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The generation of consumers who swallow this pessimistic sentiment can't see past the product to its debased morality. Instead, their excitement about The Dark Knight's dread (that teenage thrall with subversion) inspires their fealty to product.

July 16, 2008 Full Review Source: New York Press | Comments (327)
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Nate 2709


Jul 16 - 11:11 AM


Brad Miller


Jul 16 - 11:12 AM


Jake Straka

Yeah, I think NY needs a bit of a rest. It's been through alot.

Jul 16 - 11:13 AM


Mike Line

Nep, the world ain't like it used to be. Back then, a man had to work for a livin'. Walked uphill to school, both ways. And them there guys like Tim Burton - now that guy new how to make a MOVIE! Back then, movies were about entertainment. Yep, that guy Michael Keaton and that knockout Michelle Pfeiffer [sorry, no disrespect Michelle], now they could really ACT! These kids now, all they do is play them damned video games and watch all that TV. There ain't no morals no more! I tell ya', the world is goin' ta' hell in a handbasket!

Jul 16 - 11:14 AM


Shannon Stevens

Your idea of "morality" is simplistic in a way that is nothing like the real world and the hard decisions that people often need to make.

Jul 16 - 11:14 AM


Say My Name

this guy is a huge snob who probably goes to bars and pays $20 for a Bud Light because he doesn't want to be seen around the commoners. hey if you don't like comic book movies, then do everyone a favor and don't review them!!! no one gives 2 ****s about what you think about the movie.

Jul 16 - 11:15 AM


Kat Warner

obviously someone does or he wouldn't have a job doing it.

Jul 21 - 12:20 PM

Diomed Atreides

Diomed Atreides

This self-important bastard just likes to shower us with the last few words he looked up in a dictionary.

Jul 16 - 11:16 AM


Carlos Díaz

Wow!! It's true!! I didn't believed at first time but New Yorkers do hate The Dark Knight for a reason. They even got the world premiere but hate it... so sad...

Jul 16 - 11:17 AM


Marcin Kowalski

I think this one is gettin too old to watch post millenium movies...

...and I think the new yorkers are jealous that this one was filmed in chicago...

Jul 16 - 11:19 AM


David Not Telling

"it%u2019s a goddamn psychodrama in which Batman/Bruce Wayne%u2019s neuroses compete with two alter-egos"

That sounds pretty "goddamn" professional eh?

Jul 16 - 11:22 AM


mark pugh

Actually, what happened is all these new york critics who gave it a bad review (remember, there are still quite a few critics from new york that have given it a positive review) went to the same screening. The projector didn't work so they sat there for 2 1/2 hours staring at a blank screen in the dark. That's why they think it was too boring or too dark. I happen to know this for a fact.

Jul 16 - 11:22 AM


Nathan Deen

I guess NY's pissed because they made the film in Chicago

Jul 16 - 11:25 AM


Matt Romo

Is this a joke?

Jul 16 - 11:28 AM


Jason Wambold

Are Trolls allowed to also be critics on here? What is the NY Press anyway, his own personal blog? If you read every review by this guy, he seems to go into the movie EXPECTING one thing, and if he GETS something else-- Bad review. Look it up. Batman is dark. Bravo to Christopher Nolan for finally getting it right with his Batman films.

Jul 16 - 11:28 AM


Nathan Deen

Armond White is a biased critic who refuses to get in touch with the times. He only agrees with the Tomatometer 50% of the time. His opinion means nothing, but it's a shame it's going to hold the percentage down a little bit.

Jul 16 - 11:30 AM


sal khan

"Unlike Nicholson%u2019s multileveled characterization, Ledger reduces The Joker to one-note ham-acting and trite symbolism. If you fell for the evil-versus-evil antagonism of There Will Be Blood, then The Dark Knight should be the movie of your wretched dreams."

Why the ***** do you old farts keep on insisting Nicholson's role? I'm sorry, I watched that movie several times but Nicholson's role is *****ing cheeky and retarded. He had good on screen presence, overshadowing Keaton's batman easily. I'll give it that, but other than that, it was comedy. Now it makes me cringe everytime I watch that scene where he and his cronies dance to Prince while painting moustache on paintings. Its CHEESY! Get over it! Nicholson's joker was not that good.

Now the morality play. You totally missed it Mr. White. Nolan insists that morality is "in your head". Batman operates only in the parameters of what HE considers moral, and thats what makes him clash with the Joker. The thin line that separates morality from immorality is very, very, VERY fuzzy and one can cross over it without even knowing. Hence, Batman is conflicted throughout.

Thats the whole point Nolan was trying to get it across. Morality is not something a 7 year old can distinguish in Black and White terms. Its very deep and complex philosophy.

Jul 16 - 11:31 AM


Kat Warner

I'm sorry you fail to pick up any of the intricacies of Nicholson's portrayal. Go see some more smash em up movies that only exist for the explosions why don't you.

Jul 21 - 12:21 PM


Carlos Díaz

By the way... any of them know that Batman is a comics character and that the nature of the comics is dark and pessimistic mostly and that the violence, crime and lunatics that brings the psychological profile to the stories are important part of Batman?? If not, I know why they compare this to movies that had nothing to do like James Bond or Zodiac "Nolan isn%u2019t interested in providing James Bond%u2013style gadgetry for its own ingenious wonder; rather, these crime battle accoutrements evoke Zodiac-style %u201Cprocess%u201D (part of the futility and dread exemplified by the constantly outwitted police)."

Jul 16 - 11:31 AM


Chris Moore

Ah, welcome back, jaded New York reviewers. We were wondering what happened to you guys.

A word of advise: don't go to any comic conventions and let people know who you are.

Jul 16 - 11:34 AM

Butterscotch Stallion

Greg Osborn

All the hatred for New York City because of a couple of reviews is pathetic.

Bashing someone for not liking a movie that you haven't seen yet is pathetic.

Since when is everyone supposed to like the same movies?

Take it easy on New York City nerds, it's much more exciting than the place where you live.

Jul 16 - 11:36 AM


Say My Name

shut up douche. shouldn't you be writing a negative review of the dark knight?

Jul 16 - 11:47 AM


Corey Henley

We may not have seen it, but we all of us who have seen Batman Begins and have read a vast majority of the Fresh reviews have a pretty clear idea of how the movie is going to go. I can safely assume that this film is indeed a masterpiece in the making, considering that most critics are saying that it is better than the first.

But about the review here, I think it's clear that Mr. White does not share the same views as the youth of today (and judging by previous reviews is pretty *****ing hung up on 9/11 and it relation to modern cinema) and I will never trust any of his reviews. Whatever score he gives, I will just pretend it's the exact opposite.

Jul 16 - 03:25 PM



yet another film critic who is so out of touch with what Batman is that he decides to rant about how its grim and all that other ****.

Oh and hes from NYC, coincidence much?

Jul 16 - 11:37 AM

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