Do you believe that there is a possible resurgence for Nicholas Cage with 'The Croods'?

We all know that the film has a good cast that includes Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone, but Nic Cage is the actual hero of the film. For the past few years almost all of Cage's films were poorly received by the critics as well as the audience. You can expect 'The Croods to be met with a bad welcome from the critics because it has Cage in it, that is a possible prediction. A 60-70% on the tomato meter during the opening time cannot be considered as a good sign for any film.
Nicholas Cage was once considered one of the best performance oriented actors in America, then he turned to action films and proved his might there as well, but now he only makes trash and onscreen pornography[as in case of Drive Angry(2011)]. Do you believe that if 'The Croods' end up being a commercial and critical hit, it would bring about any change in the troubled career of Nic Cage?
Also, I am no Cage fan.
R. Jayakrishnan
03-16-2013 12:55 AM

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Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller

One can only hope. We need more Cage!

Apr 22 - 02:15 PM


Sam Had

Voice acting doesn't do much as far as advancing acting careers. That said I thought his voice was the worst thing about The Croods. Every time he spoke it totally took me out of the story.

Apr 8 - 03:47 PM

Janis Gale

Janis Gale

Cage was great in this. When I couldn't see his wooden face, I realized that his voice is descriptive and delightful. I hope to see more voice overs for Nick.

Apr 2 - 02:29 AM

Jim Waite

Jim Waite

I am as far from being a Nic Cage fan as one can get. This movie looks pretty good.So, in voice over work, yes there is a chance for him to make a comeback. In regular films? No.

Mar 18 - 12:59 PM

Diego Tutweiller

The Majestic Pigbutt Worm

LOL no.

Mar 18 - 12:54 PM

Matthew R.

Matthew Reimer

If he's doing voicework then no, voicework never really helps a actor.

Mar 17 - 05:12 PM

Steven Potgeter

Steven Potgeter

As much as I like Cage, I doubt this can happen. When has doing voicework brought back the (non-voicework based) career of anyone?

Mar 16 - 06:07 AM

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