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½ December 26, 2010
Even if it may feel a bit overlong, this fantastic sequel is perhaps even more thrilling than the first film, this time investing more in the action and first-rate special effects with a bigger budget to create an epic feel to it - and it is always awesome to see Schwarzenegger as the big hero.
The Gandiman
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January 9, 2010
One of the most intelligent, imaginative and riveting sci-fi, action flicks to hit the screens ever, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is a classic without equal.

What's even more surprising is that "T2" is a sequel of an already great film. 1984's "The Terminator" was an interesting premise that Cameron pulled off ably and catapulted Arnold Schwarzenegger to the stratosphere of movie stardom.

"T2" has brains to spare to go with the action and there's a lot to like. The movie banks on the insight that humans are more destructive to the world than any machine can be. Linda Hamilton's amped-up Sarah Connor is the real emotional machine in "T2" unable to see beyond the mission of saving her son for the sake of a doomed humanity. She has such little faith in humankind that her actions become robotic.

The performances are top-notch. This is Schwarzenegger's key role and Hamilton has never been better. Robert Patrick's steely performance is incredibly menacing and Edward Furlong is innocent yet with strong conviction.

"T2" was well ahead of its time with its digital effects and it uses them magnificently.

There's nothing not to like about "T2", it's loaded with imagination, thrills and action.
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January 10, 2010
"T2: Judgement Day" is the sequel that nobody in their right minds should have expected to be this entertaining. James Cameron takes every great element from his original film, showcases them with an enormous budget and tells an even more compelling story. Keeping you engaged by monotone robots and rogue humans may be quite the challenge on paper, but it is displayed seamlessly here. Again, the cast is fantastic, Edward Furlong (young John Connor) who really holds his own next to Schwarzenegger, and that is no easy feat. I loved this film from start to finish. From it's scary look at the collapsed future to it's gritty portrayal of a world going to hell, "T2: Judgement Day" may just be one of the best sequels ever made in general. This is everything a sequel needs to be.
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July 28, 2013
James Cameron's sci-fi action sequel is brilliant and well-crafted. T2: Judgment Day displays violence, drama and heart throughout, not to mention the enthralling action sequences and visual effects. The film's well-blended genre mixture with visual landmarks and audacious effects illustrates its impact and evolution in sci-fi/action filmmaking. 5/5
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½ October 29, 2006
Along with Aliens, James Cameron has been responsible for two of the most inventive sequels around. This follow up to his own sci-fi classic The Terminator sees another sent back through time to protect John Connor in childhood from a shapeshifting assassin bent on preventing him from leading the human race to salvation. It puts an interesting spin on the original concept, essentially switching the roles of Arnie and Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton turning in easily the best performance); he becomes the nurturing parental figure, she the emotionless, singleminded terminator who only regains her humanity when shown the human face of her target. Throw in a nice time paradox, some excellent set pieces and innovative effects and you have a great cocktail for breathless action sci-fi. The one flaw is the badly misjudged humour and generous dollop of schmaltz trowelled on by Cameron when dealing with Edward Furlong's young John Connor. I would have preferred to see more of the T-1000 and less of the sentimentality and weak humour resulting from the father-son bond of the boy and his cyborg, but thanks to some ingenious plotting and ground breaking special effects it has dated very well indeed.
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January 21, 2013
The Terminator: I swear I will not kill anyone.

"This time there are two."

Terminator 2: Judgement Day is every bit the classic the first Terminator was. It's as good as the first, which is something very few sequels can claim. There's a lot of cool stuff going on in this film, from the T-1000 to endless action. It all works extremely well in keeping the viewer glued to the screen. The story in this one may even be slightly more intriguing than that of the first.

In T2, Sarah Connor begins in a mental hospital because of her ranting and raving about the approaching Judgement Day. Her son, John Connor is under the care of some foster parents. Two Terminators come back to find John. Ones(T-1000) mission is to kill John Connor. The other(The Terminator, who was supposed to kill him in the first film), is rewired to protect John. The sweeping action and storyline is definitely a spectacle to behold as The Terminator and the T-1000 battle for the life of John. We also see a new addition to the film in bringing a human element to The Terminator.

James Cameron is obviously a skilled director and this and his first Terminator film may be the movies that define his greatness best. Sure, he's made other great movies, but for some reason these are the ones that stick in peoples heads the best. This movie is an exercise in visuals, in action, in suspense, and in pure filmmaking glory. It's perfect.

T2 is one of those movies you just have to see before you die. There's not a second of downtime in the film and yet it's not just another mindless action film that puts blood and guns before character and plot. Instead, it combines the action and character, blood and plot to make an action movie that rivals the best to ever be made. It's truly that good, and if you don't believe me; just watch it. You'll soon be a believer.
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½ June 8, 2007
Hasta la vista baby! If there's one thing that can be said about creative genius James Cameron, it's that he's one of exceptionally few directors in Hollywood who gives the word "sequel" a good name.

I love the original and think it's a great film, but this is by far my favourite in the series. For while the first movie is marked by an inescapable 80's feel, "T2" has truly stood the test of time. Particularily in the SFX department, where its groundbreaking CGI still holds up to a highly convincing degree.

Add to that an iconic performance by a cooler-than-ever Arnold Schwarzenegger, joined by an equally memorable turn by a chilling Robert Patrick (playing the T-1000), and there's no question as to how it gained its world-wide popularity. Because who other than Arnie could take a seemingly mundane phrase like "I'll be back" and turn it into a classic movie line, repeated to infinity.

