The Bret Hart Story: The Best There Is, Was, and Ever Will Be Reviews

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September 24, 2012
It has been said that whatever event you are watching, if Bret Hart has a match in it, then that match will most probably be the highlight of the night. And Bret Hart will be the first one to say so. And then say it again. And that seems to sum up the man's career and this DVD. Pure talent, huge ego.
All stages are covered, his early Stampede days, the formation of The Hart Foundation, going solo, turning heel, Owen Hart's tragic death and so on and so forth. The documentary is 2 hours long and though the Hitman spends many a minute praising himself it still feels a little short. Sure, the Montreal Screwjob has been covered elsewhere but we could have more. It has also been said (not by Bret) that his matches are same-y but i doubt if this is pointed out by people who actually watch wrestling because everyone's matches are same-y (except perhaps Mick Foley's but he is a whole different story). He called himself the Excellence of Execution and there's little doubting that. Very few wrestlers seemed so natural when stepping into the ring as Bret Hart. No matter the guy's name or size they got their hands full with this master technician. This is pretty much essential to any wrestling fan and could be an interesting watch to anyone else.
This 3-disc 9-hour DVD includes many classics including fights against the British Bulldog, The Undertaker, Steve Austin, Mr Perfect and more.
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