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December 28, 2010
A needless sequel that only repeats the formula of the one before, with unstoppable (and even tiring) action for those who enjoy seeing cyborgs destroying an entire city - and it is easy to notice how it ruins the continuity of the series.
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½ July 9, 2007
Almost a soulless robot from the future all by itself, many scenes from the first two simply reheated (with only Ah-nold's dubious charisma to deadlift this one off the ground into tolerable territory). Only this robot doesn't kill, it lulls you into a state of desultory complacency with a less than interested script. Stahl and Danes simultaneously convey excitement for being part of a franchise monster while being embarrassed reciting dreck.
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½ October 23, 2010
Although many people bash this movie all the more so than the crap, straight-to-dvd-quality Terminator Salvation, this movie kept the Terminator atmosphere in place, sort of. The villain, although stronger than the 2nd, wasn't as menacing and frightening as the T-1000. There are a bunch of small gripes (And I mean a bunch) that end up making this movie a much worse movie that the first 2 Terminators, but at least it ain't Terminator Gayvation.
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½ November 16, 2006
John Connor has reached adulthood and is once more pursued by a murderous robotic assassin as he tries to prevent Skynet from starting the war that means the near extinction of mankind. The Terminator films, like the Alien franchise before them, were always going to suffer in comparison to the two hugely influential originals. Basically Terminator 3 is not in the same league as the previous films and feels far more like a generic cash in that not only fails to expand on the concepts but also seems rather pointless in general. The self referential and ham-fisted humour in particular is a serious mistake making the film look like a parody of itself and the gimmicky casting of Kristanna Loken was never going to provide the presence and menace of Schwarzenegger or even Robert Patrick. But if you can forget its pedigree, T3 is actually a very entertaining sci-fi action film in its own right; true, it hasn't any of the inspiration or originality of the previous films but the special effects are excellent and set pieces work extremely well. The level of destruction outshines even that of T2 during the thrilling crane truck chase and the ending is genuinely surprising and interesting. Not a bad sequel by any means but it was never going to measure up to its heritage of seminal sci-fi.
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July 31, 2011
No James Cameron, no good movie. Hurt the franchise a bit in my opinion.
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May 7, 2011
For some strange reason, I do not hate this third entry, considering that James Cameron was not involved in the project. I quite enjoyed this film. Of course it's nothing compared to masterful second film, but it still manages to deliver something cool and interesting to the screen. Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines follows an older John Conner as the T-101 must protect him from the more powerful T-X who is sent back through time to kill John Conner and Kate Brewster. The plot is fairly simple like every other Terminator film, but this one even more so. I thought the story could have been slightly improved and some of action sequences could have been done better. Rise Of The Machine is a prime example of a third entry thats shortly running out of ideas. Sure the film delivers on what you'd expect. But theres plenty of things that could have been improved on. For one thing, I'm surprised that James Cameron didn't make it, and if he did, I'm sure it would've been better. The films story feels strained at times. The plot feels like it's trying to outdo the second film, as it tries to bigger and badder than the second. Unfortunately, this third entry, though good doesn't even come close to the masterful T2, which is probably one of the greatest action films ever made. I can appreciate the effort that went into this film, but like every diehard Terminator fan, I think this film is average popcorn entertainment that tries way too hard at outdoing the second film. Enjoy it for pure entertainment value, but don't expect a solid action film like Terminator 2:Judgement Day. Action packed and fun, but flawed nonetheless.
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½ February 28, 2011
Not bad but It was a dissapointment
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March 14, 2011
T3 is amusing but nowhere close to the quality of the first two films in the trilogy.
michael e.
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November 20, 2010
im noticing a pattern with these films
terminator pretty good
terminator 2 best action film ever made
terminator 3 not as good as the first but still pretty good
terminator salvation action is the only good thing about it
this film has some spectacular action scenes to watch and i bet it would be incredible to see in IMAX and 3-D. this film is definitely the only good film in the terminator series not directed by James Cameron, who may i add is my favorite director. He just has the perfect touch with his films, if film making was his garden than he would have the green thumb. is it the best action movie ever made no, is it the best sci-fi movie ever made no, but it is a great addition to the terminator series, now if only we can get a green-light on who's going to be making the 5th terminator film (of course, im praying for Cameron.)
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June 24, 2010
not horrible but not good. C
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February 10, 2008
If you haven't seen the first two movies, first off, let me welcome you to planet Earth!!! lol
terminator 3 is a good action flick but in my opinion not as good as T 2,it doesnt seem to have the same impact as 1 and 2, but great special affects though.
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½ July 23, 2010
Jonathan Mostow is no James Cameron. While Mostow has a great eye for visual effects and creates some truly spectacular action sequences he is really missing the human touch that Cameron brought to his two Terminator films. "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" has got to be one of the most unnecessary sequels ever made, but for pure action and nothing more, it will satisfy.
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½ December 20, 2007
He won't be back...
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½ April 19, 2010
It is in no way in the same caliber of the first two, but I like it as a pure action movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger makes any movie he's in at least enjoyable on some level, even if it's just to watch him destroy things and look really cool. This is still a necessary part in the Terminator franchise, bringing upon the inevitable Judgment Day. They took some risks and changes in style with this one, some worked and others didn't. I think inadequate casting really hurt this movie the most, no one besides Arnold looked like they belonged.
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February 15, 2010
Okay, I must say that the first two movies were way better than this one. This could have been better.
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January 10, 2010
This was still a good movie but definately the weakest in the series!
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January 4, 2009

I had read a handful of reviews prior to seeing this one so I was mentally prepared for a major suckfest. It's not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Maybe that's the key - low expectations!
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August 18, 2009
Awesome sequel that surpasses the original and comes close to the classic T2. Tons of exciting action and a good story to follow along that never leaves you wishing for more....except for a sequel with Schwarzenegger. Get back into acting and quit politics, Arnie!
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½ September 17, 2009
A disappointing cash in that doesn't feel like a proper continuation due to the different cast.
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August 2, 2009
it was the only film they could have had and they did make the best of it. arnie is talkative as usual (wink, it's saracastic, get it) while nick stahl could possibly be classed as the WRONG choice for the future leader of the free world.
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