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Marilee A July 6, 2011
Shirley MacLaine steals the show as Dell, a Jean's & Cowboy Boots wearing, Annie Oakley-esque Gunslinging woman who also is as comfortable in a frilly gown. She has her choice of her two rival leading men, Glenn Ford as Jason Sweet, the unwelcome Sheepman, & Leslie Nielsen as Col.Bedford, the towns most prominent Cattle Hearder.The Overbearing Jason Sweet sets up his herd of Sheep to graze in Cattle Country, that doesn't set well with the town, who is under the influence of Col.Bedford, & they trick him & drive him out of town on the rails, but Sweet comes back.Hired gunman are brought in, & there is a Gunfight & Dell & an Old Man are his only help, but Sweet isn't a man you can get rid of, & he gets the girl too.Fairly predictable, but entertaining.
jam233 jam233 ½ January 2, 2010
Although I am not a huge fan of westerns, this one is quite good. Glenn Ford westerns are most always good. The touches of comedy throughout is a plus and make it very entertaining. Well above average oater.
Jeremy C ½ August 27, 2013
yep ... Ford and McLaine .... whaddya want ?
horse c. horse c. ½ February 23, 2013
OK Western with a humourous mix
Dave J Dave J July 5, 2012
Thursday, July 5, 2012

(1958) The Sheepman

Glenn Ford stars as Jason whose labelled as "The Sheepman" whose trying to make attempts to make a living out in a strictly cattle town and of course expecting some very strong opposition. The movie also stars Shirley MacLaine and Leslie Nielson(The Naked Gun). It's well photographed, characters are well developed and is well technocolored.

3 out of 4
Kevin T April 21, 2011
This is a great comedy western which rarely appears on TV these days. It features Glenn Ford who was a leading box office star of the period at the peak of his powers. The first reel is one of the funniest that you will see in a Western outside of Blazing Saddles. Ford plays Jason Sweet a gun toting cowboy who arrives in a cattle town with a herd of sheep that he has won in a game of poker. He soon realises that the town is run by an old buddy of his (a very young Leslie Nielsen) who was responsible for the murder of Sweet's wife several years before and who plans to run the Sheepman out of town. The scene is set for a gunfight showdown. The film features a host of hollywood character actors of the period including Edgar Buchanan playing the "cracker barrel philisopher" as Sweet describes him. If you throw in a very glamorous Shirley MacLaine as the leading lady you have all the ingredients for a fun 90 minutes.
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