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A humongous, visionary parable that intermittently enthralls and ultimately disappoints. T2 is half of a terrific movie -- the wrong half.

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Jake Almond

Wow, very interesting. You were extremely wrong if you look at how the movie has stood the test of time and its cultural impact. Also, I'm pretty sure it was a huge success and didn't lose money like you tried to predict.

May 18 - 03:45 PM


Jason Metcalf

If Richard Corliss had any balls he would have let people comment on his POS website. Good job a$$hole, you just pi$$ed off a lot of people.

Jul 25 - 05:52 PM


Dylan Sigaty-Hawkes

God is he ever right. Atta boy Rich

Jan 20 - 03:30 PM

Pat ChalupaBatman

Pat ChalupaBatman

Seriously phagget?

Mar 14 - 11:22 AM

Pat ChalupaBatman

Pat ChalupaBatman

oh your favorite movie is 2001: a space odyssey.

I get it you're a hipster being Ironic for hating on of the greatest action films of all time.

Die in a fire

Mar 14 - 12:04 PM

Jared Allyn

Jared Allyn

Pat H - I realize how upsetting it is to see someone criticizing T2 and I understand just how much more frustrating it is that someone agrees with that person. But please, don't bash someone for loving 2001: A Space Odyssey. That movie is gold in a similarly revolutionary yet different way than T2 and you know it.

May 16 - 04:48 PM

Eric Helmstreit

Eric Helmstreit

your such a tool

Aug 5 - 09:43 PM

Dingbat Charlie

Dingbat Charlie

Jared yes you are right, it is a good movie too, but you have to be in the right mood to sit through it.

T2 is a watch anytime kind of movie it is consistently entertaining.

To hate T2 and say 2001 is the best is hipster nonsense.

Aug 18 - 07:26 PM


werwer fcdvb

what a bullshit, ignoramus point you arrived at.

Aug 27 - 11:54 PM

John Arthur Beaman

john b

LOL. Have to sign in just to read the entire review. Classy.

Apr 4 - 12:02 AM

finan h.

finan hailom

omfg , u're such a tool , how could u ruin this classic movie which had 100% for years , i just want fukin stab u to death , stupid peace of **** , i bet u did this just to get attention and so that we could come to ur site and read ur reviews , well go to hell u fukin ******* , i'm so fukin pissed of right now , i cant believe t2 isnt 100% anymore , thx to this douche

May 18 - 06:13 PM

Steve M.

Steve Murdoch

what? WHAT!? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND, How can you even say this movie is disappointing, this movie had everything, amazing action scenes, amazing story, awesome quotes, such as Hasta La Vista, Baby, I'm pretty sure every critic would agree that this movie stood the test of time and was called, one of the best sci-fi/action movies of all time, and had 100% until you ruined it, so, you don't count as a real critic if you hate this movie

Nov 21 - 06:48 PM


Ryan Roz

Congradulations on showing everyone that you are an attention whore. I'm glad you could honestly blemish one of the greatest sequels of all time just to be a rebel. How about you respectfully take your review off and stop being a movie critic cuz you obviously don't know a good film when you see it.

May 18 - 08:46 PM


Cyneva Dalton-Vazquez

This person obviously posted such a review out of some sort of deranged motive. Whatever. He's clearly wrong in his generalizations.

May 18 - 11:35 PM


Cyneva Dalton-Vazquez

Ha ha - only 1 rotten "review" (his) . . 'nuff said.

May 18 - 11:36 PM

Tipton B.

Tipton Brian

If I were you, I'd quit reviewing movies. If you want to be taken seriously as a movie reviewer, probably best not to dookie all over what is arguably the best action sci-fi movie of all time. I'd hate to see how you treat your kids.

May 19 - 06:26 PM


goom y

haha, totally.
this guy don't know what he's talking about. this movie is amazing (and i don't even like action all that much)

May 31 - 10:41 PM

Rob Cox

Good grief man, I know you apologized, but a personal attack involving the man's kids--over a phucking movie review no less? Really?

I personally think T2 is a pretty good flick but, for me, the last 1/4 is quite a bit weaker than the first 3/4s or so. It's too drawn out; reminds me of 'The Return of the King' in that way. End the damned thing already! The action gets a bit exhausting for me.

The first 3/4s of T2 though, is a damned fine piece of film making. The bar scene, the escape from the mental institute, the chase from the arcade and all the rest up until about the point where the police arrive at the skynet building (or whatever it's called; I can't recall) is almost perfect. It's a terrific mix of action, humor and story. Pretty strong movie; stands the test of time well and is worlds better than that mess called 'Terminator Salvation.'

