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The generation of consumers who swallow this pessimistic sentiment can't see past the product to its debased morality. Instead, their excitement about The Dark Knight's dread (that teenage thrall with subversion) inspires their fealty to product.

July 16, 2008 Full Review Source: New York Press | Comments (327)
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Sam Vetter

What the hell is this? I respect anyone's right to interpret things any way they want, but this is just silly. Pure, rambling silliness. If ya don't like something, great, but to go on and on into the psycho analytical observations of society, youth, culture, etc. This is a comic book movie about a character sometimes called the "Dark Knight", not sure what one would expect other than dark brooding characters when you're dealing with Batman. You're not so much reviewing a movie here, you're reviewing society and hollywood. If thats the case make a blog, and don't call it a movie review.

Jul 16 - 01:34 PM


Trevor Klassen

Your review, sir, reeks of personal bias and putting upon a work of art your own moral compass. This in itself is not objectionable (we cannot separate ourselves from our morality, nor should we). However, because its direction is contrary to your moral tastes does not mean its direction should be dismissed nor criticized in such fasion. I have appreciated Reisenthal though I abhor all tenets of Nazism. You seemed to have missed the point of our Dark Knight: his is a conflicted soul, yet he leans toward the good. The film reflects the grim reality of the modern world. For you to suggest your age qualifies you as a superior judge of modern morality is both arrogant and mistaken. The opposite could be imposed upon you--you are not growing up in the modern world, and therefore cannot access modern fears. The world is grim. This film is grim. It makes no apologies. Qualify your judgments based on its merits as a film and not merely as morality play. I haven't yet seen Dark Knight and must reserve judgment upon Ledger's performance, but your comments thereto smack of vengeful reporting rather than objective approach to performance as performance. It is curious you wrote such a serious-minded review; the tension you felt while writing it is palapable. You will be disappointed to learn that the strong reactions this film elicited from you make me ever more eager to see it.

Jul 16 - 01:38 PM

El Matador

Daniel Harbridge

Very well said.

Jul 16 - 01:42 PM

El Matador

Daniel Harbridge

The Dark Knight is my prediction to take down the New York Film Critics Best Film of the Year.

3/1- Any takers?

Jul 16 - 01:39 PM


First Last

Ahhh. My mistake. What was i thinking?

Jul 16 - 01:40 PM


Mike Barney

You gave 3:10 to Yuma a bad review, as well as Iron Man, while you ranted and raved about Chaos Theory. Stop being a critic...and go get another job. You don't belong here.

Jul 16 - 01:44 PM


Tim Nurphy

I have no idea what the hell this guy is talking about. Is his point that superhero movies are "supposed" to inspire hope for the viewer. In other words, good defeats evil unequivocally. I don't understand why a comic book movie can't follow the guidelines of any drama, in that it can exist as a tragedy. This guy didn't like it because it doesn't convey the message he believes a comic book movie should convey. Well, perhaps its a tragedy.

Jul 16 - 01:45 PM


Jeff Weideman

Hey peeps, slam his critiques but easy on the racial crap K? I don't like what he said and think he's wrong but that's BS.

Jul 16 - 01:53 PM

tooter smoocher

brandon trahan

I'm not exactly sure what this cat wants out of a Batman movie from the way he describes/reviews them. He hates on Nolan and to some extent Burton. If you want to watch a "cheerful" and "colorful" Batman flick...dude, go watch Batman and Robin...the character's supposed to be a bit f'ed up.

Jul 16 - 01:55 PM

el seth

Seth Lombardi

After reading this man's Hellboy II review, I felt a bit ill. He sees nihilistic bombast everywhere, but the only nihilistic bombast I detected in connection to the film was in the review he concocted.

Jul 16 - 01:55 PM


Spencer Strasmore

Ive read my share of reviews, and this one has got to be the most childish analysis of a film ever. He must've been at some sort of nihilist (hip) event where some young girl turned him down or laughed at his I

Jul 16 - 02:04 PM


Ahem Cough

Um okay...he agrees with other critics only 50% of the time. He didn't like Iron Man. He didn't like Atonement. He didn't like Gone Baby Gone...same with THERE WILL BE BLOOD!! (Among many other amazing works of art) And instead gives good reviews to a bunch of crap like What Happens in Vegas...

