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I'm not going to give it away, but there's a final plot twist in this movie that is beyond absurd.

January 19, 2010 Full Review Source: At the Movies | Comments (44)
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Paul Counelis

It's wonderful. Artistic license affords a strange and jaw dropping moment.

Jan 20 - 03:45 AM

Cade C.

Cade Cleavelin

Absurd, as in "stupid and predictable and cliche", or "entirely unreasonable and unrealistic"?

Jan 20 - 05:08 AM

Kristopher Shafer

Kristopher Shafer

This critic doesn't even know. He is just angry because he's to stupid to understand faith.

Jan 21 - 02:14 AM

Ryan Hibbett

Ryan Hibbett

Comments about intelligence level, doesn't know the difference between to, too, and two.

Jul 8 - 08:27 AM

supeerior  g.

supeerior geinus

Comments about intelligence level. Ryan H. doesn't know what a comma splice or semi colon is. He also doesn't seem to understand that all sentences require a subject to be a sentence. Go easy on the trolling, Nostradamus.

Jul 24 - 10:46 AM

supeerior  g.

supeerior geinus

P.s, your, facebook picture, is disgusting. Please, work on, that. I can't tell whether, it's , your, dog; or you. - I think this sentence is more catered to your 15 year old understanding of grammar, and intelligence.

Jul 24 - 10:52 AM


dfhdh fhghfg

What's absurd isn't the twist, which people would have saw coming had they been paying attention, but the fact that this brilliant work of allegorical fiction is being critiqued according to standards that I feel would be more applicable had this been a straight up action-adventure-survival-shoot em up, which it isn't by a long shot. Granted I'm not surprised that people find this movies twist in particular to be absurd, my point is that focusing on the absurdity or non absurdity is missing the movies central theme entirely. Whether you are a religious person or not, whether the action that takes place in this movie is absurd or not for whatever the reason, the point is having a purpose in this life and believing in and following through on that purpose is the most difficult and important struggle that we absolutely must face at one point or another, whether we like it or not. Of course this can be seen as a very cliche "statement", but that can be said about a lot of "statements" when given the typical Hollywood treatment. IMO BoE is a very powerful and successful work of allegorical fiction.

Jan 20 - 05:33 PM

Orestes Rodriguez

Orestes Rodriguez

im with A.O Scott. i do like the movie but come on. he did a very poor acting as a blind man. throughout the whole movie

Dec 1 - 08:06 PM


Kelly Mastro

Loved it! you're absurd

Jan 24 - 07:41 PM

David C.

David Carter

Only absurd if you don't bELIeve.

Jan 25 - 12:07 PM

Debrah A.

Debrah Ammons

Making an absurb comment, now that's a choice.

Jan 25 - 08:26 PM

Kelly W.

Kelly Woodward

Is that what you said about The Passion of the Christ too, lol. I stopped at the word 'absurd' in your critique... because as other posters said, you completely missed the point and I can't imagine you had much more "insight" in your critique after that sentence.

Jan 26 - 12:38 AM


Jeremy Emily

You missed the main point of the movie. Last time i read your reviews.

Jan 26 - 07:27 AM

Armond White Sucks

Michael Baldelli

I guess you've never heard of The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi

Jan 26 - 02:59 PM

Logan M.

Logan Martin

just got two things to cover

1.The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi wasnt really blind.... if YOU payed attention to the end of not only the series but the movie made in 2003... he is exposed to not being really blind but making others believe that he was, giving him the advantage over his opponents.

2.I enjoyed this movie and understand the msg that the movie was getting at... but he is right (from my point of view) that the ending is beyond absurd...

Jan 27 - 02:50 AM

Justin Powers

Justin Powers

This film is a masterpiece. The character, "Eli", was protected and guided by God, the only God described in the King James Bible. You know, the most studied religous book on the entire planet? The God that this script was written about, and the same God that most Christians believe in, is believed to have the sovereign power to perform any miracle, including the simple task of protecting a blind man through a post-apocalyptic, dangerous journey. And how do you know that God didn't give him sight when he needed it most throughout the journey? That too is an unbelievably simple task for the Maker. This film is not meant to downgrade any other religion. If someone wants to make a film about the last Qur'an on Earth being guided by Allah, do it, and see what big name actor will endorse it or how many people show up to see it. Furthermore, If you atheists want to write a movie about whatever sacred book you study, being protected by a pink plastic flamingo, or whatever you worship, then do it! It will be as senseless and meaningless as your comments about this badass film. Oh wait, you can't because you have no sacred book or anything relevant to have faith in. The only reason for a non believer to bash this film is because it was, in fact, a great film, and you're just bummed that it was based on something that you are not emotionally invested in. Sorry mr. atheist, maybe one day someone will write an entertaining film about atheism, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. The Book of Eli, whether you like it or not, will eventually become a classic film that will be shared with many generations of Christians and nonbelievers alike. It might even convert a few more people than it has already.

