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January 11, 2013
Sort of like a plagiarized version of Ang Lee's 1997 classic, The Ice Storm or the fabulous 2008 TV series Swingtown...but not quite as good as either and with the set design and costuming waaaaaaay overdone.
½ November 16, 2013
This film is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's about the era of "swinging" and the neighbors who get together and find themselves in "the swing" and the aftermath of their actions. There is one particular group of neighbors who are the protagonists who love that lifestyle getting the others more and more into it until everything hits the fan and the fun is over after things go too far and how to deal with it in the standard of their time. Sex? Yep- group, gay and straight. Also amusing to see them amazed over condensed soup which is where the whole casserole craze seemed to come from, flying hair, and eyebrows on a tree and the nostalgic feel of the whole thing. Substance wise there isn't much there and you feel like a voyeur but nonetheless you compare their society's standards vs. current standards. It's hard to rate but overall the characters were so collectively unlikable that I just can't rate it higher.
½ January 13, 2013
The Casserole Club offers a bizarre, compelling, and ultimately fascinating ride through the outwardly pretty yet-horrific lives of "normal people". Come to see Daniela Sea in outfits that would make Cher blush, stay for the surprisingly deep analysis of suburban hell.
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