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It's visually sumptuous and intriguing but its lack of tonal consistency makes it often incoherent and emotionally inaccessible.

May 31, 2008 Full Review Source: SSG Syndicate | Comments (6)
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Al J.

I challenge you to see it again, this time pay attention to the details! There is so much more there than all you 'critics' got. It's a real shame that a movie like Caspien or even Sex in the City get a fresh rating from the critics, but you all rated this a 44!?!?!??? Both of wich are just as shallow as the lifeless actors or subject matters in them. Meanwhile the public seems to have seen a movie you didn't and have been rating it at over 80! So what's going on? You went in thinking , "oh this is the guy who directed the Cell, so this is gonna be the same?" Get over it, and see it again. It's brilliant!

Jun 3 - 05:10 PM


Colleen Farrell

"Often incoherent?" "Emotionally inaccessible?" What movie were you watching?! And I have no idea what you mean by "lack of tonal inconsistency." If you mean the gentle humor deftly sprinkled throughout the story, I thought it was a stroke of genius, not only to lighten the mood but to let us know the story didn't take itself too seriously. This was the best movie I've seen this year--and I've seen many.

Jun 21 - 10:33 AM


Alexandra Heard

ok. This movie was bad. It was awful. You're wrong. There's nothing more to it than really nice colors and costumes. What about plot? I came into this movie 20 minutes late and guessed the plot line immediately. You're an idiot to compare this with the Chronicles of Narnia. At least the Lion could talk. This film is like a college grad's film comprehensive exam with a really high budget. To say " You went in thinking , "oh this is the guy who directed the Cell, so this is gonna be the same?" Get over it," I didn't even know that the guy who directed the Cell directed this but now that you bring that up, THE CELL SUCKED TOO! I know some movies aren't meant to appeal to everyone, but who is this supposed to appeal to? Sadistic suicidal children hating drug addicted stunt actors? in this movie there is nothing to make up for the content. The costumes were beautiful but that which was underneath wasn't much. Each character was an addiction he'd kicked; his suicidal tendencies, his girlfriend, his drug addiction... even the guy sitting in front of me couldn't stand it. He vocalized what I chose not to with the perfect "Come on," and what I was saying to myself the whole time, "really?" Give it up. this movie sucked.

Jun 25 - 11:14 PM


mick mick

Your face is "often incoherent and emotionally inaccessible."

What are you talking about?? People were crying in the theatre, they understood what was going on...

Jun 29 - 10:14 AM


michael soener

is it just me or do critics intentionally attempt to sound arrogant and pompous. There's a difference between intelligence and pompousness, and alot of these critics like to lean towards the second thing.
emotionally inaccessible? I'm not sure if you stumbled into some other theatre but the ending was incredibly emotional and pulled everything together in a way that was nothing short of brilliant.
kingbong89 I can agree on the plotline, it was basic, but who cares. The characters weren't, the visuals weren't, the emotions weren't, compared to that how does the plot matter. This movie put on the most impressive visual display I've seen least the LOTR films, and it did all this with a heart. It was like and indi fantasy version of star wars. Beautiful vision with an even more beautiful core.

Aug 6 - 03:40 PM


Olivia S

If you found this emotionally inaccessible then you're not human. I think I cried three times throughout the movie because I loved the characters so much. I didn't want Roy to die, or even think about dying because of the girls love for him. The bond between the actors is unbreakable.

Sep 2 - 12:09 PM

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