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March 27, 2012
One of the most bizarre films I've ever seen dialogue-wise. The Car is a bit of a take on the killer car genre, which includes Duel and later Christine. It's halfway decent, if not incredibly boring at times. More time is spent by the characters sitting around trying to figure out what to do and grieving the victims of the killer car than actually building up story, although an attempt IS actually made to do that. It just doesn't work all that successfully. The cutting is quite good when it comes to the action sequences involving the car itself, but most of the time it feels light on excitement. The dialogue itself is just flat out weird and feels out of place constantly. I'm not quite sure what they were going for here or whether they were even aware that the dialogue was odd in the first place, but it IS odd and it sticks out like a sore thumb. The film is scare of blood and gore, but there is some light mayhem, and if you're patient enough to sit through it, you'll find some nice moments and fun action.
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March 2, 2011
The Car is a pretty good Horror film involving a possessed car terrorizing a small town. This film came a few years after Steven Spielberg's similar Horror thriller, Duel. Duel has been credited of influencing the genre of killer of vehicles. The Car is one of many of these types of films. I enjoyed this film because it had a great deal of suspense and terror. The acting is pretty good considering this type of film. This film has many good things going for it despite the fact that it's not too original. The Car is always on the prowl to terrorize and kill unsuspecting pedestrians. One of the high points of the film is the car's horn, the sound it makes is very memorable and one of the best things about the film. I don't know why I love this film, but I do. I guess I have a soft spot for these types of films and they have a certain appeal to them that makes them worth watching. Even if it's a simple formula of a possessed evil car killing people, it's pretty entertaining to watch. The Car's influence is as I've said Spielberg's Duel, and with that in mind, this film along with Duel probably influenced Stephen King into writing Christine, another killing car story. Every film of this nature follows basically the same thing, but each one are very fun and thrilling to watch. The Car may not be too original, but for fans of Duel, Jaws, Christine \ and The Hearse, you may be well entertained with this possessed four wheeled killing machine. I know I was and I consider The Car a horror classic.
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September 6, 2010
A not so great movie, but it's entertaining anyway. The plot is very simple, and the story is kind of bare, and silly too. Even so, it was fun to watch.
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August 24, 2008
I'd heard about this over the years, but it sounded a little hokey. Finally ran across it, and, yes, it is pretty hokey, but it's really not bad, especially considering it's more than 30 years old. The dialog is probably the weakest part of the film, and their are some ambitious storylines going on behind the main story which are, well, pretty weak too. Still, all that being said, it's pretty suspenseful.
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July 3, 2007
Made in 1977 this film features James Brolin as the sheriff of a quaint desert town that's being terrorized by one very cool looking black sedan that just appears out of nowhere. The Car has no driver, no motive, and no mercy as a tag line for the film reads

I thought the pacing in this movie was pretty good and that all of the actors did a fine job. This is a prime example of what 1970s drive-in horror was all about, so if these kinda films are your thing its worth checking out.
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½ August 18, 2007
Silly desert-themed movie about a demonic car. It has some frightening scenes, but it's now very dated.
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April 11, 2007
A backwater town is terrorized by a demonic black sedan in an entertainingly silly 70s B-movie horror. Not as good as the rather more adult Duel, but a lot more fun than the overly po-faced and humourless Christine.
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½ March 11, 2012
After watching the History Channel the other night and seeing the pilot for the cool new series entitled Canadian Restoration, where a customer bought a Lincoln Mark III and wanted the guys at the shop to literally transform it into the car from The Car, i immediatly re-watched the movie as i havent seen this one since i was in my teens quite some time ago. I had my 12 year old son watch it with me and he sighed thinking it was yet another one of my 70's cheesy movies. It didn't take him long to get right into this as i had told him it's not your average 70's movie, in fact it's actually quite good and suspenseful. He ended up enjoying it just as much as i did upon seeing it when i was around his age. James Brolin is the sheriff of a small western town that gets a visiter in the form of a huge boat of a car with red tinted windows. This car after picking off a couple of the townsfolk starts a cat and mouse game with Sheriff Wade (Brolin)

After seeing with his own eyes that this car is indeed pretty much doing the impossible and hearing from an old indian woman that there was no driver inside, the boys of the Sheriff's dept learn very quickly that this car could be possessed by an evil spirit?? I know it sounds hoky but you have to check this one out if you get chance cause it's an actuall dandy of a thriller!
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½ September 26, 2009
Kind of fun possessed car horror film. You got James Brolin as the sheriff of a small desert town plagued by a killer car from nowhere. Notable for some pretty surprisingly good cinematography, and couple of "wow" moments, and many "daylight" kills, which you don't see a lot in horror.
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½ June 12, 2008
classic horror movie of the 70s..original...the car had a life and personality of its own....anytime I hear that horn sounding....i think of that CAR...low budget for sure, but done well!
½ September 1, 2012
This movie probably seems much more fun and interesting (now that it can be taken as dated and campy), than it would have been upon its first theatrical release in 1977. And while the plot often falls flat, there are some genuinely creepy moments, and to its credit, the film does not devolve into a violent gore-fest (though it easily could, given the plot). Today, we can watch this movie and laugh at the awful hairstyles, clothes, terrible dialogue and overacting, something that probably makes this movie more entertaining than it would have been in the late 1970s, when all those elements would have still been fashionable.
January 9, 2010
I enjoyed this movie. Another movie got me interested in films about possessed cars. John Carpenter's Christine did. :)
½ June 18, 2007
I have seen this movie some time ago!. . . I thought that it was an interesting premise about a car that is possessed. . .
January 14, 2009
Love this film. It was the beginning of cars possessed by evil that brought on terror among movie goers...
½ July 21, 2008
Not as silly as you might think. There is something about a car as a weapon of death that's rather horrifying.
½ May 25, 2008
As silly as any film about a driverless car running people down is expected to be, this has a few good moments. I thought their attempts to give the characters more depth was a bit of a waste of time, but it's an alright way to kill an hour and a half.

½ May 7, 2008
What a guilty pleasure. The cyclist on the bridge scene is burnt into my memory. And watch the flames at end of film.
James Brolin is actually good here. Ronny Cox is one of the great forgotten character actors.
Rent this and take a ride in the devils car to hell.
½ November 2, 2007
well this movie is ok but not wow..i like it because mainly it is a bout a possesed car killing people..>>
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