Terminator 4: Rise of the McG?

Also: Vin Diesel might have a thing for fourth installments.

It looks like those rumors about Terminator 4 arriving in 2009 might have been on target -- according to a report published at CHUD on Tuesday, the sequel has been fast-tracked at Halcyon, and may even have found its director.

That director, according to the CHUD scooper known as Duckie, is none other than Charlie's Angels and We Are Marshall helmer McG. The two sides are apparently just talking right now -- but with production rumored to begin early next year, if a deal is going to be struck, it'll need to happen soon. CHUD says the script was handed in last week, and they approve:

Terminator 4 is really the movie we've been waiting for and that Terminator 3 failed to deliver: it's after the apocalypse and John Connor is organizing the surviving humans to resist Skynet's army of robots. I imagine this would be the Terminator origin story -- the first time a human looking robot is used to infiltrate the ranks of people. There's something delightfully Planet of the Apes about taking the series into its own backstory like this.

Meanwhile, over at Ain't It Cool News, scooper Quint says the folks at Halcyon may have settled on a replacement of sorts for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Read on:

I've...heard another juicy rumor concerning someone who could slap his living tissue over metal endo-skeleton. I'm hearing that Vin Diesel is taking meetings with the Terminator people and the assumption is it's about him being a Terminator... of course, I'd love it if they cast him as one of the resistance fighters instead, but I could see him being a good Terminator.

It seems altogether likely that, nine out of ten times, the phrase "fast-tracked pre-strike sequel starring Vin Diesel" will prove to be a fancy way of saying "cinematic disaster" -- but you never know. Right?

Source: CHUD
Source: Ain't It Cool News



J Taylor

I predict 20% on the tomato meter. But so far I've liked'em all, some less than others; T-1 is still the the best) and I'll probably dig this one too.

Recalling the scenes of the future from T-1, it will be cool to see them bring that to the screen with CGI. IMO, Vin Diesel's as good a choice as anyone for a series that isn't likely to impress the critics and who knows we may like it anyway.

Oct 4 - 06:43 AM


Jasper Oosterveld

This sounds ****ing bad, and the news get worse everytime! Are you joking me?? The director of charlies angels? Those two movies enqual the quality of uwe boll movies..damn.

Hollywood is run by businessman who don't give a **** about artist and creativity, it's all about money. What a disgrace.

Oct 4 - 06:55 AM


b x

you are a disgrace scumbag

Oct 4 - 11:07 AM


joe shmo

sweet title alert - Terminator Wars: T-War. oh and vin deisel can have a tricked out future car with future NoS or somethin. in the hands of McG, who seems to get sexually aroused by anything in slow motion, this movie has no chance of not sucking. audiences will be laughing at vin diesel trying to play ahnold trying to play a cybernetic killing machine. no amount of freedom fighting will be able to save this movie's future. consider the battle lost and the fracnshise dead after this turd drops.

Oct 4 - 07:01 AM


Josh Quarles


Yeah. McG. Great.

Oct 4 - 07:37 AM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

those charlie's angels movie rank with the worst movies ever made

maybe he can do a good action film with a good scypt, but he's a hack

Oct 4 - 08:09 AM


Tommy Savor

"Terminator 4 is really the movie we've been waiting for and that Terminator 3 failed to deliver"

What? something worse that T3? You've already failed by getting McG to direct. His resume speaks volumes of the word failure! Why do you need to have Vin as the Terminator? You don't need any actors for it. Have the endo-skeletons fight the war as we have seem several times before. It's not that complicated! Vin being a soldier for John Connor makes more sense.

Oct 4 - 08:27 AM


Daniel Lee

vin? maybe?

Oct 4 - 08:42 AM


First Last

Vin Diesdel i can maybe live with but... McG? McG has never made anything thats close to being a good movie. I'm not believe McG even understands what a good movie is and I don't believe he's capable of making one. John Mctiernan, David Cronenberg, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, John Carpenter, Paul Verhoven, Kathryn Bigelow, John Milius or even Stan Winston... Out of all the directors out there, why would they even consider McG to make a terminator sequel? Are those guys at Halcyon trying to kill their company and ruin the terminator saga by making the worst sequel ever? This is very bad news.

Oct 4 - 08:50 AM


Nate 2709

Not McG for the love of good movies, not McG! He's one of the biggest hacks in Hollywood.

Oct 4 - 09:12 AM


Eldorado shwankers

They need an actual actor to play the terminator cause that's how they infiltrate the resistance ..

You don't think someone would notice a metal endo walking around?

Dude - 'Who is it?'
Terminator - 'I'm a resistance fighter like you'
Dude - 'ok come on in...Hey you look skinny, lets get you something to eat'
Terminator - 'haha fooled you!'

Think people, think!

Oct 4 - 09:13 AM


Ace _

Vin i could see as a freedom fighter not as a terminator but if hes gonna be a terminator hes gonna need some "JUICE" lolz

Oct 4 - 09:15 AM


Matthew Olson

for real tarantino should direct and get stallone, willis, diesel, the rock, and arnold in it that'd be tight make over 200 million no qestion

Oct 4 - 09:21 AM


joe shmo

mjolson20, that was the stupidest thing i've ever read... like EVER. I mean as easy as it would be to get the whole planet hollywood crew plus dwayne and vin, not to mention how simple it would be to get tarantino to direct (and of course write, since he only directs his own scripts), i think that it would just be too much of a good thing - NOT. you're a retarded retard for even thinking that, let alone sharing.

Oct 4 - 09:33 AM


Matthew Olson

Haha looking back at it you were right that was probably one of the dumbest things I have ever said.

Apr 28 - 03:13 AM

Heath H.

Heath Huxall

They should get Christopher Nolan or Bryan Singer to direct. They can't do Batman or Superman anyway because of the damn 'Justice Leauge of America' movie.

And they should ditch Vin and try to get back Ahnold. If they can't, who cares, just give us exoskeletons.

Oct 4 - 09:55 AM


Ryan Meals

Instead of this being an origin story, I would much rather see an older John Conner find a way to prevent the Machines from travelling into the past, and ultimately have one large final push in the war to put a definitive end to this series. They've milked this franchise creatively as much as they possibly can.

Oct 4 - 09:59 AM


Ryan Meals

Oh and for the love of God, surely they can find someone better than McG.

Oct 4 - 10:00 AM


Ryan Meals

Oh and for the love of God, surely they can find someone better than McG.

Oct 4 - 10:00 AM

Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

This franchise was built on the back of James Cameron and without him, any Terminotr movie, game, book, or poster will suck. T-3 ruined the franchise and T-4 with Vin and McG looks to turn it into a laughingstock.

With Rob Cohen ruining The Mummy.
Mcg and Johnathan Mostow ruining The Termintor.
Joe Johnson ruined Jurrasic Park.

I'm getting really, really sick of hack directors destroying everything we love about movies by getting their filthy and untalented hands over every franchise that excites me.

Oct 4 - 10:29 AM


Joshua G

McG as director? Why don't you just get Uwe Boll to be the writer, and get Joel "f**ktard" Schmacher as the producer...wait let's not give Hollywood any ideas. They are scraping the barrel as it is.

Oct 4 - 10:33 AM


Andy Gates

I'll say this for McG, he produces one of the best shows on TV: Supernatural. But as a director he needs serious help.

Oct 4 - 10:52 AM


b x

you are a disgrace scumbag

Oct 4 - 11:07 AM

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