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A shambolic, deafening, intelligence-insulting mess, a crushing failure on almost all counts.

June 5, 2009 Full Review Source: Time Out | Comments (9)
Time Out
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Terry J.

Terry Jenkins

do u even know what terminator is u **** u prob fink drag me to hell was good u all fink terminator is arnie in leather pants this was the best terminator since judgement day nothing wrong wiv this film just gays like u if u didnt get this movie ur a ****. It was the most respectul movie to the material even down to how connor got his scars which u prob didn even notice on judgement day flashback. ur reveiw was a shambolic insulting failure. i bet u made ur mind up b4 u even seen the film **** face. bcoz of ****s like u they wont do another 1 itll b giving to a **** like u or mostow, oh n if u dnt know who he is u shouldnt b in this job *******. I cant even believe its only gt 33% too i dnt no wot the **** u ****s saw past ur long ****in nose. u ****in ****!!!!!

Jun 8 - 02:52 PM

mime r.

mime rock

Dude, the movie sucked hard. All 3 were great, the show was truly great, the McG movie was horrible. I'm a huge fan of T, but I was actually bored a lot during the movie. It was completely void of tension or anxiety. Next time- Danny Boyle please.

Aug 9 - 10:05 AM

James M.

James Mclean

This movie rocked!!!!!

Dec 8 - 09:28 PM

Dominique Laviolette

Dominique Laviolette

Terry J. You need help...both on how to judge what a good film is and of course on your propensity to berate those who DO know what a good film is; not to mention the desperate help you need with your spelling. I hope you discover help soon.

Jul 21 - 04:24 PM

Nicole S.

Nicole Setterfield

You clearly needed your mum to hold your hand through this sunshine. Stick to reviewing romantic dramas if you can't take a good piece of action.

Jun 14 - 04:03 AM

Dan A.

Dan Auluk

Hey Tom,

I feel you should give Terminator Salvation another look. To me it feels like second part of a triology. Looking forward to T5. Yes the film in parts lacks originality both in style and content but in terms of a mainstream classic it comes close but unfortunately or fortunately is always going to die a death when we start comparing it to T1 ans T2. I don't feel it deserves a 33% from you guys!

Jun 21 - 04:33 AM


Christian Lohan

I fink Terry J has issues, that's what I fink.

Jun 24 - 10:52 AM

John C.

John Chattey

intelligence insulting?, now you've insulted mine dear fellow...

Jul 17 - 06:41 PM

Joel F.

Joel Fredman

I think we all know that they should have stopped after the second. This, as well as the third could not live up to the standards provided by the first in terms of dialogue, acting and originality, so to those who feel this was a piece of art you are absolutely clueless.

Dec 16 - 06:12 PM

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