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The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb Reviews

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January 22, 2014
The small handful of unrelated sequels made by Hammer to its 1959 original are not thought of very highly at all, and at this point I have not seen them all, but I can say with great passion that I think this one gets an unfairly bad rap. In fact, the absence of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee aside, I think this is a far more entertaining and interesting movie than its predecessor, which was often quite stiff. Here is a film that is unabashedly fun, utilizing to the fullest extent its widescreen scope and technicolor palette. Michael Carreras, known best for his role as producer to just about everything Hammer put out in its most illustrious period, wrote and directed the film, and not only does he do a fine job taking over for previous MUMMY director Terence Fisher, but he directs with great artistry and a knowing for the movement of cinema, resulting in a picture full of life and energy. His camera makes big movements here, tracking and craning to string relatively complex shots together. Even more impressive is the movie's cast, full of actors who nail both the film's dramatic scenes and its comic ones. The triangular dynamic between Terence Morgan, Ronald Howard and Jeanne Roland is one that could have easily choked the picture in lesser actor's hands, but they keep it alive and tense for the film's brief running time. I was very, very pleasantly surprised by this picture- a thrilling and humorous if less weighty stop for those on the journey through Hammer's storied filmography.
October 22, 2013
Another forgotten Hammer classic. One of my favorite mummy flicks ever. On a double feature dvd with THE TWO FACES OF DR. JEKYLL.
August 6, 2013
From Hammer, this time written, produced and directed by Michael Carreras (The Curse of the Werewolf (1960), She (1965) and Shatter (1965)), this was a sequel to Hammer's The Mummy (1959), it has some good moments however the film suffers from having no big name stars, and it does have a confusing twist. Englishmen John Bray (Ronald Howard) and Sir Giles Dalrymple (Jack Gwillim) as well as French Professor Eugene Dubois (Bernard Rebel), along with Dubois' daughter Annette (Jeanne Roland), find a mummy's tomb out in Egypt, and have the artifacts sent back to England. American showman Alexander King (Fred Clark) bankrolled the expedition, and puts on an over the top show with the artifacts, however there's a shock in store when they discover the Mummy inside it's sarcophagus is missing. Plus it looks like that shady arts patron Adam Beecham (Terence Morgan) has something to hide. It's a film that doesn't outstay it's welcome, but it does drag a bit in the middle, and it was greenlit and filmed on the hoof, and it shows. It's horror and outcome have all been seen in other Hammer horrors, done better there as well, but this needed a better script and cast.

Super Reviewer

July 11, 2013
While definitely not as much a first-rate production as Hammer's first Mummy, Curse of the Mummy's Tomb has some great camerawork, nice supporting performances, and an intriguing mummy plot. Archaeologists financed by an American P. T. Barnum type find a lost tomb and open it despite the curse that says whosoever is present at its opening should die. Hammer production values prevail with lush costumes and sets. George Pastell(from the original) is back as yet another Egyptian naysayer out to prove that the British had no right to take and break the sacred nature of treasure and memory of forgotten kings. Michael Ripper, Jack Gwillim, and Fred Clark excel in their supporting roles, clearly out-performing the rather tiresome and boring leads of Terence Morgan, Ronald Howard, and Jeanne Roland. Clark gives an impressive performance(as well as very affable one) as the American out to turn his mummy find into carnival magic, taking the show to the "American Heartland" for a dime a peep. The story is not the fastest paced story around, but once the mummy's casket gets opened people die. Definitely worth a look for the mummy fan. 5 Stars 7-6-13
January 30, 2013
Unfortunately this falls into the same trap as many other movies and gets the balance wrong, there's just too much back story and not enough action! A deranged mummy killing people off one by one would be much more interesting for me... Maybe I'm not in the spirit of what the films about, but be honest; these were the only entertaining parts of the movie.
capt b.
January 11, 2013
It is a so so movie no doubt but fun all the same, i enjoyed this piece of hokum.
November 1, 2012
Not one of Hammer's best, but a decent chiller with a few good scenes. Admittedly, the plot doesn't always make that much sense and I just do not buy the whole "cursed to live"- reveal. Still, its easy entertainment in a not-so-neat wrapping.
October 5, 2012
so so all too familiar story here
July 7, 2012
Dry Hammer Horror retelling an unoriginal story with a fairly dull cast. Michael Ripper is underused as an Egyptian servant and George Pastell gives an identical performance to his previous mummy appearance, the Hammer classic The Mummy, only this time he gets his head trodden on by a cross mummy!
December 5, 2011
Fun Hammer Horror here, where the openers of a Mummy's tomb, yes, die in many horrible ways. Silly archaeoligists! Has more brains, blood and humor then most other horror movies of these kind seem to have. Best part is Fred Clark as the brass showman Alexander King, who walks away with the best lines.
FilmGrinder S.
September 22, 2011
The only reason to watch this peice of crap is Jeanne Roland.
May 1, 2011
Second in Hammer's Mummy series. Fairly slow to start and more of a B picture. Worth a watch if you're a fan of Hammer.
March 4, 2010
he Curse of the Mummy's Tomb is a 1964 film Directed by Michael Carreras. A mummy discovered by three Egyptologists is brought back to London by a showman. The mummy begins to murder various members of the expedition until it is revealed that a sinister character (portrayed by Terence Morgan) carries a secret to the mummy's past and future.
January 11, 2009
Another solid mummy movie from Hammer. Just like the previous entry to the series, Curse of the Mummy's Tomb boasts just the right balance of horror, grandeur and cheese that makes Hammer horror so worth watching. Although Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are sorely amiss, this is still certainly a recommendation to genre fans.
September 17, 2008
Love watching these old movies
September 29, 2007
More callous graverobbing dressed up as archaeology resulting in certain death, this has no connection to Hammer's previous (The) Mummy, other than the presence of George Pastell (playing essentially the same character, but with a different name).
Although it does look good, the film is definitely lacking - nothing happens in it for a LONG time, the dialogue is dull as fuck, and the casting is somewhat bland and uninspiring (although the GREAT Michael Ripper plays a character named Achmed, a role so minor that it's barely worth mentioning).
One of Hammer's shittest films, featuring the tubbiest Mummy since Lon Chaney Jr!
February 18, 2007
This is probably the best of the hammer Mummy films, with an entirely original plot with no relevance to any other Mummy film made prior to this. Brilliantly shot with some classic performances from a great cast. Very gritty, atmospheric and charged with mood and grimy horror a true cult classic
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