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This is probably the ugliest movie Spielberg's ever made.

December 21, 2011 Full Review Source: Las Vegas Weekly | Comments (9)
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Noah Abraham G.

Noah Abraham Goucher

You know... I haven't SEEN Schindler's List yet, nor have I seen Saving Private Ryan... But I'm pretty sure images of brutal genocide and warfare can be considered far uglier than this film. If you think motion capture looks uglier than blood, gore, innocent civilians getting starved, etc... There is something wrong with you.

Dec 21 - 09:41 PM

Bram S.

Bram Sterling

Haven't we heard this before?
And what's with the 2/5?

Dec 21 - 10:57 PM

Mark McKinney

Mark McKinney

Josh.. you're crazy. Ugliest? really? The movie is beautifully animated with a rich color palette, imaginative transitions, and sleek action sequences. I'm not always one for motion-capture but in this film it works well giving just enough charicature distortion to not confuse real from animated. You want some ugly looking Spielberg movies try "1941" or "Sugarland Express". I think your magazine owes you some glasses as a Christmas bonus.

Dec 22 - 12:28 AM


Gustavo H. Razera

Sugarland Express is beautifully shot. Not sure what you're talking about there.

Dec 22 - 04:21 AM


Franck Jorio

You probably haven't seen 1941

Dec 22 - 03:53 AM

G Louis

Gaston Marty

You may have a point, but Tintin still makes "1941" look like Gwyneth Palthrow in comparison...

Except for "Jaws", which is a real masterpiece (for which I suspect he had a lot of help for its numerous and stunning qualities, being a not-so famous young director back then), I think Spielberg is generally a very poor director (one of his worst being the contemptible sentimental crap of "Empire of the Sun")...

Even "The terminal" struck a lot of wrong notes, despite being interesting, and the ending is more of a meaningless downer than anything else (except for someone of Spielberg's age, who thinks music ranks above everything else: Curious why it is often such noisy crap in his films)...

"Tintin" is probably the worst garbage I have seen any mainstream director do, ever, and knowing the original material well makes it far, far worse... I view him, and his previously estimable acolyte "Sir" Peter Jackson, as nothing more than a pair of dangerous felons now.


Dec 30 - 09:40 PM


Cherry Pop

Can you PLEASE stop it?

Jan 6 - 02:00 PM

Harry Ravenwood

Zuhairi Harry Ravenwood

And you have the ugliest face on earth. I mean really, you are so ugly that Rotten Tomatoes wouldn't let you upload a picture of yourself there...

Dec 22 - 05:57 AM

Niall Browne

Niall Browne


Dec 22 - 07:51 AM

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