terminator 2: a disney pg13 version of the original *the* terminator

terminator 2 was essentially a disney pg13 version of the original *the* terminator.. Everything looks beautiful but no soul.. just took the same story, added a child, special effects, cheesy drama, and you have terminator 2. its like the new star wars.. same story more and more cgi but nothing new to add..

while watching t2 i never felt john or sarah were in any danger from the teenie weenie t 1000.. in t1 i had my heart in my throat all the time when the endoskeleton is chasing sarah..

niether of the car chases were as exciting.. in the middle they go to some place and nothing is happening.. and i always roll my eyes over people crying when terminator is lowering himself in the liquid metal.. and not forgetting to thumbs up..
Nihit Saxena
01-18-2013 04:28 PM

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John Tyler

J *

Remember the scene when that guy's eye got stabbed by the T-1000? PG-13 my ass. This is classic bad-ass R-rated sci-fi.

Jun 10 - 04:30 PM


David Abrams

you are right

Sep 20 - 11:12 PM

David Sherman

David Sherman

Well the PG-13 bit appears to be a metaphor, if it had been filmed today probably owuld be PG-13

May 25 - 09:33 PM

Cody H.

Cody Halpert

Who cares if the T-1000 is smaller than Schwarzenegger? He was way more powerful than him anyways.

Jan 23 - 01:18 PM

Market Man

Eric Shankle

I disagree. For one the CGI isn't overused and there is some very impressive stunt work. Also, the T-1000 is tougher than the original Terminator. And as Alex said, this film is rated R so I don't know why you are saying it's a "Disney" version.

Jan 22 - 10:31 AM

Alex Maverick

Alex Maverick

Terminator 2 is rated R.

Jan 19 - 08:42 AM

Alex Maverick

Alex Maverick

T2 is rated R.

Jan 19 - 08:41 AM

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