Review by Fr. Chris Carpenter

The reviewer calls this one of the 10 best film s of 2012.Really?
1.Life of Pi
2.Django Unchained
4.Silver Linings Playbook
5.The Master
6.The Avengers
7.Moonrise Kingdom
9.Zero Dark Thirty

That's my opinion on the top 10.As for Spidey, I can't see how it'd make top 20.
Gimhana Fernando
03-2-2013 12:12 AM

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Nine'e Cell III

Nine'e Cell III

A very refreshing feel-good movie that is always entertaining and compelling, even if sometimes it is sentimental and seems a bit vague about its purpose. If you are able to overlook its flaws, you will find it a captivating story of innocence and optimism.

Apr 3 - 11:56 AM

John Tyler

John *

Agree to disagree. I like this, Avengers, and TDKR all equally.

Mar 18 - 12:35 PM

Alex Maverick

Hipster Elitist Maverick

Why do you care what some random reviewer thought of some movie? Does it effect your life in any way whatsoever?

Mar 2 - 01:17 PM

David Lo Pan

EntertainMeOrDie .

Then why are you on a site devoted to movie critics?

Mar 23 - 09:14 PM

Gimhana Fernando

Gimhana Fernando

@ Alex Maverick
Well, you see, that's neither related to the board ( a simple fact to grasp being the theme) nor is an intelligent response.To your question, no it does not.You see what I did there?I gave my response straight and simple,WITHOUT the smart ass approach.Try it,helps to build mutual respect among community members.

@ EntertainMeOrDie

Is that to me or Alex Maverick?

Mar 25 - 07:09 AM

Jon Martin

Jon Martin

It was to Alex, but to emphasize, he's like that with everybody : dumb response with no coherence to the argument.

Mar 27 - 11:32 AM

David Lo Pan

EntertainMeOrDie .

Fuck you, you stupid cunthead cumfart.

May 3 - 08:31 PM

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