite Luke Goss (Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Death Race 2, Blade II) as British boxing champion Steve Fox (above), The Tekken game series has been made into a live action film. But personally I think that's a bad way of looking at it. Though a huge fan of the Playstation games, viewing this film as an entity its own right, while still cheering on the characters I loved from the Tekken games, is a much better way of analysing, and enjoying the film.

As far as I'm concerned, the films strongest point was what took place outside of Iron Fist Tournament. It's a post-apocalyptic setting (which not only do I love, but also it works superbly. The film actually explains the world better than the games do, and, sure they might have made it up, I'm not certain, but it works massively in its favour.

Although Sergei (one of my favourites from the game series) looked like a makeupless Dani Filth, he sort of pulled it off, it was a shame his character was so minor, same with Yoshimitsu (my other favourite). But I think in part that was where this film gained its strength. Unlike other adaptations of fighter games, this movie only introduced a handful of characters, and of them concentrated on just a few, and showed their lives outside of the arena, as well as in.

It's ver, very far from flawless. There's numerous plot holes, some less than terrific acting, and either they make up the rules as they go along, or there's a lot of fights you don't get to find out about (I understand not having them on screen, but a montage showing who won would be kinda nice). It doesn't really go down as a favourite, that's for sure, but when I compare it to DOA: Dead or Alive, Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Street Fighter, Double Dragon and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (especially) it comes out miles in front. Actually, other than the original Mortal Kombat release in 1995 it's really the only mildly watchable Fight-Game-Come-Fight-Film I've ever seen. Also, the soundtrack is pretty strong (featuring Australian band Skinny Puppy).

The presence of Cyril Raffaelli as fight choreographer (he had the same job in The Incredible Hulk, Live Free or Die Hard, The Transporter and Brotherhood of the Wolf) was also a great credit to the film. This Frenchman just plain knows what he's doing. Simple as that. Still, viewing it sober this time around, Tekken left a lot to be desired. Good fun, not too bad (especially by comparison), but all together, it's hardly a sin to miss. I think some of my drunken enjoyment of this film be residual, don't trust a rating this high.


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½ September 18, 2010
From the perspective of somebody who has never played the games before, I thought this would be a good film to watch and once the fighting kicks in you completely forget about the mediocre plot! So if Tekken conjures for you visions of a handsome underdog hero fighting against Olympian god-like hunks, and scantily-clad women attempting motions of kick-boxing and kicking-ass, you are on the right track. (Somehow, you can also never go wrong with hot guys and gals beating each other with fists and looking fabulous while doing it.)

The movie is about Jin, a rebellious hot headed street urchin living in the slums outside "Tekken city", scavenging, stealing and fighting just to get by. But one night, his mother is killed in a police raid ordered by Kazuya Mishima, the son of Tekken's head honcho, Heihachi Mishima. Obsessed with revenge Jin joins the "Iron Fist" Tournament in hopes to one day meet Heihachi Mishima in person and exact his vengeance. The young protagonist soon proves himself a capable combatant under the guidance of one Steve Fox where he must fight contestants twice his size and having triple his experience. These are heavies like the 'bionic' Bryan Fury (Gary Daniels) and Russian contender Sergei Dragonov (Anton Kasabov). The fighting scenes were fun to watch but a bit disappointing because a lot of the characters' martial arts techniques don't really represent the martial arts they practice. But I can safely say I wasn't bored.

Worth a one time watch at the very least!
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March 6, 2010
Seriously, If I was not a fan of the game..I might not have liked it as much!~
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½ May 26, 2012
Had a promising start with some cool animations. Then fell apart as the writer was unfaithful to the games. Nina and Anna are ninja assassin prostitutes? Yoshimitsu died? Raven was....... Oh man, an utter disappointment.
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June 17, 2011
One day, somebody might take a videogame license and make a film that does more than just follow the game. Until then, we'll continue to get films like this: it's based on a game wheree characters beat each other up, and that's exactly what they do in the film. Acting is suspect, plot is ropey, there is some character work, and the fights look good. if you're a fan of the game, it's worth a watch.
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½ March 22, 2011
Wow...this one is real crappy! At least D.O.A. made some sense! This one took all the Tekken games and somehow combined their plots into something incoherent! The tournament doesn't even play out properly! Some fighters don't even fight while some fight 3 times?! I like some of the actors (Ian Anthony Dale, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and Kelly Overton) but the plot is so terrible, it's hard to recommend anything!
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