Jen Gets Terminated, Day One: The Terminator


Ryan followed Bond. Alex did Jason. Tim got Kirk, Spock, and Bones. This week, I've been assigned to follow...The Terminator! In the latest Rotten Tomatoes watching series, yours truly will take on the famous futuristic cyborg in all four of its cinematic incarnations, from James Cameron's titular 1984 sci-fi horror classic to this Thursday's fourquel, in which director McG will show us his version of the future according to SkyNet. Watch and read along with me as I revisit the Terminator franchise, watching one movie a day, leading up to RT's Judgment Day -- May 21, when Terminator: Salvation lands in theaters. Back to Article


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May 19 - 06:54 PM

Chris N.

Chris Nanninga

About that picture at the end, I was surprised one aspect wasn't mentioned: Reese said he always wanted to know what Sarah was thinking in that picture; turns out, at that moment she was thinking of him. It's one of my favorite movie moments of all time.

May 20 - 08:21 AM


biji badness

I still say that "The Terminator Theme" by Brad fiedel is by a wide margin my favorite piece of music written for a film, period. Maybe cos of the nostalgia factor, I don't know. It ****ing rules though.

May 20 - 08:22 PM


johnny silvestry

Nice write up Jen. I was 7 when this came out and remember my parents hooking up the stereo to the VCR and not letting me watch it. So they had sourround sound Terminator and I couldnt see it, but I could hear it :(. The next day they went out and left in the I enjoy this movie as much then as I do now and lately its been on cable almost everyday.


May 21 - 09:28 AM

John B.

John Bonejuvi

The way the TV networks completely eviscerate the Terminator when they show the "edited for content and formatted to fit this screen" version should be a crime punishable by death. Yes, in reply to a previous comment, the psychologist character is one of my favorites also, especially down the road when he gets his just desserts. Three cheers for Linda Hamilton, without whom this mini-series would have been but mediocre. And those of you trashing Claire Danes, shame on you.

May 22 - 10:39 AM


kanaan p.

That's funny about 1980's tech, now that VCRs are obsolete. When I got my first VCR, the very first movie I rented was -- you guessed it, The Terminator. No contest, T1 had to be the first VHS movie I rented.

I think it's the best sci-fi flick ever.

May 22 - 11:30 PM

Nada Z.

Nada Zabaneh

I was eight when i saw this and I can tell you stop motion or not it scared the hell out of me for years! I loved it though and still do to date. Never licked action or horror, but this I adore. Terminator Salvation was fun to watch but other than the intro music, it didn't feel like a T movie. No Ahnold, no terminator, not even a computer generated Ahnold could help! (it did ease the pain though!)- for those of you who haven't seen salvation yet, watch T1 as it will make Salvation more fun with the subtle hints. (I watched T1 after - enjoyed it big time, but it made me realise how much of it i'd forgotten...) - Don't bother about Salvation reviews, it's a must see movie, can't get around it!...

May 25 - 07:35 AM

Jessica W.

Jessica Wheeler

NADA!! Completely agree. There were so many references to the first one. More than 5. I'm glad somebody else is a fan and actually GETS the movie. Everyone ridicules it but they clearly aren't true fans of the first and second film. Thanks for commenting! :D

May 25 - 12:11 PM


Billy M

The 80's styles and setting do not make this film outdated, it is set in 1984! The terminator endoskeleton at the end which was animated is the only thing that outdates this film.

Michael Biehn wasn't considered to play the terminator. Lance Henriksen was originally who Cameron wanted to play the terminator but after talking with Schwarzenegger he re-wrote the script and interviewed Biehn for Kyle Reese.

You should have watched the special features before writing this instead of using wikipedia.

Also, "homemade sawed off shotgun" isn't needed. Reese didn't make the shotgun himself, he just "sawed off" the barrel. Sawed off is self explanitory.

I forget that people who write for websites arn't actually writers.

May 27 - 10:48 AM


Drake Garcia

Good review, the movie takes place in 1984, so it does take place in the eighties...the musical score was off the hook...they should of thrown more of this impressive musical soundtrack into terminator salvation..especially the tronish techno music u hear when reese has the flashbacks of the future and humans are at war with the machines...Anyway, classic, bottom line...A Sci Fi/Horror masterpiece...

May 29 - 10:02 PM

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