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The Education of Fairies (La Educacion de las hadas) Reviews

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½ February 10, 2011
Again, a foreign movie. This one i had been waiting to see actually, i rather enjoy Ricardo Darin's work, and this was definitely no exception.

It is a think a spanish production, tough it features argentine Darin's in the lead, and some french cast too.

Is the story of a single middle aged man who falls in love "at the same time of two peoples" a widow with an 8 year old little boy, he manages to conquer both women and child hearts with clever and magical histories of fairies and fantasy...until some unexpected and intriguing middle age-marriage crisis hits this supposedly happy little family. Then he meets a tormented illegal alien working as cashier in a market in wich he sees something special... the rest you must see...

it is a wonderful lesson on fatherhood, love and creativity.

The acting is superb, this guy somehow has stayed under the hollywood radar, even as he starred the last year foreign movie winner "secret in her eyes" el secreto de sus ojos...
The little kid is brilliant, and spanish singer bebe did a confident performance. With a slow but sure pace and a beautiful photography this movie has many little flaws (maybe a little wandering of the subjects for a minute or two too long), and is also very well directed by Jose Luis Cuerdas (producer of The others).

A fantastic drama-romance.
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