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The Dark Knight is noisy, jumbled, and sadistic.

July 14, 2008 Full Review Source: New York Magazine/Vulture | Comments (178)
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Samuel Cole

Uh oh...second bad review....

Jul 14 - 11:57 AM


Toby Robinson


Jul 14 - 11:58 AM

awesomo 4000

John Smith


Jul 15 - 01:11 AM


LEEWAY C. guys are hilarious

Dec 1 - 01:06 PM


LEEWAY C. guys are hilarious

Dec 1 - 01:06 PM


William Pichkan

...I guess New York isn't pleased with this film in general huh? Another reason for me to hate the place, other then the fact that I live in Philadelphia. Even the New Yorker's 'positive' review is mixed.

Jul 14 - 11:59 AM


William Pichkan

oops, nevermind...just noticed that they officially made the New Yorkers review a rotten one. Just that when I read it last night, it still seemed to be a bit more on the positive side. Ah well, New York still sucks.

Jul 14 - 12:00 PM


Brian Di Rosario

yeah you have no credibility to say that, and you must be one of those full of themselves New Yorkers who think they have to hate something because you can't relate to it because it has nothing to new with New York. Seriously did you actually watch the movie?

Jul 14 - 12:02 PM


Bobby Hamidi

Well did you ****in watch it!

He just said his ****in inion!


Jul 14 - 07:48 PM


Scott Cressman

Let this be a lesson to ya: Never film a movie in Chicago rather than New York or you'll face the wrath of their critics! haha

Jul 14 - 12:03 PM


Matthew Williams

Sadistic...yes...that IS the character of the Joker homz...that was part of the point...CHAOS! ANARCHY! That IS what Batman is fighting against in this movie. get your head out of your *** and stop stating the obvious.

Jul 14 - 12:04 PM


zemar hartear

Anarchy isn't chaos. It's no hierarchy; nobody to demand that you MUST do this or that. As such, it has much merit however I must insist this Edelstein fellow who liked the uh, Zohan... film be never taken seriously again. This chap appears to be a caricature consisting of only and all the worst elements of movie critics and nothing more.

Jul 15 - 08:07 AM


mike c

wow. you have no idea what you are talking about.

Jul 14 - 12:05 PM

The old man

luke starkiller

Yep, A new yorker.

Jul 14 - 12:09 PM


Chad W

Yes, obviously this man hates Chicago, and was upset over the lost revenue from the Warner Bros that they didn't film it in NYC.

See how dumb that sounds?

You guys' and your knee-jerk reactions to 3 negative reviews... Wow.

Jul 14 - 12:19 PM

o D Lusion o

Randy Ream

Regardless of this poor review, it's still going to be amazing. Considering his synopsis is "noisy, jumbled, and sadistic" he's obviously not a good critic, when other top critics reviewed it far better. Oh, and why did he feel the urge to call Gary Oldman a "Pretentious Englishman"?

Jul 14 - 12:10 PM


Gareth Carlton

I'm really getting angry with this sudden burst of negative reviews.

Jul 14 - 12:12 PM


Vesper Lynd

haha..another jealous New Yorker.

Jul 15 - 04:13 PM

Zephyr Roc

Marc Lawrence

Well, Mr. Edelstein, I happen to be a big fan of noisy, jumbled and sadistic so chomp on that!

Jul 14 - 12:15 PM


Marc Riquez

"Forget Gotham City%u2014or Anton Furst%u2019s splendid Gothic Gotham of Tim Burton%u2019s Batman, which summoned up the freaky superhero%u2019s inner landscape of vaulted arches and gargoyles. "

You sir are officially being dubbed the Conductor of THE Burton BandWagon.


Welcome to 2008, where the movie viewers WANT " a modern, untransformed Manhattan, where the Joker%u2019s opening bank heist unfolds in a tense, realistic style with multiple point-blank shootings. It%u2019s a shock%u2014and very effective%u2014to see a comic-book villain come on like a Quentin Tarantino reservoir dog."

