Why artificial web-shooters are better.

Aside from being faithful to the source material, artificial web-shooters are better because it makes no sense for Peter to be able to shoot webs out of his wrists. Why? Because if he could shoot webs out of his body, they would come from his ass just like real spiders.
Alex Maverick
12-21-2012 10:05 PM

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Movie Person

Movie Person

I don't particularly care that they tried to court hardcore fans (kinda like me) by using the artificial shooters, because their attempts at Nolanising the franchise killed what could have been a promising franchise. People talk about TASM being true to the comics, yet they at first tried to shoe-horn in a plot about Peter's parents not having died (or something stupid), and they didn't capture the essence of Spider-Man as well as Raimi could.

Jul 13 - 11:25 AM

Luke Christensen

Luke Christensen

I don't know why people tend to argue this so much: Raimi took some creative liberties with the Spider, and natural webbing was one of them.
The vast majority of Spider-Man incarnations show that Peter built the web-shooters.

Jul 7 - 12:47 AM

Chris Dynamo

Chris Dynamo

It doesn't matter, he got every single quality of a super enhanced spider except the one main thing that a spider's all about. Not being able to naturally shoot webs (it doesn't matter where from lol) is stupid.

Apr 30 - 08:00 PM

Andrew Elchert

Andrew Elchert

It wasn't from his body and Stan Lee even believes the shooters are better. It gives him a built in flaw besides his cocky tude. What if he runs out of webbing or his shooters are broken?! Well then he has to use his intelligence to get out of the jam. Critic reviews would have been much higher had the first trilogy never existed and consumer reviews would have stayed the same. In terms of movie comparison and following source material TASM hit a grand slam. Even the suit looked better. I can't wait for 2 and 3 and I sincerely hope they re-do venom and give him a spin off movie like I've been hearing.

May 11 - 12:05 AM

Luke Christensen

Luke Christensen

You realize that, originally, Spidey HAD artificial web shooters?

Jul 7 - 12:46 AM

John Tyler

J *

Sorry, but the built web shooters are better.

Mar 18 - 12:31 PM

Tony Stark

sam varma

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Feb 13 - 10:58 PM

Jeff P.

Jeff Walken

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Feb 27 - 11:57 AM

David Lo Pan

EntertainMeOrDie .

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Mar 23 - 09:15 PM

William Gallo

William Gallo

yeah its better with the wrist

Jan 13 - 01:52 PM

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