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½ February 26, 2014
The twisted minds behind the Saw series and The Collector are at it again. An ultra-stylish, bloody and heart-pounding edge of your seat thriller. It's loaded with more deaths and more insane ways to die, it's a horror fans dream come true. A sadistic mad-house of thrills and chills from start to finish.
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April 22, 2013
I don't mind gore. If gore is not your thing, though, do NOT watch this. This movie has lots. Very entertaining, and a good follow-up to the first one. It actually is better....and this one, as opposed to the first one, had a kick-ass ending! Makes all the difference in the world to me...
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September 26, 2012
I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first. The home invasion premise of the original was really cool and without it the movie would not have been enjoyable, which is exactly what happens here. There's more action, more characters, but a lot less tension and scary moments. It's just bigger, louder, and not as genuinely creepy. I do think The Collector is a good horror villain, but he isn't as scary in this one. I am glad that they never go into back story for him, though. Many script writers make that mistake and it makes the characters less scary when you know their motivations. I'm not saying I'm not interested, but please do not indulge me. I thought the new characters were pretty awful, as is typical for horror sequels, and the traps were mostly the same style of stuff. There's still too much gore, but I can handle it. I know others cannot. Even after all this, it was mildly enjoyable, but an inferior sequel to what is becoming a cult classic horror film.
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½ March 28, 2013
This movie is strictly geared towards fans of horror movies who love blood and watching people die in crazy awesome ways. Kind of like the "Final Destination" series, only with a real bad guy. This is a sequel to "The Collector" and picks up right after that one. Here The Collector kidnaps a girl and takes her to hotel that he has transformed into a maze of just crazy torture devices and death traps. When the cops, along with his last victim that got away, come to rescue her they have a lot of fun in that building to put it nicely. The death scenes are great, and it even features one of the best mass death scenes in a night club ever. But, there is little plot, and the actors that actually star in this aren't that good. But then again, that's not why you would watch this movie. Better than the original, and leaves it open to a third movie, which I'm sure will get made. Check it out if you like horror movies, but if you don't or are squeamish, then stay away at all costs.
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½ March 6, 2013
Awesome horror movie, painful to watch at times and even made me jump. Love it!
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½ February 4, 2013
01/02/2013 (Online)
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December 13, 2012
The Collection is one of those sequels that simply builds on the first film, and reinvents the formula to create something special. This is the sequel to The Collector, and features the titular character doing what he does best, collects bodies. This is a fun, entertaining splatter fest that will surely appeal to fans of the original, and this is just as good in terms of a good mindless horror yarn. In terms of original ideas, the film really is a refreshing take on what the first one did, and expands on the story. This is a very entertaining film that will surely delight horror fans. The film has everything that made the first one so much fun. This is a disturbing, twisted ride that has enough tricks up its sleeves to make it a worthwhile second feature. The gore and traps are the standouts of this film, and aside from the Saw films, The Collector along with this sequel are the best in the Torture Porn genre. This is one of those films that will only appeal to fans of said genre, as really this isn't for the faint of heart. Although it doesn't reinvent the genre entirely, there are still plenty of good ideas on-screen to make The Collection a good film to watch. Fans will love this one and The Collector is as twisted as ever as he is know a serial killer and hunted down by the authorities. Director Michael Dunstan does a good with this entry and though it has its faults, this is an exercise in demented horror that pays off due to its strong sense of visuals and kills that is a must for any demanding horror fan. The Collection is a good sequel that is on par with the original and delivers everything that you'd expect from this twisted series.
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November 10, 2012
The Collection starts off right where 2009's The Collector leaves off. The former was such a popular direct-to-video rental, that it's sequel actually wound up on the big screen, and how it avoided an NC-17 rating is beyond me. I've seen a ton of Horror movies, it's one of my favorite genres, so I can say, without hesitation that The Collection is one of the creepiest, goriest, and most clever Horror films I have ever seen. This crazed man in a mask is looking to collect certain types of people and if they pass his test, they can join his collection. If they fail, they become experiments in human suffering. In the first film, we see career criminal, Arkin O'Brien, fighting for his life. In the sequel, we see Arkin escape and lead a band of mercenaries back to the Collectors hideout, in order to rescue a captured rich girl. Of course once they get there, they find a maze of terror that rivals any film you've ever seen. I thought some of the machines in the Saw films were clever, but until you see this film, you haven't seen anything yet! How people come up with these things is beyond rational thought. Of all the ways to torture people, to come up with machines and techniques that exceed everything we've seen before is just sick...sick and very cool. The cast is the same as in every Horror movies, a bunch of dumb, no named actors, following a couple of smart people in order to stay alive as long as they can. What's special here is the story, the affects, and the level of depravity. The Collection is one of the most violent and gruesome Horror films to come along in years. It's the first step in the evolution of Horror that fans have been waiting for for years.
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½ March 31, 2013
The Collection is a supremely disappointing follow-up to its promising predecessor, The Collector. Wherein The Collector offered legitimate scares, had an excellent sense of tension, and was largely well executed, The Collection seemingly makes a parody of that.

The film starts absurd from the first scene, with a comically clichéd set up, and an increasingly absurd plot. The Collector's mechanisms are elaborate yet idiotic. His lair is an abandoned hotel seemingly in the middle of the city, populated with vagrants. The devices he utilizes seem to be a rip-off of the later Saw sequels, but with even less thought. In short, there is no element of realism to be found anywhere in the film in any way, shape, or form.

