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Nolan has provided movie-goers with the best superhero movie to-date, outclassing previous titles both mediocre and excellent, and giving this franchise its Empire Strikes Back.

July 15, 2008 Full Review Source: ReelViews | Comments (29)
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Brandon Beckelheimer

Bernardinelli didn't give a single 4/4 to a film last year... now my expectations are mindbogglingly high.

Jul 15 - 04:14 AM


Haz Khalil

Where the HELL's his review!??

Jul 15 - 04:32 AM


Michael Reed

You can find it in The Dark Knight forums.

Jul 15 - 04:38 AM


Haz Khalil

YEah i went on his website..

Jul 15 - 04:44 AM

Weston B

Weston Burleson

Berardinelli is the one reviewer that I consult before I see any movie. I can only think of a handful of movies I haven't agreed with him on. That being said, I honestly can't recall the last 4/4 that he gave. I officially cannot wait for Friday.

Jul 15 - 05:09 AM


cla and

Same here. Berardinelli is my main critic. We usually tend to agree. I've visited his site since 1999 and think we agree on 80-90% on all films, that's the same grade we would give to the money. Love it to have him, he can see all the bad ones and tell me to go for the good ones ;-)

Definitely going to see TDK. If BB was 3 and TDK is going to be a 4, oh boy!

Jul 15 - 05:21 AM


Ross Miller

Berardinelli seems to be one of the few critics, web or otherwise, who speaks for the general public. He seems to appreciate films that perhaps critics who have studied for 30-40 years in the medium might disregard. His reviews are always fantastic to read and I agree with his opinion most of the time - he's one of the guys I go to first.

Jul 15 - 05:53 AM


Xihix Poops

Fantastic review!

Jul 15 - 06:22 AM


Nathan Deen

His last 4/4 was The Departed

Jul 15 - 06:25 AM


Robert Stottlemyer

It would be great if I could actually read his review. It won't pop up when I click on it.

Jul 15 - 06:51 AM


Kevin Martell

Go to or the RT Forums.

I agree with Bernardinelli 90% of the time, and the fact that he gave this move four stars was a shock.

Jul 15 - 07:15 AM


Robert Stottlemyer


Jul 15 - 08:43 AM


Robert Stottlemyer

I like how he mentioned The Empire Strikes Back. Very few sequels live up to there predecessor. Strikes back is one of them. Also Aliens, Terminator 2, and Godfather 2.

It makes me wander though, how Nolyn is going to top TDK. I mean I haven't seen the movie yet, so I truly don't know how good it is, but will the third installment live up to the hype this one is doing?

Jul 15 - 09:01 AM


Marty W.

It's pretty inevitable that the third installment will not be quite 'up to par' set by TDK, especially considering the main attraction (dare I say) Heath Ledger as the Joker has passed away and cannot reprise his role. I have no doubt that the finale of the franchise with Nolan at the helm will be fantastic, however, it seems that THIS movie is his magnum opus and the seminal BATMAN masterpiece.

Jul 15 - 11:40 PM


Francesco Fernandez Martinez

Great review, and the thing about Berardeinelli reviews is that i understand everyword he says, that the problem with Ebert (one of the best still around even if sometimes i dont agree in some ratings) he uses not difficult words but words that doesnt go well in the review but instead of a theater review.

Jul 15 - 07:15 AM


Jim Olivola

Berardinelli is one of my favorite critics, if not, my favorite critic, on this site. Funny thing is, I was checking for myself the last time he gave a 4 star rating to anything just yesterday (The Departed), and then I went onto his site just now and was like, :O!

This is a very well written review, as well as all of his others. Whether I agree with him or not, there is always something in his reviews that seem to cater to most peoples' tastes, and that's what I like about his writing style.

Jul 15 - 07:48 AM


Christopher Greffin

Beradrdinell probably gives as few four star rating as any critic who uses that system. It probably means this will place at worst number 3 on his end of the year best 10 list. I'm excited once again.

Jul 15 - 09:06 AM

Bedram B.

Bedram Bararpour

Nice review. Enjoyed reading it.

Jul 15 - 09:20 AM


Sean Pak

He agrees with the tomatometer a whopping 78% of the time. He is deservedly a top critic. Also, one that I tend to agree with most of the time. If he thinks this is the best superhero movie ever, then I know I've got a treat coming on Friday.

Jul 15 - 09:27 AM


Brad Miller


Jul 15 - 10:03 AM


Mario Zaragoza

A top critic gives TDK 4/4 stars! hell yeah!

Jul 15 - 10:06 AM


kyle johnson

in the words of mclovin..."I've got a bonerrrrr!!!!"

Jul 15 - 12:35 PM


Iustinus Libertatis

Berardinelli nails it, he's saying what's going to be on everyone else's minds. While I don't always agree with his ratings, this is one of the many I do agree with. Informative, analytical, and substantive.

Jul 15 - 02:46 PM


Connor O'Hara

very glad to hear it.

Jul 15 - 04:09 PM


michael pacholski

He compares it to "Empire Strikes Back"

Does that mean that The Joker is Batman's father?


Can't wait 'til Friday 12:01 a.m.

Jul 16 - 02:28 AM


Robert Stottlemyer

11:59 Thursday night for me. I am such a looser. A looser seeing TDK at 11:59 Thursday night.

Jul 16 - 07:08 AM


Trevor Klassen

drac, that was bloody hilarious. Waitaminute... is Rachel Batman's SISTER? Egad!

Jul 16 - 08:55 AM

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