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December 13, 2011
Not as good as the book, which was probably the best of the whole Alfred Hitchcock and the 3 investigators series - but still a good movie - this book seemed to be ahead of its time -
½ May 31, 2012
I was a big fan of these books as a kid and even though it wasn't very true to the book, I really enjoyed this film. I've since loaned it to a few friends with kids under 12 and they REALLY loved it. It's too bad this movie hasn't received much press or promotion because it's really a lot of fun. Take a chance I think you'll be surprised.
February 26, 2012
I love the three investigators mystery because it has what I like and this incredible
and because hidden secrets will be discovered soon
September 7, 2010
Reading earlier reviews I deduce that "T3I and the Secret of Terror Castle" does not meet their expectation. We easily understood that because this movie is really targeted to adolescent and below. If I was that age I would probably truly enjoy the movie but only if I haven't read the book yet. Kids would easily enjoy this movie because it's cool enough, such as the castle.

I was afraid to watch this movie for the reason that it would tarnish my good memory of Three Investigators and it prove to be true. When I was reading the book I always feel fascinated, the location, the characters it seems just magical. Watching the movie, it seems that it is a different world from the one in the book.

As I said that it would entertain many kids which just watching it now and never had reading the book before, we adults that enticed to watch it in which we demand something else than those kids will be disappointed. We adults hope to see interesting and eccentric characters and dialogs, that cool accents from Jupiter Jones, more peculiar music soundtrack, and more magical-feel but normal-looking towns would not get what we want. We won't even entertained by the case which is the one most interesting thing why we want to read the next novel.

For young men don't miss this one for it is really rare this kind of movie around: Kids Detective that investigate peculiar case without an element of Action in which nowadays detective movie would always combined.
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