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The Guyver 2 Reviews

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Al S

Super Reviewer

March 18, 2013
An almost better attempt to mature the franchise and make it darker and bloodier in this violent sequel. It has some better effects and creature designs, considering its low budget and almost unknown cast.
Jason S

Super Reviewer

January 7, 2008
This was better than the first flick with a step up in the effects department. The action was also better and I liked the story. It's pretty simple though and I think you need to be a fan to really enjoy these movies.

Super Reviewer

June 6, 2007
Superior sequel

Super Reviewer

March 22, 2007
Excellent non-stop action of the Japanese comic book superhero character than the first one. It entertains amazing battle choreography, visual effects, and great monster makeup.
November 19, 2011
They should have stopped at the first one...This second movie was beyond stupid. To even call it a bad "B" movie is giving it way too much credit. Ugh!!!
May 7, 2008
A better representation of the Guyver series, it's not perfect,but it's still pretty good... and it stars Solid Snake!
October 2, 2007
Great film more true to the anime and david hayter plays the main cahrchter sean barker aka the guyver "TRIVIA david hayter also does the voice of solid snake from the "metal gear series"There video games if you dont know" and works for marvel doing voice overs on marvel cartoons such as spiderman"
May 7, 2007
This Guyver is much more like the manga.Its dark,brooding,and action packed.the acting and monster make-up is much better in this movie.
April 10, 2014
Skip the first and go straight to this film.
December 5, 2013
I saw this film, and I have to admit that it's one of those films that change your perspective on anime to live action movies. I am currently reviewing the first one, but I can already tell that this film was meant to be a more adult shift in tone for the film. While it's too late, I think that the first one should have focused less on goofy gags and toning it down for younger audiences, and spent more time finding better actors.
David Hayter was a nice touch, considering the time period, and that by this time, Solid Snake had gained popularity states-side (I assume). All in all, Guyver: Dark Hero was a pretty solid movie.
March 9, 2013
not as silly as the first, but still silly.
January 24, 2013
This movie rocks. It is the best Guyver material yet to be released. David Hayter is awesome. It has a good balance of story telling and bloody fight scenes. Very well made for a movie with less than $1 million budget.
Matthew J.
June 24, 2012
A huge improvement over the first one, but that's not quite a compliment is it ?
November 30, 2011
This film is by and large superior to its 1991 counterpart: which though lauded for its impressive creature effects, suffered from being under the creative control of producer and b-movie icon Brian Yuzna, who though responsible for some entertaining films, really was the wrong choice. Yuzna's input resulted in the addition of excessive amounts of comic relief and the toning down of the violence, gore and all around more adult subject matters that the manga and its numerous anime counterparts were known for, presumably to make it more accessible to younger audiences by way of earning a PG-13 rating. This was on top of pulling a huge bait-and-switch, advertising co-star Mark Hamill as the lead, presumably to add marquee value for its theatrical release. The result was a hideous mish-mash of stock b-movie schlock, unfunny comic relief, poorly handled martial arts choreography, but very impressive creature and practical effects: the stuff the boys at MST3K would have had a field-day with. It was poorly received by critics and didn't perform well at the box office as a result, but it generated enough interest to warrant a sequel, the subject of this film in 1995, free of Brian Yuzna's input.

This film is the superior of the two, but despite that the film still has some deep-seeded flaws that keep it from becoming a lost gem. Its cast was largely a group of unknowns and 90s TV actors who turned in highly underwhelming or completely overdone performances (which perhaps could also be blamed by a not-so-super-savvy director at the helm), hammy dialogue and underdeveloped plot threads and characters. Despite this, it stays much more true to the source material, featuring designs more similar to those featured in the manga, more direct borrowing of plot elements, and a concerted effort to stay true to the darker and violent tone of the manga, making it a much better representation of the franchise for fans and those who strongly disliked the first film.

David Hayter (the voice of Solid Snake of the Metal Gear Solid series of video games) proves to be an excellent replacement for the flat and uncharismatic Jack Armstrong, who at least is capable of exhibiting some sort of legitimate emotion as well as not looking completely dumbfounded in almost every closeup. The other cast members do fit into their roles, but the script never develops them to a point where they become three dimensional characters, and the all-over-the-map performances make their deliveries not as sincere or realistic as they could have been. Above all else, the action is very well choreographed, performed well by some great stuntmen and crew, and shot and edited tightly and cohesively enough to make the action look spectacular but and be easy to follow (something modern action film makers have yet to get a strong grasp on). Though an earnest effort was put in, what's there just isn't much to work with, making at best a piece of popcorn b-cinema, best suited for fans who want a better representation of the franchise and lovers of b-grade action flicks with sci-fi twists.
October 18, 2011
While the first movie was terrible, upgraded visual effects and sparse flashes of brilliance in the script make this sequel at least tolerable. The visual effects crew should feel proud for what they managed to accomplish on so little. The monster suits look fearsome enough, though some exist only to flesh out the villain's posse and aren't quite as lavish as the main creatures. The action is derivative, but well-staged and the majority of the fighting is reserved for the climax. The storyline is fairly average and periods wear the attention span a little thin. The acting is at least competent and that may help to hold interest. Parents should also note that the level of violence has also intensified since the previous entry and the slayings of the zoanoid monsters can be quite brutal. In summation, if youâ(TM)re a sci-fi fan who is over fifteen and you want to see corner cutting at its finest then Guyver 2 is for you. Everyone else may wish to steer clear.
July 28, 2011
It's not a GREAT movie and isn't for everyone. It's better for manga and anime fans. Still, I kinda enjoyed it.
December 13, 2010
DEAR LORD. This was god-awfully boring. the only remotely redeemable part was the end fight scene.
December 9, 2010
A much better adaptation than the god awful monstrosity that was the first film.
Carlos M.
November 19, 2010
This movie's a little better than the first, but I still kind of hated it, since the monsters don't sound scary, but rather have screams like that of a cat getting raped. Also, some of the fight scenes actually extend how boring this movie can get.
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