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½ December 20, 2006
So bad I have not enough words to describe it. I can nitpick as a fan of the video game how this live action version fails and I can tear it apart as a film fan, but why bother. You can either avoid this film like a plague of fungus, or you can watch it over a few beers and laugh your ass off at its awfulness.
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June 29, 2009
So could this be one of the worst films ever made?? yep we have a contender. Huge on hype and anticipation but hugely sole destroying upon release. Its hard to comprehend what the creators of this film were looking to achieve, the style, looks, soundtrack, plot, basically any links to the classic legendary videogame are none existent.

The main issue with this film is the blatant fact it has NOTHING to do with the classic videogame. Apart from the two leads and the villain there is zero here to please anyone unless you have a metal and dinosaur fetish. True Hoskins does look wonderfully like 'Mario' in his red n blue jumpsuit and I did quite like the sliminess of Hopper as 'Koopa' but that's as far as it goes.

The whole thing is just so damn odd, its a corny thing to say but its basically 'Mad Max' 'Highlander II' and 'Blade Runner' styled futuristic visuals aimed at children but utter nonsense. I guess this could be forgiven if the visuals were good or original but its all so ugly and scrappy looking. As if no one could really be too bothered so they just tossed a load of sparking metal, badly dressed extras and the most bizarre designed cars I've ever seen...everywhere.

Nothing really makes much sense in any way whatsoever, sure its a kids film and 'Mario Bros' isn't a stern reality based concept but some of the decisions in this film!. The effects of course are horribly dated now which you can't poke fun at really but geez its nasty!. Early CGI effects, terrible stunts with obvious wire work, awful costumes, the fungus king and awful hairstyles...yet the dino model/puppet of 'Yoshi' looks good and moves quite nicely.

It really does feel as if the bigwigs had gotten halfway through making one film and suddenly decided to turn it into a Mario film for kids. Just take the tonne of crappy looking junk they already had going and stick in some very loose references to Nintendo's big franchise and voila! instant Mario Bros movie hurrah!. I really believe this was the set of 'Lawnmower Man 2' transformed at the eleventh hour, and they still fudged that up too.

Its not too often that a film is really so bad, really its not!! and this was suppose to be a blockbuster and franchise builder!. Sure there are bad films but this is really really quite terrible in all areas with virtually nothing to save its ass. I did quite like the use of the old Nintendo Super Scope 6. But was that a clever little easter egg wink/nod for the legion of NES/SNES players or did they really think they could fool everyone into thinking it was a proper purpose build prop?. I'll let you decide.
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½ March 5, 2012
Oh god this film... This film was every one of these actor's low points in their carrer's. From the second I was told there was a Super Mario Brothers movie, I knew it was going to be bad, but I wasent expecting it to be this bad. I should start off by saying the film was narrarated by Homer Simpson. I then new this would be the cheesiest thing EVER. Then it wasent til later in the film I was like, 'Wait, is that... no, that cant be Dennis Hopper!' but saddly it's true. Bob Hoskins as Mario, Hopper as King Koopa and MOJO NIXON AS TOAD!!! COME ON! What's sad is you know they wanted to make a sequal to this and thank the beard of Zeus they didnt! They didnt include Peach, Wario, Donkey Kong or even the main bad guy BOWSER! Please avoid this film at all cost, for your own sake... I can never get those 114 minutes of my life back...
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½ November 13, 2011
One of the first awful video game to screen adaptation. This adaptation of the popular video game franchise, Super Mario Bros. To say that this film is trash is an understatement. This film is poorly constructed; everything about it seems out of place, poorly conceived, sloppy and lazy. I really don't know if Super Mario brothers could have been a good idea for a good film. But by having seen this film, evidently not. I saw it when it came out, and hated it back then, hate it now. This film is a poor waste of celluloid and money. If this film would have been made today, it probably would have been directed by Uwe Boll, famed awful director of awful video game to screen adaptations. This films awful plot is decorated with lavish special effects, and unfortunately, it doesn't redeem this horrid film. The cast are terrible in their parts and it sinks the film even further. Sure, the idea of making a film based on the Mario Bros could have been cool, but this film is simply poorly executed. If you haven't seen this film, and are considering it, don't. This film is a waste of time. Stick with playing the classic video game, as it's far superior to this trash. Super Mario Bros was simply filmed to make a quick buck, and this film stands as a testament as no matter what kind of crap the studios greenlight, no matter how awful it is, the audience will go see. Luckily, this film sucks big time, and is a total waste. Avoid this if you haven't seen it. You'll be glad you did.
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½ October 19, 2011
How did we get this out of a simple video game about an italian plumber who has to fight monsters in order to save the princess. It really shouldn't have been that hard to adapt. Mario and Luigi aren't even brothers in the movie. The film's sets are completely ripped off from Blade Runner and the plot is incomprehensible. If a Super Mario Bros. movie were to be re-done, please just make it an animated movie. I think it would work out a lot better that way. This movie is one of the worst video game adaptations of all time, and that is truly saying something.
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½ February 28, 2011
Super Mario Bros is a terrible movie, it was one of the worst f#cking things that I have ever had to experience. The plot is so god awful and boring and ruined the video game so much that it mnade me sick to my stomach. The cast was horrible, what the hell were they thinking. This movie nbeeds to be destroyed and never be heard from again, I hate this movie.
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½ June 23, 2010
There are some charming aspects to the film; but the target audience is in dire question.
It strays too far from the original game to be embraced by the nostalgia of the grown-up gaming community.
The premise is silly enough to be tailored to children, but thats not at all what was done.
It may be worthwhile just seeing the amazing cast (Samantha Mathis, Dennis Hopper, Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo) perform in their all-time career lows.
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½ January 25, 2011
I actually have not a whole lot of issues with this. Sure, it's got that bizarre 90s feel to it with outrageous colors and camera angles, but that's part of why it's so believable as a video game movie. Both Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo do Mario and Luigi proud, being almost exact representations of the beloved characters. You should know what you're getting into when you see this, it's very over the top and nutty.
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½ October 1, 2010
The Super Mario Brothers live action film is a complete fail! I hate this film so much that I have come to love it. Every moment of this film was shot to make an audience smile at how laughably stupid it is. If you want to make a Super Mario film, then make a Super Mario film, not this! This is a disgrace to video game films!
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August 23, 2010
Super Mario Bros. is so bad, it's good! A must-see for fans of the video games! It just depends on your mood while watching it.
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½ May 30, 2010
Burn the f**king tape. Don't ever see this film, unless you're feeling suicidal or if you dream about having intercourse with Mario. Only totally idiotic die-hards should see this, or maybe stupid children.

