Exclusive: The Fall - Tarsem's Visual Companion - Part 2

The director on his astonishing imagery.

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The Fall
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People have tried to shoot here before and they have nightmares. The moment people know there are film stars there they come out on the roofs and there are 15-20,000 people there looking at. I figured, OK, we'll get the wide shots first and then once people have descended on us we'll move to close-ups. Literally, we went and shot them in minutes.

But this place has been shot before - this is Jodhpur in India - but no-one quite knows how to make it look as it does there. We knew that legally it's a Brahmin city so it has to be painted blue but it's never this blue. Two months earlier we went out with buckets and buckets of paint and told the city: Free paint - you can paint your house whatever colour you want. But we knew they'd have to choose blue!

It was very difficult for the actors because there'd be hundreds of people around making a lot of news.

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