Jun 25 - 02:38 PM

Toby T.

Toby Turner

Probably by showing them really shitty movies!

Mar 4 - 04:56 PM

Tipton B.

Tipton Brian

I need to append my earlier comment and apologize for jumping down your throat because I didn't realize the review was from 1991.

I'm curious to see how you'd review the film now.

May 19 - 07:00 PM

Gerald R.

Gerald R

Tipton B, yes he did give this movie a negative review back in 1991, but he comes here on RT on 05/18/09 and posts this second negative review, which is nothing but just a sentence from his review back in 1991. Like I said, nothing but an attention whore. Someone who gives the first a fresh score, but the second rotten is just a straight-up retarded ****er. Mr. Corliss, go choke on a d*** and die. Old senile queer *** fool

Sep 6 - 11:14 PM

Chris B.

Chris Bellew

this guy must be good friends with armond white.

May 19 - 09:04 PM


Skipio Lisi


May 21 - 03:46 PM

G Louis

Gaston Marty

Metacritic has a worse review of this? Great! Finally people who can see crap for what it is!


Nov 10 - 12:28 AM


Rob Schneider

Dude the reason you feel alone in your opinions is because you are a crackpot nutcase with a sick and twisted mind. There's no other way you could hate on this movie.

Apr 30 - 10:33 PM

Max the Movie Kid

Max Chittock

You are a big disappointment. Thanks for bringing down the 100% rating, a$$hat.

May 22 - 04:07 PM


Anthony Nemer

We should probably send a Terminator back through time in order to eradicate you from this planet and preserve the 100% of this masterpiece.
And by seeing your other critics, I'd say you're half a terrific criticizer -- the wrong half.

May 24 - 08:58 AM

Stuart Wilson

Stuart Wilson

You sir, have said it best!... Richard Corliss, is thee biggest waste of life who got his rocks off being the only wanker to give T2 a bad review...cocksucker!

Aug 25 - 04:03 AM

G Louis

Gaston Marty

He's not the only one, thank God, given the limp-wristed shoot-down by Corliss of this worthless turd: Leonard Maltin was far harsher on it, and has earned my lasting respect ever since...

Look at the dumb hateful comments from the people defending this utterly phony, poorly written and poorly acted movie, and that will tell you plenty about the actual value of this sequel... They don't even mind that Arnold winks at the camera even though he is supposed to be a robot; That's the kind of moviegoers they are...


Nov 10 - 12:23 AM


Eric Starr

I will quote Arnie on this "F*** you A**H***!!"

May 24 - 09:03 AM

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens

You're a ****ing ****, Richard.

May 26 - 08:43 AM


Michael Tsai

wow this guy did the same thing to "do the right thing" and "missing", only rotten review... attention whore...

he also gave "state of play" a bad review while giving "angels and demons" a good one... WTF??

May 27 - 07:01 PM

Isaac C.

Isaac C

I think that a movie should be able to have 1 rotten reviews and over 40 reviews over all to be listed as a 100%. If it has 2 or more then it should be less than a 100%. So that dooshers like Richard "Dickliss" Corliss doesn't get attention that it doesn't deserve.

May 29 - 08:27 PM


Tony Piltridis

clearly a douche-bag

Jun 4 - 01:37 AM


Tony Piltridis

There's something wrong with you. You're a fat white bearded stinking bear.

Jun 4 - 01:40 AM

Chuah S.

Chuah Sen Chuan

I find it very difficult to find the words to describe how good is Terminator Judgment Day. You must be really stupid. Only 1 rotten, F*** YOU A******.

Jun 7 - 07:20 AM


Doug G.

This has to be embarrassing for Mr. Corliss....I would question any of his reveiws moving forward.

It is funny to see how wrong he was. And, he seems SO wrapped up in how much the movie cost. All of that money was on the screen. An incredible film.

I am going to see what movies he has missed as bad on.

He should retire....NOW!

T2 is a BRILLIANT film.

Jun 12 - 09:37 AM


Patrick Hall

how could you ruin a 100%?? Its ok that you didn't like the film, but why go out of your way to ruin a the grade of a movie so near and dear to our hearts? What are gonna go ruin T1, Evil Dead, and King Kong?

Jun 13 - 12:30 PM


Richard Crismore

There definately needs to be a time limit for review postings. I don't care if this is from 1991, it was posted long after the other reviews.

Jun 20 - 12:16 PM

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