• R, 1 hr. 37 min.
  • Drama
  • Directed By:
    Jieho Lee
    In Theaters:
    Jan 25, 2008 Wide
    On DVD:
    May 6, 2008
  • ThinkFilm

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The Air I Breathe Reviews

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August 25, 2012
brendan frazer can act!
August 19, 2012
Some good moments but, as a whole, nothing special.
August 18, 2012
Four stories that collide into one. Well done for an indie movie - probably the best indie I've seen yet. The acting by all the major players (Whitaker, Fraser, Geller, Bacon and Garcia) was compelling. {I do need to admit here that Fraser and Geller are two of my favorites} The stories are short and connect in simple, subtle ways. The overall movie is a winning effort. It deserves the R-rating for violence.
June 27, 2012
Interesting for a while, but takes a complete nosedive toward the end. It is notable however that Brendan Fraser can actually act.
June 19, 2012
Wow ..i was amazed on this movie and the connection it had with the actors what a great movie

Super Reviewer

June 18, 2012
Four stories revolving around a gangster come together.
I have to quote Kyle Smith of the New York Post: "Brendan Fraser is Pleasure, Sarah Michelle Gellar is Sorrow, Kevin Bacon is Love, Forest Whitaker is Happiness, and the director is Pretension." What a hilariously true line. The film seems to want to say something profound, but I have no idea what it is. While most of the performances are fine, Brendan Fraser is grotesquely miscast. Playful and exuberant most times, Fraser is forced to adopt a stern, sullen, unaffected demeanor, and it doesn't suit him; in fact, I often hoped that he would break into a wide grin and exclaim "Just kidding" before doing cartwheels down a dark alley. Andy Garcia is bipolar, irrationally erupting into screams after delivering most of his lines in a menacing whisper, and whoever thought it original to name a gangster "Fingers" should lose a finger.
I did like how the film came together. It's not near the Altman Standard, but it's more clever than I was expecting. And I also liked the idea behind the Fraser character: just because one can see the future doesn't mean that one can change it.
Overall, the Post sums this film up best: it's remarkably pretentious.
March 20, 2009
A movie that gets better as it goes. I like stories that tie unrelated characters together. Brendan Fraser's character was extra cool.
April 25, 2012
When you got four stories in a movie, then it's important that they are all good, I found one of the stories worth fallowing, the rest was just to kill time. It's not the worst movie I have seen, but it won't end up on my must watch list. The movie got potential, maybe changing the plot a little and it would be a movie you watch because you want to, not because it the only dissent thing going on the TV.
April 15, 2012
I thought it was fantastic. Very reminiscent of Crash, although not as good. Amazing performances by everyone, but especially Whitaker. This movie really made me feel the emotion as they described each one.
July 12, 2009
I thought it was fantastic. Very reminiscent of Crash, although not as good. Amazing performances by everyone, but especially Whitaker. This movie really made me feel the emotion as they described each one.
September 1, 2011
A ripoff of Crash? Could be, but for some reason I thoroughly enjoyed and I loved the intertwining of the stories. It was quite gripping.
April 10, 2012
I really liked this movie alot.......
April 3, 2012
My full review coming soon.
April 19, 2008
No matter how stupid and idiotically pretentious it is. It isnt without it's charm. Kevin Bacon and Sarah Michelle Gellar are the only ones who show any sort of talent. And Forrest Whitaker is usually good but in this he was terrible, it's like he wasnt trying in this.
February 10, 2012
Josh jedan lepo upakovan, nerealni kenjac od amrichkog filma. Ovo pishem dok ga gledam...
February 8, 2012
i can understand why ppl dont like this movie but i enjoyed it. thought it was nice 2 watch.
January 24, 2012
I watched this film, very unusual, Julie Delpy has something of a cameo or small role in this film compared to many of her films.
January 23, 2012
The first sign of trouble for this movie is decent cast and absolutely no buzz. I never even heard of this movie until my hubby bought it for like $1 at a closing Blockbuster. However, the acting is great! Too bad the characters are one-dimensional and the story is contrived, lame and wannabe Tarantino/Crash/Robert Altman.

The four emotions or whatever that each protagonist is supposed to embody seems forced. Andy Garcia must have gone to the Joe Pesci and Al Pacino school of acting to prepare for this role. He was so over-the-top at times it was kind of humorous. Forest Whitaker spent most of the time sweating and Brendan Fraser was all broody. Poor Sarah Michelle Gellar was doing her best to propel herself from TV to film actress. She looked prettier than ever but the role just did not do her justice.

It was almost unbearable to listen to the characters give each other trite advice or spout one liners like, "The eyes are the windows to the soul." Really? If someone told me that in a non-humorous way, I would punch them in the face.

Your best bet is to skip this movie like everyone else.
January 19, 2012
Yet another done-to-death, serendipitous, connecting-the-dots kind of movie. Only reason I walked into this one is because of the names Kevin Bacon and Julie Delpy in the cast sheet, and their bit parts were over within the blink of an eye.

Apparently the movie is based on some kind of theory that life revolves around four emotional cornerstones - Happiness, Pleasure, Sorrow & Love. But the only thing the movie can take credit for is in taking the audience to the realms of a fifth one - BORED TO DEATH.
January 8, 2012
Me encantan las historias cruzadas. No es la más sólida de las tramas pero se rescata el juego de emociones humanas: un sólo error que conduce al final de una vida, alguien capaz de ver el futuro pero no cambiarlo, vidas vacías, destinos indescifrables y el hecho de que, a veces, las circunstancias parecen apiadarse de quien ha perdido mucho.
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