Ahnold to Show Up if "Terminator 4" Ever Gets Rolling?

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He's obviously more interested in politics than in science fiction these days, but it sure sounds like someone's expecting Arnold Schwarzenegger to pop back up if and when "Terminator 4" ever goes into production.

It was MGM chief Harry Sloan who said ""I think it's in his contract [to make an appearance]," regarding Arnold's involvement in a fourth "Terminator" movie. No word yet on who'll be directing or when the movie might go into production, but yeah: Announce those trivial little cameo appearances as early as possible.

All we know for sure is that A) that "Sarah Connor" TV show is still on its way, and B) "T3" writers Michel Ferris and John Brancato have been hired to pen a fourth "Terminator" flick.

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