Awards Tour: Golden Globe Awards Winners


The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards announced their film nominations for the 2010 movie year at 5am this morning. Winners will be announced on television Sunday, January 16th. Back to Article


Linda B.

Linda Burke

Kind of sad to see "Let Me In" left out...

Toy Story is a sure bet for best animated picture, and should have probably been nominated for best picture period.

I would get rid of "Depsicable Me" entirely--everybody said it was just "okay", but I found it unbearable.

Dec 14 - 06:43 PM

Andrew K.

Andrew Klonower

The tourist. What a joke

Dec 14 - 06:47 PM


Raul M

LOL @ "The Tourist" being nominated.

Dec 14 - 06:51 PM

Scott Love

Luke Simpson

Wow. Clearly "the critics" and the Globers are two different camps.

Dec 14 - 06:54 PM

Kelsey G.

Kelsey Grill

Okay, I am happy with the Best Drama, Best Actor Drama, and Director but come on. The Tourist! I haven't seen it but have read reviews and it has a 20% approval rating. I heard the actors had no chemistry and were the worst performances by Depp and probably Jolie in years. Also it isn't even a comedy. It was labeled as Mystery/suspense and drama. Also There are so many other movies that were good comedies that I heard nothing but praise about. Honestly I am not upset about DiCaprio not getting anything because I wasn't expecting it. I am glad to see Jesse and Andrew Garfield though. They were amazing. Also Go David Fincher! Your films are amazing!

Dec 14 - 07:35 PM


Jon Jonson

The comedy/musical section is ridiculous. It's also a shame not to see Mother being nominated for foreign film.

Dec 14 - 07:56 PM


Jon Jonson


Dec 14 - 07:59 PM

Luis  F.

Luis Flores

the golden globes are lame anyway the oscars are where its at

Dec 14 - 08:27 PM

Saba N.

Saba Nayagam

INCEPTION should Win

Dec 14 - 08:31 PM

Bye bye

Steven Bailey

I haven't even seen True Grit yet, but I'm pretty sure it should've been nominated just based on who directed it.

Dec 14 - 08:35 PM

Jorge C.

Jorge Cossio

Agreed. The Film looks amazing. Can't wait.

Dec 15 - 11:40 PM

Critique Threatt

Brian R

So terrible. How could the globes nominate a crappy picture like Burlesque? Makes me wanna puke.

Dec 14 - 08:58 PM

rocky k.

rocky kumar

It's surprise to see leo did not get the nomination but happy for james franco.He deserves it.

Dec 14 - 09:19 PM


Jonathan Schwarzbach

Well, essentially every nomination within Musical/Comedy category as a whole (picture, acting, etc) is a joke--moreso than usual from Golden Globes. They seriously need to reconsider the requirement of one actual musical (aka Burlesque? Really?), especially if The Tourist and all other nominations count as a Comedy (outside of ...Alright, the sure winner in all regards).

I'm very glad Aronofsky is getting his due credits, but I'm still a little peeved that it's for Black Swan, as opposed to the three other films which surpassed it magnificently--the film is more on par with Pi, in my humble opinion. Still, it'd be great to see my favorite director win, he's far too underrated when it comes to accolades and recognition.

And don't crucify me, but...sigh, I'd prefer Inception not win anything, but I don't want to start an argument, that's just my lowly opinion.

Dec 14 - 09:23 PM

jay z.

jay groon

Black Swan was Aronofsky's best directed film to date. It is far more diverse in nature when compared to his other inner city settings in Requiem or Pi, or intimate portraits like The Wrestler.

Black Swan is a rare breed and he pulled off a mixture of incredibly tense atmospshere throughout and great storytelling through camera shots and angles on the actors, namely Natalie Portman.

Plus the ending was PERFECT. Everything starts to speed up and unravel so fast and then BAM! She turns into the "Black Swan" as the crescendo hits in the score(which is also marvelous).

I rank them:

Black Swan
The Wrestler
The Fountain (have not seen it, dont really care to.)

Jan 18 - 05:26 PM

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