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August 9, 2010
Classic furry tale set in Spain for this wolfman fable and its not too bad for a different look and feel. Its classic 'Hammer' all the way of course, well spoken actors mixed with cockney Londoners haha very Spanish feel I assure you ;)
But its the look of the film which is really nice, yes the sets are obvious but they are also really well crafted, very lavish and colourful, really looks good.
The actual wolfman design is basic by todays standards and doesn't look too great but not that bad either, a silverish, white haired choice of the Classic Chaney look which isn't far from the new 'Wolfman' movie design. Blue eyed Reed plays the part as well as can be whilst his gruff looks do match the role nicely, other cast members are all as you would expect from 'Hammer', both theatrical and bold in their posing and speeches.

Plenty of red paint throughout the film as animals and people get their throats torn out, lots of screaming ladies in distress and an ending not far from 'Frankenstein', problem is the director spends too much time building the story and not leaving enough film time for wolfing around.
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November 21, 2007
Curse of the Werewolf started off in an unconventionally amazing way as it started with some gruesome territory involving rape, gruesome murder and other elements you wouldn't expect from a movie from the early 60s. I liked how it told an almost life story of a werewolf giving the curse more spiritual origins than mystical ones. Terence Fisher's direction is superb and as cool as the werewolf looked, the fact that you don't see him until the last 10 minutes of the movie was pretty dumb. The fresh take was a nice change but the lack of monster kind of ruined it. Not a bad watch but its been done better.
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November 1, 2008
oliver reed makes an awesome werewolf! altho the makeup is seriously bad :P
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July 29, 2010
The under-rated late Oliver Reed shines as Leon who's born into a life where he turns into a werewolf on a full moon. However the film is too much like any other werewolf movie, they all end the same way. Even the new film is too much like any of the originals. However, if you want a werewolf movie that actually ends different, then watch Wolf with Jack Nicolson.

Curse of the Werewolf could have at least had an happy ending since the being around his girlfriend when a full moon came out did stop him from changing. So why couldn't she have just approached him in the end, rather than us just getting yet other ending that involves a silver bullet ?
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May 22, 2009
Zzzzzzz? This movie is lame. The story is lame, the acting is lame, the makeup is lame. The film was set in Spain entirely for practical/budgetary reasons, which makes little sense, werewolves are creatures that seem rooted in northern Europe and England. There is no good reason for an English studio to go abroad when the some really cool forests are only a stone?s throw away? Spain is many things, but it doesn?t provoke anywhere near the atmosphere that the 1941 Wolfman was able to evoke by setting it on the moors (though it was probably shot on a soundstage). Rally, I?m beginning to think these hammer flicks aren?t worth my time. I thinking that these are just the sixties equivalents of the lame horror remakes we have to deal with today.
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½ January 12, 2008
½ October 4, 2013
Oliver Reed is the best thing in this one, but it's still engaging enough. My problem with it is it's lack of understanding of the Catholic faith. There's a baptism scene where the priests seem hesitant to go through with the ceremony because of the sudden winds and storms that are coming up all of a if it's a warning sign or something. But any real priest would not only never have any second thoughts about a baptism; if he felt there was a demonic force around, he would be all the more insistent on performing the baptism as soon as possible. It's weird how many movies will act as though priests, the very ones who are at the head of dealings with evil spirits, etc., are somehow cowards.
February 25, 2012
I believe this one was supposed to be a comedy. I mean how else does one explain the whole over the top origin story? A filthy beggar, a mute girl, and a disgusting Marques? Plus what the hell is the servant girl doing just floating in the pond? There is no transformation sequence, which is like totally lame. As is the whole born on Jesus' birthday as insult to heaven thing. Really makes Jesus look like a total crybaby jerk. I will give the movie some credit for the little boy with fangs at the window tho, that image should be more iconic than the furry Oliver Reed. Strange, very strange movie.
½ August 25, 2011
This one starts off innocuously enough, like an old fable of sorts, but then it spirals into a goofy story about forbidden love, silver bullets made of crucifixes, and too much wine. The great Oliver Reed gives his all in his performance as Leon Corledo, but the script is hopelessly shallow and the wolf makeup is god awful. The actual wolf scenes consist of a stuntman jumping from rooftop to rooftop on set. Sure the sets are ambitious, the costumes are probably period appropriate, and the dialogue is authentic. But ultimately, Hammer was phoning this one in. It's a tired exercise in the werewolf mythology and the end of the film comes with as little impact as possible.
February 2, 2009
Easily one of the most underrated horror films of all time. Wonderfully acted, paced, and directed. I love how they added a backstory on the typical werewolf story. It also helped with character development. But it really got exciting during the climax. Excellent horror film.
November 23, 2008
I have watched a lot, and I mean A LOT, of Hammer flicks. Hell, I probably own half of them. And aside from the prerequisite blood, there's generally a good effort at telling a story, not always following the original, but a story. Usually there is genuine feeling and emotion in the characters, whether good or bad, which make the movies worth watching more than once.