The actors are mostly bad, left to inhibit characters that are vacant of any substance, in a film devoid of wit, charm, or, especially, intelligence. It's not "so bad it's good", its "so bad its bad".

1.5/5 Stars
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September 19, 2012
Before "The Collection, there was "The Collector", a mostly tight-knit and grounded horror film with a more than interesting plot; a man (Josh Stewart) stealing from a family is caught in the middle of a killer's game of collecting his prey. Josh Stewart was fun to watch, there were heightened moments of violence and sex, and the entire film was memorable. "The Collection", however, might as well be a completely separate entity, as it shares none of the fascinating qualities of the first film and becomes just another completely forgettable cog in the machine of bad horror films. With a returning Josh Stewart, his character Arkin is forced back into The Collector's lair by a private task force looking to rescue a wealthy man's daughter. The Collector's warehouse is obviously booby trapped with drug crazed victims on chain leashes and mechanisms far too complicated to understand, and of course the team does no less than walking into every single trap set for them. What slightly redeems this film is another great turn by Josh Stewart, who makes this sequel his own, adding nicely to the female lead of this film, the short-haired Emma Fitzpatrick. With some interesting scenes mixed throughout including a pretty worthwhile ending of fire and breaking glass, the imagery could have always been worse. The Collector as a villain is intriguing but we're never privy to anything of interest, and are left to endure the senseless graphic violence that has dominated this genre since the introduction of "Hostel". With sequences like an entire dance club being demolished by some sort of combine blade and a man's face being impaled by a giant fish hook, one starts to question why we put ourselves through these situations and how a series that started off so well and so simple could become such a sloppy and forgettable mess.
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½ September 27, 2012
Fun but too far fetched. Again, how can someone set up so many traps so easily and so quickly? Despite this little plot hole, it's fun to watch so many people getting killed so quickly in 5 minutes. Definitely unpleasantly gleeful to watch, but not for everyone.
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December 21, 2012
The Collection is the sequel to the low budget, hated by critics and movie-goers alike, hard to watch The Collector, which couldn't even make $10 million at the box office. Yes, they made a sequel. Here's the thing: it wasn't horrible. Writer Marcus Dunstan is writer and director this time around. Maybe it's that he's just able to translate what he's written to screen more effectively, maybe he's developed more as a writer. I'd bet against the latter seeing as how he wrote/co-wrote every Saw from 4 on (the bad ones), and the Piranha movies.

Of all the victims of this serial killer, only one has escaped. He's convinced to go back into a trap-house designed by the killer in order to find a rich mans daughter who's also been captured and may still be alive. Blood and guts, blood and guts. Is she alive and will our hero and a team of mercenaries be able to rescue her and get out alive? Who cares (KNOWS!, who KNOWS!)?

The Collection is an unoriginal movie that somehow picks up at the end, making it a decent flick. The acting was bad, it was unoriginal and the dialogue was cheesy. The ending isn't very good, mind you, but it does save The Collection. I'd say it's more entertaining than anything.

It's NOT going to the theaters to watch. I'm hesitant to say ANYONE needs to see it. BUT fans of horror would probably find some entertainment value in The Collection.
August 26, 2014
It's been long enough since I've seen The Collector that it's hard for me to pick up on how much continuity there is between the two movies. The upshot is that I can state with a fair amount of assurance that even if you've never seen The Collector, The Collection stands just fine on its own.

I mean, there's really not a lot to get. The attempts at resistance here provide a nice respite from the typical slash-till-all-are-dead fare. And the setting provides for a nice variety in scenes.

Still, it's all little more than a shell to provide blood and guts on screen. Some of the acting performances are pretty good, others, well, it's a slasher/horror movie. What do you expect?

The one area that the acting should have been better is from The Collector himself. Just because he wears a mask at all times shouldn't mean you can stick anyone in there to get the proper effect. We can see mouths and eyes, and those mouths and eyes look like those of a 16-year-old kid with acne--a sensation increased by the way The Collector moves. It's not an inspiration for fear. And that is a problem. A big one. They needed someone who could carry the role, even while masked.

As an entry into the crowded torture-porn subgenre of horror, The Collection is an acceptable distraction, but it's not strong enough as a movie to be more than that.
½ April 27, 2014
Interesting film but way more violent that it needs to be. This film holds nothing back and is pretty fucked up and pretty disturbing to watch.
December 10, 2013
Because The Collector was so in need of a sequel...Eschews anything resembling plotting, or logic for that matter, and is instead a pure exercise in meaningless, gratuitous gore. That said, there is a certain style to said sadism at hand, not to mention a propulsive energy (the film proper is barely over an hour), but that's all there is to it.
November 2, 2013
I went in (as I always do) will little hope of this being good. I actually liked it and would say it's better than The Collector... It has the Saw feel, but is not at that level. If you love this type of movie, it's worth a watch.
September 23, 2013
Not for the faint of heart, but if you can handle a good scare you have to see this movie even if you didn't see the collector it is a joyous ride, if you own or saw the collector, this movie is even better. I would so love to see a third movie in this series. The writers of Saw 4,5,6,7 are great, but don't miss the genius behind the cinematography and the editing. This movie is a power punch of horror no matter how you look at it..
October 2, 2012
Finally a sequel to The Collector. The deaths were nice and gruesome and i liked how no reasoning for the madness is given.
½ August 11, 2013
this was 31 flavors of pure crapola and i don't feel like wasting my time explaining why. just do not see it for any reason unless you're a huge fan of the saw franchise, and i'm talking the later crappier sequels.
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