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January 20, 2007
The TV show is even bettter then the 2nd movie.
January 26, 2009
I happen to like Mark Dacascos as an actor, so for me this show turned out to be pretty good. I picks up right where the movie left off, kind of. Instead of Eric Draven fading into the after life with his love interest, he stays around for awhile. All the characters from the movie are in the show, and the acting is pretty good. If you can get your hands on the whole season I recommend doing that. Check this out.
½ December 1, 2008
I liked the first Crow movie, Im not sure if Ive seen this one yet, but I like the story idea. He is like a gothic hero!
½ March 22, 2007
A deceased street musician returns to life, and must restore the balance between good and evil to be reunited with his dead girlfriend.
September 11, 2007
Not really that bad. I remember watching this on Sci-Fi sometimes. Mark Dacascos is ok as Draven but he's no Brandon Lee. Dacascos is a great martial artist though. A damn great one.
½ September 1, 2007
Funny to see all the Lee fans stand behind this tower of shit. It really shows how bipolar the crow fans are. Some like the second, others like the fourth...some even like the horrible T.V. show...
June 20, 2007
I saw this movie a few years ago on Sci-Fi. Not as good as the first one but better then Wicked Prayer
March 12, 2007
This was the series starring a good friend of Brandon Lee's, Mark Dacascos. It is the Eric Draven story line but with just a little more added to it. Check it out!
March 1, 2007
This was something I watched religiously. Mark Dacascos had been one of Brandon Lee's friends and he was perfect for this series.
February 20, 2007
I am SO angry the TV show was cancelled, and it totally left you hanging and wondering what had happened, but still, it is The Crow! <3
April 25, 2006
A show based on The Crow seemed like a great idea, but it's extremely low budget hurt it deeply. Plus having The Crow linger around for such a long period of time didn't seem right. It's like he just didn't have the energy or interest in killing off the baddies.
½ February 27, 2013
Loved the movie and was thrilled about it becoming a series. I'd been a fan of Marc Dacascas for a long time so when I found out he was going to play Eric Draven, I definately made it a point to tune in. Luckily, I was not disapointed. Though not as good as the film with Brandon Lee, the series was still very good. Too bad it didn't last longer.
December 7, 2012
Oh the original is so much better!
½ November 6, 2012
This was a huge joke. The budget was made up entirely from loose change the crew had in their pockets on the day of production.

Do not watch!
October 16, 2012
Excellent Movie series....
October 2, 2012
great adaption of the movie.
February 8, 2012
not bad should've been better. I thought Dacascos did a good job though
August 23, 2011
A great spin on The Crow. Mark Dacascos is great. It deserved a second series
May 25, 2010
A great series that ended too soon, just one season? Give me a break!
March 27, 2010
this was sooo stupid
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