This is mind-numbingly bad video-torture. The main characters don't even RESEMBLE the original video game stars, so this shouldn't even have the word Mario associated with it. It should just be called Super Brothers. Or maybe just Brothers, since the production has absolutely nothing 'Super' about it. Also with the aforementioned lack of resemblance of the real characters, it's debatable if the film versions of Mario and Luigi are at all related. This movie may be better suited to remain nameless, but I don't agree. I have a good name for this: D-F-B. (Which stands for Dia-F**king-Bolical.)
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June 14, 2007
Craptacular movie which was barely anything like the videogame! Made on a cheapo budget, they made too many compromises from the source material. The movie's setting was a dank sewer and a dirty steel mill, unlike the bright and colorful block kingdom the game existed in. Bob Hoskins was perfectly cast as Mario; totally huggable. But what the hell were they thinking when they cast John Leguizamo as Luigi?? Luigi is meant to be Mario's older brother with a moustache, not some goofy kid. Princess Daisy was a beautiful addition to the movie. Dennis Hopper was great acting as King Koopa, but looked nothing like the ten-foot tall dragon in the game. They got the Goombas all wrong with their big bodies and little heads. And where were the turtle enemies which every level of the videogame had? The Mushroom King was goopy and disgusting. Yoshi was cute, but too small for Mario to ride on. The "Super" aspect of the game with them grabbing a mushroom and growing giant-sized wasn't covered. Mario and Luigi could only jump high with special power-boots. Lame. They took a fun fantasy platform game and turned it into an ugly wreck. Gosh this movie was totally disappointing. Terrible movie done hastily to cash in on the Nintendo game craze of the time. Jeez, they should've done a "Donkey Kong" movie at a New York construction site instead. Forget Super Mario Bros. unless you want to host a bad movie night.
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August 15, 2009
I don't see how anybody who is familiar with the Super Mario Bros. video games could like this movie. I grew up playing the games, so I was anticipating to see this movie more than I was just about any other. While I was watching it, I found out that it is not at all inspired from the video games except for that it got the characters' names from it. In the video game, King Koopa (Bowser) is not a human, Mario and Luigi do not get kidnapped by cops, and King Koopa is not dying to have a necklace. That is not all that's wrong with the movie. You can tell all the dinosaurs are fake, its plot is not interesting, and it's not funny when it tries to be.
If you're a fan of the Super Mario Bros. video games and you know them well, you will be majorly disappointed with this movie. It won't be what you expect it to be. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. The Mario series of video games is the best series ever, but this movie is the worst VG movie I've seen.
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½ March 26, 2008
"The Goombas are dancing again.
- Deal with it!"

A live-action big budget movie (48 million USD) about the most successful videogame of all time. Back in '93, the filmmakers thought that nothing could go wrong! Guess again...

Seriously, "Super Mario Bros" has got to be the biggest disappointment for all videogamers. The film is a total disaster in every way you can imagine.

The story is awful, but hey, the videogames with Mario have never been that creative. But the set design is probably the worst you could ever imagine. Where the hell did all the money go? The film's got Bob Hoskins (Mario), John Leguizamo (Luigi) and Dennis Hopper (Koopa) but they're not the kind of actors that would get millions for their roles.

And after seeing the movie (now for a second time, 15 years between) the actors and every one involved with the movie should be soooo very much ashamed of the outcome of their work. And so should all the persons who saw the movie and liked it...
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½ January 22, 2007
As horrible as it is, I find it charming and fun to watch. lol Don't judge me too harshly. :)
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½ March 3, 2008
Uh, what the hell was that and why did it have the words Mario Bros. in the title?
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½ November 27, 2007
It's a big and incrediably fun action-adventure. Loaded with big laughs and bigger action. Great thrills and speacial effects. Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo are an awsome team.
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October 11, 2007
I thought I loved it...till I bought it, and tried to watch it twice...each from the spot I left off at, and still couldn't bring myself to finish it, then sold it for peanuts.
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July 1, 2007
Quite funny, bit of a cross-over of the game into the real world from what I remember.
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March 15, 2007
What on earth were they thinking??? Surely movie studios have better thing to do with their time?
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