Oh and this "On paper, the morality play is intriguing, but a lot of the dialogue should have stayed on paper..." I guess along with being leader of the Burton Bandwagon youve also decided to be first source on screenwriting and dialogue.

Again, another case of old man who doesnt understand Batman and just cant get it through to himself that this is what we've been waiting for in a Batman Film.

Jul 14 - 12:16 PM

Zephyr Roc

Marc Lawrence

Actually, I think TDK is going to suck....

...Suck at being a bad movie, amirite!?


Jul 14 - 12:17 PM


Francesco Fernandez Martinez

I respect your opinion but wtf, give him batman & robin (mr.freeze was to sadictic he freezesss people, lol), go watch Kun Fu Panda is less SADISTIC.

Jul 14 - 12:21 PM


Dan Ireland

... kinda what they were going for, isn't it?

Noisy? Well, it is an action movie. I don't think gunfire, fast cars, and explosions are supposed to be quiet.

Jumbled? The Joker is trying to spread chaos and increase Gotham's crime rate! How much more jumbled does it get?

Sadistic? Come on... It's Batman. He's a very troubled and tortured guy. Of course it was sadistic.

What the hell were you expecting, honestly?

Jul 14 - 12:23 PM


First Last

I am David Edelstein! Now EVERYONE knows MY name!!!


Jul 14 - 12:29 PM

G R.

G Richard

Thank you, David Edelstein for you review in July of 2008. After watching Dark Knight for the first (and last time), it pains me to see that the public has not realized the hype this movie was given obviously to make it the "hit" it was last year. It was too long, too dark (devoid of light, not grim or depressing), and the reinvention of old cartoon characters with additional flaws all were molded into the 75 minute movie. Yes, it was really a two and a half hours but, if you take the parts of the movie that really caught the audience's interest (before they either walked out or turned off the DVD), you would have a reasonable 75 minute movie. When will "they" learn that making a movie longer, is not better? This new regeneration of Batman needs a kick in the pants, so what's new? As far as this Joker... It's too bad they kept his face covered in make-up throughout the entire movie. He might as well have placed a bag over his head. I am sorry that Mr. Ledger could not be alive to see what they have made of him. Ledger did not seem to be the type of person who would have allowed this role be made into the "award-winning, best acting role" he did in his entire life. The man was too young in years and still had many more roads to travel on in his acting career. We have all seen numerous actors fall from grace. It is unfortunate that the acting community will make this, Ledger's final acting role, legendary. Yes, it was an interesting interpretation of a cartoon character, no more, no less. Was he worth more than an "outstanding mention", we'll have to wait to see. The real test in the past has been to wait a few years. If Ledger's name is remembered like the other actors who portrayed ficticious characters (from real life or cartoons), then he did his job. That is what he was hired to do, he was an actor. With the way these movies are being "drilled" into our heads today by the movie companies, television, advertisements, Mr. Ledger's work will unfortunately amount to a few small statues, a trust fund for his lonely daughter and the few pieces of film work he had the opportunity of appearing in before he passed away. Yes, the movie will be seen on DVD and cable. But there's the rub. Would you really want to sit through the too long, too dark, and too confusing movie two times? Naaaa

Jan 25 - 05:47 PM


Jacob Oshana

This guy likes absolutely horrible movies and hates incredibly amazing future Oscar nominated works of art. You suck!!!!!

Jul 14 - 12:32 PM


Christian Tait

What is with these critics saying the movie is too dark. They go in expecting lame a light-hearted superhero action comedy. This is not iron man or spiderman or hellboy. This is a crime drama. Did these New Yorkers make a pact to ruin the 100% because the movie was filmed in Chicago. Yeah they are pissed that Chicago basically owns them right now, movie wise and baseball wise. The Yankees and Mets both blow.

Jul 14 - 12:44 PM


Xihix Poops

He gave the movie Critic's Choice and a check... Why the hell is this rotten?

Jul 14 - 12:45 PM

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