This movie has a greater than usual level of genuine love and sentimentality in it. Both romantic and familial. I found it odd, but refreshing. Hammer often makes us feel for the "monster" before he kills him off, but in this one we are encouraged to actually embrace and sympathize with him. This has something to do with the way Hammer tampered with the werewolf legend, pure fabrication if one can say that about an already fabricated legend.

Oliver Reed, a quite attractive man with that haunting light eyed- dark haired thing going on, "emoted" this role out of the park.

Overall a rather more multi-dimensional Hammer flick than I'm used to. Very enjoyable.
½ May 19, 2015
A strange rendition of the normal Werewolf myth, and a rather confusing one to follow at that. But it is interesting, and uses good monster-movie tropes. It does take a while to get started though, and the werewolf make-up isn't too exciting.
January 17, 2015
Hammer surely got it right when they chose Oliver Reed to play their only werewolf (judging by his subsequent notoriety). Rather than tackle the Universal Studios version of the story, however, Terrence Fisher and his team go for a different take on the legend. Here, lycanthropy has possibly genetic origins and we are treated to a nearly 45 minute preamble involving Reed's parents (mute servant girl and insane begging man) and his childhood (sneaking out to kill local goats). Apparently, being loved can keep the dark side at bay, but, unfortunately, Reed's true love is thwarted - but you expected that. Hammer's usual production values are present and Reed's anguish is clear but there is only really one scene with full-on werewolf make-up.
February 28, 2013
While not the greatest werewolf movie it was effective. Hammer and Universal team up. Yvonne Romaine certainly left her mark on the film.
½ February 15, 2013
Hammer films were the second generation color redux of each Universal horror monster classic with their own unique spin.
September 22, 2012
A great, classic werewolf film that's got a fantastic atmosphere and boasts a powerhouse performance from Oliver Reed as tortured soul Leon who is the cursed werewolf.
½ March 1, 2012
It certainly takes its time getting to the werewolf, but it is never really boring on the way there and the creature itself is pretty solid. The only werewolf movie that Hammer studios made, this might be a minor entry in both the worlds of werewolves and of Hammer, but it's a pretty good one.
July 25, 2010
Teilweise sehr absurde aber durchaus auch lustige und unterhaltsame Hammer Produktion. Hat mir gefallen.
½ June 18, 2010
Lon Chaney JR may hold claim to having played the most popular and recognisable Wolfman but for my money this Hammer series entry features my personal favorite, the brilliant Oliver reed... Its a lavish production with plenty of odd characters and sparkling dialouge which is befitting of most of Hammer horrors productions but Curse of the werewolf dosen't give its villian away so easily, in fact the most we see of the beast is right near the end and by then you just want to see a glimpse so bad that you'd take anything, even if he appeared like the old 40's version...

better still the final Wolfman we see is probably better and far more effective than Lon Chaneys yak haired monster...

I very much enjoyed Curse of the werewolf as the camp, over the top and gorey monster movie it is and it ranks high amongst my personal favorite werewolf movies!
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