Feb 13 - 12:56 PM

Theodore Knocke

Theodore Knocke

How is this movie pro-Christianity? This movie shows how religion can be good for society ONLY IF presented by the morally just Denzel. When Gary Oldman wanted the Bible, it was to have complete power, because that's all religion is, a way of controlling people. This movie is not pro-Christianity AT ALL!

Apr 30 - 08:50 AM

Leo Monteiro

Leo Monteiro

Religion is the opiate of the masses. But down your bible and pick up a science book, then take a history lesson on what religion has been used for; wars, hate, opression, greed.

Jun 9 - 11:12 PM

Ray H.

Ray Hutchins


Jan 27 - 04:29 PM

Jimmy S.

Jimmy Scheidler

This movie isn't necessarily intended for religious, or more specifically Christian viewers, yet this "absurd" plot twist simply adds to Eli's story and the task he was presented by God. It was common for God to choose those who had ailments that society would consider weak to display that all things are possible through him. Eli's blindness only adds to the great strength he was provided as an instrument of God.

Jan 29 - 09:36 PM

Marianne V.

Marianne Villanueva

I'm not religious; I enjoyed this movie. OK so maybe the twist at the end was absurd. There were a lot of other enjoyable parts in the movie, most especially the cinematography, the music, and the way the parts were cast.

Jan 29 - 10:09 PM

Luis C.

Luis Calex


Jan 30 - 02:19 AM

Emanuel M.

Emanuel Marquez

i will buy this movie so fuc$# it!!!! i love it.

Feb 1 - 09:59 AM


evan onstot

A.O.'s right. That was stupid. And to all you religious folks who say you don't have to be religious to really like this movie: yes, you do. It's preachy and it requires you to suspend intelligence.

Feb 2 - 01:42 PM

luther p.

luther palmer

Um, you don't have to be religious to enjoy the movie. I enjoyed The Green Mile although I do not believe that a huge Black man can suck the "bad" out of people.

You suspended your intelligence to watch that movie, buy why are you so unwilling to suspend your intelligence while watching this one? If you are a non-believer, then the movie is simply fictional.

Feb 2 - 02:34 PM

Carlos J.

Carlos Jager

The plot of the movie is pretty flawed. And the movie as a whole results boring.

What it is point of spreading the bible after judgement day, anyway?

Feb 3 - 02:49 PM

John B.

John Bonejuvi

to prove that its spread cannot be stopped regardless of the odds against it.

Feb 6 - 12:35 PM

Aaron S.

Aaron Shipley

There was no point in the movie that even implied the war that apparently occurred was Judgement Day as rendered by God. It was the work of man, so Judgment Day before God was apparently yet to arrive. The Holy Bible was preserved by a Eli, a Prophet of God, so that humans could rebuild the Earth guided by the word of the Lord.

Apr 16 - 01:57 PM


Lil Lil

You don't need to be religious to like this movie. I'm not religious and I liked this movie just fine. Its possible to be an atheist movie-goer and not get all huffy about a bit of religion. (Especially a bit of religion in a movie that obviously had a religious bent to it. It wasn't exactly surprising.)

When it comes right down to it, I went to see the Book of Eli hoping to be entertained and I was entertained. Good enough for me.

Feb 13 - 05:24 AM

Evren S.

Evren Seven

it's both predictable and unreasonable. I saw it coming, but thought, "nah, there's NO WAY they'll go there... that would be absurd..." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The movie was so awful, especially in light of the twist, that I stayed up until 3 AM after getting home at 10pm from the movie to make a giant list of everything that the twist directly contradicts. This is my first review/ comment, and I'm sure there's a "no spoilers" rule that will get this comment removed if I go any further.

Feb 8 - 08:58 AM

Francisco W.

Francisco Wells

There ought to be a rule against critics using the phrase "plot twist" in a review. I find I spend my time trying to figure it out rather than letting it hit me as a real twist without foreknowledge. In this case, I hadn't read the reviews ahead of time and found the twist not any more absurd than the rest of the film, or equally plausible depending on your point of view. If in fact this was a man on a true mission from an almight being, there's nothing absurd about the turn at the end. Any more than rising from the dead after 3 days...

Feb 10 - 12:58 PM

Mark T.

Mark Turnbull

I can't believe how many of you critics miss the point of this unbelievably entertaining movie. Great cinematography, action, and story. You are an idiot. Who the hell hires you people? MSNBC? They are about the only crappy network that would.

Feb 22 - 02:27 AM

Fred F.

Fred Fisher

Absurd only if you don't put on your thinking cap. Too bad you missed the point. But, then, you're a critic, not a thinker.

Mar 7 - 07:15 PM

kaliver g.

kaliver g

I'm quite delighted by all the comments criticizing people for being put off by the utterly inane writing because there are some decent frames in the film.

Why have a script at all, then? You could spare the rest of us undue suffering by dropping it altogether and simply paste together a few pretty shots of the wasteland and call it a day.

May 17 - 05:02 PM

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