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Le Retour de Martin Guerre (The Return of Martin Guerre) Reviews

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Anthony V

Super Reviewer

June 17, 2008
Remade as Sommersby, this is a powerful drama.
July 15, 2007
Who was is who really returned from the war and did it matter?
Gerard Depardieu and Nathalie Baye are terrific.
April 14, 2013
apart from the story itself, this is one very rich 16th century visual travelogue, with a loving attention given to details. Story wise, they manage to make it a thriller without being shrill and a romance without bieng sappy, the actors respect their caracters no matter what and you want to believe to the very end.the choice of the scenes depicted is also very effective to bring full impact to this old ubeleivable but true story
December 6, 2012
Epic drama. Always make one reminiscent of the past.
Nik M.
November 14, 2012
Le Retour de Martin Guerre involves audiences deeply into the conflict of the film. We become so indulged by the issue at hand that we ourselves take on the various perspectives present in the courtroom. We are judges, lawyers, witnesses, jurors, and just plain old bystanders. The ending brings about a very satisfying wrap-up.
Dave J
September 12, 2012
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(1982) The Return Of Martin Guerre
(In French with English subtitles)

Seen this movie many years ago about an unknown coming to a village portraying himself to be Martin Guerre played by veteran actor Gerald Depardieu who may or may not be him. The wife of the real Guerre does eventually begin to accept him even though majority of the villagers do not depicting a time period which is during the Medieval times when people believed in witches.

I saw this film once and don't think I'll ever see it again since it's strictly by the book and already know what I can't get from other films for instance "The Scarlet Letter" which centers on this time period. It inspired a remake starring Richard Gere and Jodie Foster called "Sommersby" made in 1993 and perhaps "The Astronaut's Wife" made in 1999 starring charlize Theron and Johnny Depp. The other reason for the negative rating is that I'm also a sucker for superficial endings.

2 out of 4
September 5, 2012
Sounds like a copy of Sommersby. Might be interesting when trapped in a house during heavy duty winter with nothing else to watch.
December 15, 2010
A perfect legal studies film with an involving issue that keeps audiences guessing while also making serious moral questions.
June 21, 2012
Depardieu a son meilleur
A Sore Loser
April 16, 2011
Based on actual events, the engrossing subject matter is brought to life by excellent performances (especially the animated and impassioned Depardieu) and fine direction. Rarely have I encountered such uncertainty in a story regarding which character has the higher moral ground. Arnaud's fatal faux pas in the final court scene was particularly memorable.
Chris D.
April 30, 2010
This definitive version of the story of Martin Guerre (remade in English with Richard Gere and Jodie Foster as 'Sommersby' is amongst French actor Gérard Depardieu's greatest roles. As the bluff, romantic, sensitive soldier who returns to the village after years away (or does he?) he manages to provoke all sorts of reactions from his other on-screen characters as well as the film's audience.

As Bernadette de Rols, the wife seeking love and companionship, Nathalie Baye is superb; while a large and talented cast give flesh to the remaining characters. I defy anyone to see this adaptation and not be moved by it.
April 30, 2010
[font=Trebuchet MS]In the past week i've seen [i]The Great Escape, When Harry Met Sally, La Retour de Martin Guerre (The Return of Martin Guerre) [/i]and[i] The Magnificent Seven[/i]. Under normal circumstances, I would probably have never voluntarily watched these films, but for different reasons I ended up seeing all of them. And now i have come to the conclusion that Steve McQueen is a cool guy. I mean, who else would be so daring as to sneak around in white pants in the middle of the night while trying to escape from a German PoW camp? And what sort of cowboy would still be so calm and laid-back, all the while wearing a peachy pink shirt? Steve McQueen, that's who![/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]All the films i've seen in the last week have been pretty good. The only one i found rather painful to sit through was [i]The Return of Martin Guerre[/i]. I had to watch that as part of my Film & History course and i felt it was quite a slow-moving film. It had it's interesting moments, but it still wasn't enough to incite a liking of the film from me...Sorry Martin Guerre :( [/font]
April 30, 2010
Watched this in French class. A really great story that keeps you questioning, and pretty good acting. Something about it seemed put together weird, maybe it was just missing that extra something. It was still good and a great, even if predictable, ending.

April 30, 2010
We watched this movie in my French history class and I loved it. We also read a book about Martin Guerre, and it was extremely interesting. The whole concept and whole history surrounding Martin Guerre really intrigues me.

This movie was extremely well acted and the story was great. I definitely recommend it.
April 30, 2010
I had seen [i]The Wannsee Conference [/i]and [i]Fire[/i] once before. None of these blew me away, but it wasn't the hardest way to earn an A on my midterm. Although classroom desks and chairs suck to sit in for seven hours straight.

I need to find something to do. My life is definitely an online journal now :confused:
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