A masterpiece of a sci-fi film, with some of the greatest, most thrilling action sequences ever made for modern cinema. The kind you can watch an endless amount of times, if only to hear Arnold say his famous lines once more.
Samuel Riley
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September 21, 2009
What makes James Cameron stands out is his success with making sequels, which can stand out more than the original film. Cameron did it with 'Aliens', he had done again with a sequel with his original masterpiece. With more iconic lines,characters and events, this is possibly the most acclaimed film Cameron has done, aside from 'Aliens'.
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½ September 18, 2010
One of the greatest action movies of all time and a personal favorite. Everything about this movie works. For its time, the CGI was groundbreaking. Imaginative action set-pieces compiled with a true, one of a kind villain with a one-of-a-kind plot. Though at its heart, "Terminator 2" is an action movie, audiences are sure to be emotionally involved with the characters like no other Terminator movie.... just please stop making more Terminators. Terminator Gayvation sucked, Terminator 3 sucked. No more, please. Let's leave the first two masterful Terminators alone.
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½ January 12, 2012
Arnold at his best. One of those movies you want to own so you can watch it again and again. That James Cameron guy knows what he's doing.
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½ July 31, 2011
James Cameron once again! How many sequels are better than the first? Not many. 20 years old and still badass.
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June 23, 2011
A must see. James Cameron is visionary and gives an amazing turnaround to the original movie.
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½ September 6, 2010
I just re-watched this movie, it's an awesome sequel, almost as good as the first, but it focuses more on the action. You can tell that this one had a much bigger budget. It furthers the story, has the same actors, and adds new characters too. I love this movie. If you saw the first one, you have to see this one.
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½ June 12, 2006
This modern classic united the dream team Cameron - Schwarzenegger for nothing less than a reinvention of the action genre in the early 90s. The result is full of quotable lines, now iconic scenes, great action sequences and a story that took the predecessor to a whole new level. While delivering the action goods, it's touching and smart, even touching philosophical questions at the same time, characteristics not often found in action films. Here, the cast is as important as the effects: Robert Patrick is a convincing, metal-blooded villain, Linda Hamilton, having changed a lot after part one, is the ultimate fighting amazon, while Arnie just has to be himself to win the audience's hearts. The great Newcomer Edward Furlong is one of the more convincing child actors in a genre where the underage main character is often the killer for the film. The ground breaking special effects still look pretty great 20 years later, the showdown goes down as one of the longest in genre history. A triumph, and easily the highlight of both the series and Arnie's career.
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February 28, 2011
One of the greatest thrillers ever made. This surpasses the original by a mile and a half. The plot was a work of genius and thr story was great. The acting was great, and I got more in this then i did the first. The action was SOOO cool!!! This movie is F#CKING AWESOME!
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May 7, 2011
As far as I'm concerned, Terminator 2: Judgement Day is one of the best Action films ever made. Not only that, but it also boasts some of the best special effects ever used on film. You have to give it James Cameron, He knows how to visually impress you. For the time, the special effects used in this film were the most advanced and best ever seen on film. Looking back 20 years later, the film still is a benchmark of FX and of course action cinema. James Cameron delivers a solid film that cannot be topped. He has improved everything already from his first film Terminator. And even that one is a flawless work of genius. The films power of course lies in it's action and special effects. T2 has some of the most astounding action that has ever been in an action film. James Cameron Surpasses his first film with a much adrenaline enducing action film that Terminator. I'm not saying that Terminator is a bad film, on the contrary, it's one of the action film classics. But what I'm saying is James Cameron has improved on a lot of things here.The plot is a lot more elaborate, the action is meaner, bigger and better. Plus there are two Terminator cyborgs trying to kill each other. What could be better. The terminator comes back through time to protect John Connorfrom a powerful terminator called the T-1000. Terminator 2 offers a different angle to the story and it's simply awesome. What you have with Terminator 2: Judgement day is one of the greatest action films that delivers astounding special effects, action, and thrills. Even by today's standards, T2 remains a landmark in the genre because of the many feats it accomplished. No action film that came after it has truly surpassed this film, and that says something. People say that James Cameron's masterpiece is either Titanic or Avatar, but for me it will always be Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
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March 14, 2011
T2 builds on the first Terminator film and develops the human and cyborg characters on a deeper level. The film has superb action sequences with quality effects, an exciting and suspenseful plot, and some classic one liners. It is a rarity for films to have this kind of quality, especially from a sequel. Thanks James Cameron!
hasta la vista, baby.
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½ January 11, 2007
best of the franchise. im not quite as sold on this franchise as many others, but arnolds action films are a huge guilty pleasure for me and this is one of his better films.
michael e.
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October 14, 2010
Arnold's best film and best film in the sci-fi action genre along with being the best sequel ever made. The action was much more improved over the first film. The villain Robert Patrick portrayed in my mind is one of the most frightening performances ever. One he's chasing over a kid which is much more vulnerable than a young woman, though John Connor could be tough he was still a kid. Two he can shape-shift his appearance in anyway he wants form his body into any stabbing weapon. Three hes a freaking cop how much more frightening than that it basically says "yeah, you can't even trust the police your ass is grass." The characters are also fantastic i also love how each of them all change through the f ilm the T-800 represents a father John never had and learns the value of human life, John starts out as a street smart wise-ass kid but in the end he turns into a good kid, sarah starts out as a paranoid wreck delusional about the future events but in the end she has a new found optimism as we as a human race can change what can happen. Not to mention the action scenes are fantastic, the slice in half pretzel gag with the pole in the plant in the final battle, the scene where the T100 forms back together after being shot into pieces, man everything about this film is just perfect.
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December 9, 2008
In my opinion the best in the franchise, and the most pyschological and action packed. Arnold is much more believable as the savior instead of the killer.
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