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½ January 24, 2015
For being a Japanese production, the movie is very well done. Maybe the possibility of using the Cinecitta' set of Rome has helped a lot, but the atmosphere is great both when the characters is in the Ancient Rome and in modern Japan. The first part of the movie is almost exactly following the manga, keeping the tone very hilarious and the story limited to some episodes. Possibly, the plot has been changed to give an immediate love story, but the differences with the manga fits partially the movie, dropping the tempo and lacking the crunch that instead one can taste in the first part. Anyway, to be watched if one has read the manga, but I would not recommend it just for the sake of watching it instead.
June 27, 2014
Unfortunately, it's an ugly movie with a weak script writing. What a pity! Aya Ueto is so cute, and Hiroshi Abe is... ok. The manga is better. Although you appreciate the trash value, the movie is something according to that point of view only for the first half hour.
March 24, 2013
A Japanese live-action movie about a Roman architect who can time travel via bathtubs. How can it go wrong?

Well, it does. Unfortunately. It never really realizes its potential and has no sense of purpose or direction. There are a few highly amusing scenes and the occasional clever plot point but on the whole it's fairly dull once you get over the sheer bizarre novelty of it. It quickly falls into a repetetive pattern: Lucius is discontented about the current bath problem - he finds a portal - he is amazed by Japanese designs - he builds a Roman version. This may have worked better in manga form or even episodic tv form than a live action movie.

Lucius never really has much of a personality beyond disappointment, joy, and anger. He does occasionally manage to pull off amusingly ridiculous facial expressions, and his comedic timing isn't bad, but the drama just falls flat.

It does get better as it goes on and develops something resembling a plot. There are imperial complications involved. But it never becomes exactly compelling. At its best it's amusingly ridiculous in an epic way. At its second best it manages to be a glorious visual feast. That's not too bad in the end. It also features the most epic bathing music you'll ever find.

Of course, the real fun in this is seeing a bunch of Japanese guys pretending to be Roman. Generally the casting is pretty good. The guy playing Hadrian is the only one who is hopelessly Japanese. The background extras are all local Italians (the outside scenes were filmed on the leftover sets from HBO's Rome in Cinecittà) with Japanese dialogue dubbed over them.
December 12, 2013
Sweet, silly, fun time travel romance.
May 25, 2013
Love the first half but hate the diverted ending from the original books.
December 13, 2012
not really great. komedinya agak flat. pemain terliat kurangmenjiwai karakter masing2. alurnya sebetulnya bagus tp jatuhnya flat
½ November 28, 2012
Romerska bad, Arkitetur, tidsresor allt på Japanska - Inga konstigheter
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