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The Adventures of Tintin Reviews

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December 25, 2011
I really am over Steven Spielberg. What was the last good movie he made? Let me see... could it have been Munich, back in 2006. I don't know. I haven't sat down and watched it in almost as many years as have lapsed. If that doesn't hold up for me upon second viewing, what then? The Terminal. Yes, the Terminal was solid entertainment and also contained a sweet love story. But at the rate Mr. Spielberg's movies are dropping off my list of favorites, I don't hold out much hope for even that little film.

As for his latest endeavor, The Adventures of Tintin, Spielberg has once again fallen flat. But this time I've taken it somewhat personally. Unlike most audience members, I was made aware of Herge's globe trotting adventure finding sleuth reporter at a rather young age. At the perfect age, I must say (around 12 or 13). Although I was never privy to the comic strip, there was an animated television series that sufficed and through the medium of motion picture (albeit on a small screen) I became infatuated with this young frolicsome finder of fortunes. The Tin Tin I knew was a living, breathing being. He had character and was surrounded by wonderfully wacky counterparts. This Tin Tin was dull and seemed more two dimensional then the simplistic hand drawn animation I grew up with.

I do not fault the actor, Jamie Bell (Billy Eliot) for his portrayal. I think he did a marvelous job with what he was given. Yes, there could have been a little more life in the character, but I find that the problem lies with the director who could have easily suggested a little more intensity beneath his calm and cool demeanor. We must also lay blame on the writing team of Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish who find that we really don't need any kind of proper introduction to the character, but assumes that simply by laying eyes on the face of this computer animated boy wonder that we'd have all the information we need to get started on this journey.

No, no. I'm not saying give us back story. I'm sick of back stories, what with all these blasted superhero flicks that are being expectorated into existence, one after the other, I'm glad that we did not start with baby Tin Tin and meteorite that plotzed on his head, or however superheros are given their abilities. No, Tin Tin is very human, if not somewhat exceptionally so. What I would have liked was a little more characters development and not whiz-banging it rot off the get-go.

The only time I felt that there was any real interest to be had in the picture was when we are introduced to captain Archibold Haddock (Andy Serkis). Perhaps it was simply the expectation of what Serkis would bring to the role which got my timbers-a-shiverin'. Alas, he becomes as boring as the rest of the group and I am left to gasp for cinematic air. This is a real shocker since Andy Serkis is one of the more interesting actors in movies today, behind and before the CGI, which begs the question to be asked: was it really the actors fault, or was Stevie too busy playing with his new fangled toys and trying to keep the audience from boredom that he forgot about the most important element of any story: the characters.

I could get into the plot (in fact, that's all there is in this film), but why bother. It's not a bad plot. It is the basis for a rather exciting movie, one would think. But not for me. Tin Tin always keeps you watching simply to see what dazzling set piece is going to come next, but that is not enough to keep my active interest. I've realized that I needn't be so kind to films anymore (if I ever was in the first place). My reviews concern my appreciation or dislike for a particular picture and not for the team of designers which were behind its creation. For this, I give it a nearly passable rating, but not quite. It didn't serve me one bit and left something of a bad taste in this viewers movie palate which was thankfully cleansed by David Fincher. Now that's an odd pairing.
November 10, 2013
The animation was truly stunning! Sometimes I really couldn't believe how amazing it was visually. It was a good action adventure story also and definitely very family-friendly. Was worth watching even if the ending so blatantly plugs a sequel.
January 3, 2012
Su maestría visual hace recordar lo magnífico que puede ser el genero de aventuras.
May 30, 2014
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December 29, 2010
Really good, some great animation too.
May 27, 2014
One of more exciting films of Spielberg's recent output.
May 18, 2014
I never read the comics that this film was based on. Still, The Adventures of Tintin is a very entertaining film. It should appeal in the same way that 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' did.
April 26, 2011
So excited! Looks amazing.
May 9, 2014
Motion capture is quite interesting...
The final part of the film is just like watching a 007 movie. lol
May 1, 2014
Not even HALF as good as the comics. All slapstick and NO SUBSTANCE. Bad animation too.
January 20, 2013
Gracias a una animación híper-realista, una profundidad, intriga e interés al estilo de Sherlock Holmes, un humor al estilo del cómic del mismo nombre y una acción y adrenalina al estilo de 'En Busca del Arca Perdida', el filme es pura aventura.
September 12, 2008
Not as good the cartoon series but still Tintin (and that´s always awesome)
April 12, 2014
It takes talent to make a adaptation of Tintin (one of my favorite graphic novels), with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson (even the writing talent of Edgar Wright), this movie is spectacular. In my opinion, this was the best film of 2011. It is really faithful to the source material (story, theme, and story wise), the CGI animation is actually amazing, the directing from Spielberg is absolutely flawless. I love this movie, and if you're a fan of Tintin (like myself), you might love it too. It's adventurous, faithful, everything a Spielberg movie is, everything an adaptation should be, and everything a animated film should be. I would definitely recommend it to any fan of Tintin or Spielberg.
December 1, 2013
I have to admit that my initial reaction when I first heard that this movie was being made was "cartoony 3D and motion graphics? ...This is going to be terrible". It's not, though. It's absolutely STUNNING. Even if it hadn't been a fun action/adventure movie with an engaging plot, funny script and likeable characters I would have been entertained watching it solely for the VFX alone.
April 8, 2014
Tintin is the highest level of eye candy you will find in a movie. I wasn't fortunate enough to see it on the big screen, but wow, even on my TV it looks incredible. To make things even better, the story is adventurous and awesome, and the action and visuals are good enough to let you easily ignore any flaws that it has (very few).
April 8, 2014
Escenas imposibles, poco creibles y constantes "deus ex machinas", que te hacen soltar mas de un "si, hombre, y que mas..." durante todo el metraje.
April 5, 2014
"The action grows wearisome as it grinds on, and the film becomes a succession of dazzling set pieces devoid of simple feelings."
Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal
April 5, 2014
March 17, 2013
Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright, and Joe Cornish wrote a really bad script. It hurts to say that. Tin-Tin is a great character with so much potential, but the story lacks humor, intrigue, and is centered on some really poor character motivation (That whole ancestral feud angle was just dumb). Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig do great vocal work, but the soulless mo-cap performances are creepy and unpleasant to watch. Every major set piece (including the oft-praised single-shot car chase) falls into that Peter Jackson trap of extending an action sequence to such ridiculous extremes that it sacrifices all danger, stakes, or drama. This would have made a really fun video game.
March 30, 2014
This film is pure CGI, nothing more.
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