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½ December 16, 2015
How is it possible that this film has just 3 votes 3 years after release? This is simply the best animation I have ever seen with one spectacular chase scene in particular which was breathtaking. Steven Spielberg directed this film so perhaps it is no surprise. Those who grew up with Tintin books in particular will appreciate seeing their childhood hero coming to life on the big screen but I believe it stands up well to those unfamiliar with the books as well. This film introduces us nicely to most of the series' main characters. Well worth watching and suitable for nearly all ages.
½ January 6, 2012
This was definitely a cute movie! The animation was spectacular and the characters loveable.
½ December 31, 2011
The movie is just very well done all around. Although it has it's forcing fun moments, it is still the best Spielberg movie in a while
November 13, 2015
interesting animation with good action tintin is something different
November 12, 2015
Reminds me of the comics.
November 3, 2012
An Indiana Jones flick in spirit, 'The Adventures of Tintin' is a gorgeously animated adventure that should please all age groups.
October 22, 2015
As fun as it looks on the surface, "The Adventures of Tintin" is utterly forgettable.
April 19, 2015
I think this is one of Spieldberg's most underrated films
April 16, 2013
Now THIS is what Crystal Skull should've been: a pure adventure yarn, told with great visual care and extremely likable characters. The animation is stunning, the best motion capture yet, giving Spielberg the opportunity to do things he couldn't do in live-action and providing some of the greatest action set-pieces in years...and maybe ever. A fabulously old-fashioned and sorely underrated film that's about as fun as a movie gets.
October 5, 2015
If someone "rotten"-ed this movie, then I don't know if you should trust their reviews. Tintin is a Hergé classic, and with Spielberg's directing, it really doesn't matter if he didn't break new ground or not!! The film is EXACTLY like the books - character style to the city he lived. Even the opening title was one of the comics! On the wall of Tintin's office you could see his adventures on newspaper articles from his other comics before he met the drunk captain. The voice of Tintin sounded like the tv classic and the music was professionally done. All major characters were presented, as they should, and the movie followed the comics till the very end. You can tell Spielberg is a Tintin fanatic!
September 24, 2015
The best of Tin Tin. i hope the second part.
September 18, 2015
WHAT I LIKED: It really does capture the magic of the comics, so is fast paced, exciting and the graphics are excellent. Plus that soundtrack just adds to the drama...
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Just like the comics, it might also be a little hard to follow (especially for youngsters) and the characters don't get as much attention as the action does.
VERDICT: A fast-paced thrill ride well worth a watch, especially for the original Tintin fans. It's a great bit of fun from Spielberg.
September 6, 2015
With a very clever story,edge of your seat action scenes,and comic relief. Tintin is a total Golden Globe winning success. Review by Logan Cornn.
½ February 20, 2012
A beautiful looking film, but I never really 100% got swept away by the plot.
October 12, 2012
This movie doesn't stick in your mind, nothing extremely memorable or hilarious, but it's simplicity and charm is what really makes this movie enjoyable, as well as some of the most interesting characters a movie can produce.
½ August 18, 2012
Fantastic CGI and marvellous casting of great characters make this tale of the original tomb raider a joy.
August 9, 2015
A dark and thrilling version of The Polar Express.
½ August 9, 2015
It was good but it was kinda boring
August 8, 2015
This movie is magnificent, State of the art special effects we've yet to see replicated in any film brought this all inspiring adventure of Tintin to life. The animation in this movie was incredible and at times objects or environments felt life like, and the characters were hilarious and entertaining. Steven Spielberg has done amazingly well with his animation directorial debut and I can't wait for a sequel. If you are a fan of Indiana Jones or the Uncharted games then this is the movie for you.
½ October 12, 2012
Entertaining, fun, and stirring, The Adventures of Tintin is a terrific animated adventure from Steven Spielberg
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