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The Dark Knight is bound to haunt you long after you've told yourself, Aah, it's only a comic-book movie.

July 10, 2008 Full Review Source: TIME Magazine | Comments (23)
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Matt Smith

Time was severely underwhelmed by Begins. This is a good sign.

Jul 10 - 03:35 PM


Sean Pak

Coincidentally, the negative Time review for Batman Begins had this quote:

"Nolan's effort is not dishonorable, but what it needs, and doesn't have, is a Joker in the deck--some antic human antimatter to give it the giddy lift of perversity that a bunch of impersonal explosions, no matter how well managed, can't supply."

And what The Dark Knight literally provides is that "Joker in the deck." So of course Time likes this better.

Jul 10 - 08:24 PM


First Last

don't read this review it ruins everything.

Jul 10 - 03:35 PM


Andy D

thanks for the warning EmmG389, I almost read it.

Jul 10 - 06:11 PM


Russ Whittle

Good review, a spoiler or two slipped, no harm. Two things I can't wait for, this flick and the first idiot critic to dump on it...

Jul 10 - 03:36 PM


richard ormonde

anyone that doesnt want certain plot points spoiled should not read this review. says the usual stuff anyway. great film, ledgers majestic

Jul 10 - 03:49 PM

Dark Knight jr.

Kae LaFond

Ah, another great review. It seems TDK is just a half step away from masterpiece territory. Shoot!

Jul 10 - 04:15 PM


Mark Bartoszek

Yet another review that claims The Dark Knight was just short of a masterpiece until it started setting things up for a third installment. Damn!

Jul 10 - 04:21 PM


douglas milliken

"Transcends a schlock source"?

Has ANY critic ever READ the best of the comics?

No, of course not. Funny books, for children.

I think the last critic that would have gotten the comics at their best was Oscar Wilde, God rest his soul. Or H.G.Wells. Or C.S. Lewis. Maybe Chesterton. Not the likes of this guy.

But at least they like the movie. I guess that will have to do. None of them will ever really get it.

Jul 10 - 08:02 PM


Say My Name

yeah i skimmed this review full of spoilers what an ***

Jul 10 - 08:36 PM


Jared Mills

hey does anybody know whats the lowest review for this movie?

Jul 10 - 09:08 PM

Gerald Mohr

gerald Mohr

Agreed Dougyrdi. Its kind of funny that finally there's a Batman film that is much closer to the comic books than ever before and critics like this guy have to be sure to mention that it "transcends" the "shlock" of the source material. I think it's safe to assume he hasn't read any Batman comics before. He's too smart to read that trash. ;)

Jul 10 - 10:52 PM


Robert Stottlemyer

We just need more youthful critics instead of these old folcies that are slowly losing touch with todays standars in the media. They only relate to people over fifty.

Jul 11 - 07:58 AM

Max Taffey

Max Taffey

Good luck finding anyone under 30 that can string two coherent sentences together. By the way, what's a "folcie"?

Jul 12 - 06:47 AM


Robert Stottlemyer

It was a typo. I meant to spell fossil.

Jul 12 - 01:14 PM


nick conroy

I saw this movie last night and it was nothing short of amazing and heath ledger's joker burries jack nicholson's

Jul 11 - 08:46 AM


Sean Pak

Bobby, was that a shot at Corliss? Because he isn't a youthful critic by any means but he loved this movie. So why the complaint?

Jul 11 - 11:05 AM


Robert Stottlemyer

It wasn't really a shot at him, but others who are ignorant to todays standards. Maybe this wasn't the right place for my comment. My bad.

Jul 11 - 01:36 PM


Nick Anno

Guys, this is a terrific review -- Corliss is one of the better critics around, and this is one of the better reviews of TDK as well -- and the "spoilers" you read were nothing vivid enough to spoil the shock of the film's events. Both Corliss and Travers hint at some particular story-progressing happenings, but do so in a professional, very reasonable manner; and their intentions are solely to entice the reader and simultaneously transition into further/closing statements. I wouldn't believe for a second that the hundreds of RT users who've been religiously checking TDK's profile page for more reviews (as I have) haven't already read what is hinted at in Corliss and Travers' reviews elsewhere -- part of TDK's marketing campaign included advertising the death of a character, which neither Corliss or Travers reveal. (Eckhart himself even talked about it briefly while describing his descent into madness; i.e. his turn into Two-Face.)

Jul 11 - 11:11 AM


Geena Phillips

Overall, a decent review, Mr. Corliss, but regarding your "schlock source" comment: **** YOU.

Jul 12 - 11:54 AM

LZ Bebbi

Louis Bebbi

I appreciate Corliss' appreciation of the film but I agree with other posters that he has NO idea the film is based on several classic "comic book" stories and is thereby not transcending the material, but rather adapting it to the big screen. And Nolan certainly knows his source material better than this "knowledgeable" critic.

What is it with Time and Newsweek and their bias with anything adapted from the graphic media? Can't we have a review of the film without a backhanded remark.

Jul 12 - 02:30 PM


Miguel Gonzales

What's going on with the score keeping here on RT. If you click the Top Critics reviews for The Dark Knight you'll notice that it says the average review score is 7.8 as of 7/12/08. Yet MetaCritic has the exact same 5 reviews (Travers, Ansen,Corliss, Honeycutt, and Chang) in and it's current score is 94.

Apparently 100, 100, 100, 88, 80 averages out to 78? How does that make any sense? Or am I misinformed as to how this site works? Perhaps a 100 on MetaCritic is like a 90 here?

Great review By The Way. Corliss gave IronMan a 90 and TDK a 100. I loved IronMan ao I can only imagine how good TDK will be.

Jul 12 - 08:23 PM


Ryan Peoples

Mr. Corliss goofed, however. In his critique's opening, he alluded to a scene where Batman/Bruce looks over Gotham before leaping and flying.

Batman leaped and flew, but that scene was in Hong Kong, not Gotham.

Oh well, same thing, right?

Jul 22 - 06:30 PM

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