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An epic that will leave you staggering from the theater, stunned by its scope and complexity. It's also, thankfully, a vast improvement over his self-serious origin story, 2005's Batman Begins.

July 11, 2008 Full Review Source: Associated Press | Comments (32)
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Al Nad

Jesus. I am so excited for this ****ing movie.

Jul 11 - 11:40 AM


Eddie Jenkins

If the movie lives up to the hype it will be the best movie of the 2000s.

Jul 11 - 11:58 AM


RT-Ryan .

No, if this movie genuinely lives up to the scope of its hype, it would have to be the greatest movie ever made since the invention of the camera.

Jul 11 - 12:06 PM


Brad Miller


Jul 11 - 12:09 PM


Mario Zaragoza

Good review, she doesn't highlight the movie's flaws or make a big deal about it. Though I still consider incongruent saying (and she is not the only one) that it is EPIC, BLA BLA BLA, etc... and only give it 3/4 stars. come on! don't pretend or try to be a "good" critic.

Jul 11 - 12:19 PM


Say My Name

what a ***** giving this movie 3 out of 4 stars. do these critics even think what that score means on the grand scope of things? 3/4 translates to 75/100 which is just an average ****ing C on a generic test! batman deserves an A.

Jul 11 - 12:20 PM


Bobby Hamidi

You haven't even seen it yet, so you don't know what it deserves!

Jul 14 - 07:22 PM


Sean Pak

I mean, in the context of the review, I agree that a 3/4 makes little sense. She totally praises the film on many different levels, and doesn't complain much about flaws (merely pointing some out here and there but then always going back to how great it is). Just from reading it, I was getting a 3.5/4 vibe. She seemed to love it.

Also, this is the second review I've read that says the movie was too SHORT, while most say the opposite. Interesting.

Jul 11 - 12:28 PM


First Last

Of course after all the praise she's heaped on Batman I would agree 3/4 is a bit shallow, but none of us can say how Batman should be taken until we see the movie, which none of use have yet. After all ALOT of the same people that bashed Wall-E reviewers for breaking the 100% were looking like total hypocrites after it came out and they actually SAW it, and alot of those same people didn't like it and wondered how it's even at 97% now! True talk

Jul 11 - 12:35 PM


Sean Pak

I'm not saying that The Dark Knight is a 3.5/4. I was careful not to put any of my own premature hopes for the film into my comment. I was just saying that in the context of Christy's own review, taking into account the words she wrote (and none of my own feelings), 3/4 seemed low considering the REVIEW.

I would never say "shut up critic! this is a 4/4!" But what Christy wrote didn't seem to match the score she gave.

Jul 11 - 12:48 PM

Furious Wank

Seth Gordon

Jesus, there's no pleasing you people. She actually likes the movie, and some of you whine because she didn't like it *enough*.

Not everyone has to cater to your unrealistic demands.

Jul 11 - 12:46 PM


Sean Pak

Furious Wank, on the contrary, I thought she DID like it enough. The review sounded as if she loved it. So I'm confused why her score isn't consistent with that. I'm not wishing her rating to be higher out of my own self interest.

Jul 11 - 12:50 PM


First Last

3 out of 4? Must be a typo.

Jul 11 - 01:16 PM


Mark Bartoszek

A mediocre review overall. It seems that all the best reviews have already been released. I guess all that remains are the rushed ones from top critics who have less time on their hands.

Jul 11 - 02:06 PM


Christian Tait

yeah I agree. She seemed to really enjoy the movie, hardly finding any wrong with it. The context of the article suggests a rating of probably 3.5. I guess 3 out of 4 is good, but when you think as 7.5 out of ten, than it doesn't quite seem right with the content of the review.

Jul 11 - 02:26 PM


Alp Turgut

She says epic and she gave 3 out of 4 what is that mean?

Jul 11 - 02:34 PM


Dino ?tatebriga

It means it's not 4/4 *rolleyes*

Jul 12 - 05:01 AM


Josh Cane

For any of you who have Comcast digital cable there is this whole special on The Dark Knight which consists of a whole slew of CNN/Access Hollywood style news stories and profiles about Gotham and its citizens. I found it very interesting. No spoilers at all, and it does a good job of giving little details about characters lives that BB hast done.

Go On Demand => Movies and Events => The Dark Knight and start watching!! 7 days and counting!!! (Yeah Im a loser for even finding this.)

Jul 11 - 02:57 PM


Teddy Moore

Decent review, I just wish this chick would've rated it higher.

It seems the general consensus is that this flick is better than Batman Begins, wich is enough for me considering I thought that was the best comic book movie ever made.

Jul 11 - 03:38 PM


Robert Stottlemyer

The only problem with this review is that it sounds like a homework assignment written for a high school teacher. It didn't sound that professional.

But she gave the movie a good review, and that's what matters.

Jul 11 - 05:28 PM


Eric W

I don't get it either. How can a movie be just 3/4 when the reviewer says: "An epic that will leave you staggering from the theater, stunned by its scope and complexity"

The praise in her review does not match the score she gave imo.

Jul 11 - 06:08 PM


Robert Stottlemyer

I really don't care what kind of rating she gives this movie. I read this article for the second time and the only problem I have is that she is an extremely mediocre writer and I don't understand why she's a top critic. I want to be a top critic because I know I can write a review ten times better than this one. Please, someone tell me how to become a top critic. I'm serious.

Jul 12 - 01:08 PM


Teddy Moore

She's not a top critic. =/

Jul 12 - 02:25 PM


Robert Stottlemyer

Oh. Then what the hell is she? Can anybody write a review and be posted up here?

Jul 12 - 05:01 PM


Keyin Black

This is pretty much exactly what I needed to read, as she shares my exact same views on Batman Begins

Jul 14 - 01:30 AM


James C.

I have followed the reviews of Ms Lemire over the past couple years and have found her scores incongruent and her overly estrogen influenced critiques rather silly. She gives all the good women critics a bad name. She's not that keen on action films in general so maybe she should just stick to chick flicks or Lifetime original movies?

I am glad she gave Dark Knight a fresh rating, but again it appears another movie critic has lost the point of this film. Everything this movie is appears to be represented in the advertising.

I will certainly chip in to give Ms Lemire some Traveling Pants to go away and leave the reviews to more capable people.

Jul 14 - 04:17 PM


Scott Johnston

Wow! A woman who likes Batman. Where have you been? Are you single Christy? :-D

Jul 15 - 03:41 PM

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