I'm not one of those TDK fanboys, but I find no credibility in this guy.

Jul 16 - 02:12 PM

Jason C Wilkerson

Jason Wilkerson

He has given 1 comic book movie a good review: Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I guess if he has to think too hard, and has be bring himself to use big words he doesn't understand to get feelings across that he's never felt before then he doesn't like the film. (The reason he gave Hellboy 2 and Iron Man bad reviews.) I think the fact that this guy doesn't like it proves to me it's going to be good.

Jul 16 - 02:13 PM


Chris Copenhaver

This guy is a horrible movie critic. What a tool.

As a New Yorker I would like to apologize to all of you out there for the negative reviews some of these knuckleheads have been giving. If it makes you feel any better, I can assure you that no one ever reads the "New York Press".

Jul 16 - 02:19 PM


Rodi A.K

What is it with New Yorkers and this movie? Is it because it was filmed in Chicago that you hate it so much?

Anyway... I am already psyched about so I'll be in that theater the moment I get some free time!

Jul 16 - 02:24 PM

Hard Boiled 07

Justin Meredith

"Worst Review EVER" (sounds like comic book guy)

But really come on now...This is not a movie review, I dont even care if he liked it or not, but this dribble is just beyond words.

How do you keep your job man?
I would get fired if I wrote something like this, do you even LIKE movies???

Jul 16 - 02:30 PM


Emmanuel Mark

good old Armond White, you should read his I am Legend Review

Jul 16 - 02:32 PM


David Grant

I had to create an account in order to respond to this.

Some things to get out of the way first: Am I a fanboy? NO! Are people entitled to their own opinion? Yes! Are all opinions created equally? Hell NO!

I am sorry, but any so called movie critic who bashes a movie because of said movie's 'moral' significance can shove it.

A critic is supposed to judge the film. While I know that it would be silly to suggest that a film be judged in a vacuum, I believe that anybody who uses outside moral views to bash a work of art needs to go back to the dark ages. If Armond White cannot see that, he needs a new line of work.

Also, it would seem that Armond White does not know very much about the Batman mythology beyond the first Tim Burton film. (The original Batman is good in its own right, but the mythos of Batman is somewhat different from what that movie portrays.) The Joker and Batman ARE intertwined. That is why The Joker has always been an important aspect of the comic. (Not to mention my favorite villain, ever.) Also, Mr. White describes the creation of Two Face as though Nolan dreamt it up... THAT IS (more or less) THE NATURE OF TWO FACE!!! Nolan simply kept it true to the original spirit of the character.

It is clear that this puritan does not like comic books. So, it would have been better for the world if he kept his mouth shut in regards to something he knows nothing about. Or better yet, not review a film again.

It is true, I have not seen this film, and I do understand that not everybody can like everything. However, I am responding because of the reasons this clown (sorry for the terrible pun) gives. I am really looking forward to seeing it though. Actually, reading Mr. White's review makes me want to see it more. I like "There Will Be Blood" because I can see art for what it is. Perhaps Mr. White should give me his job.

Jul 16 - 02:33 PM


Marco G

You have horrible taste in movies and should be fired.

Jul 16 - 02:33 PM


Ryan James

Wow, he actually disliked Iron Man as well?!? His record of reviews is ridiculous and bears no resemblance to anything approaching a wide range of cinematic appreciation.

Jul 16 - 02:40 PM


Nick Ritter

So I guess you just couldn't handle this movie. That's okay, and I guess you've never read any of the late Batman comics such as "The Dark Knight Returns."
The genius of the Batman character lies within his human aspects: desires, personal vendettas, inner turmoil, etc. that he must struggle with while fighting crime and honoring his rules/code.
This movie offers a very real depiction of the experience of a human being taking on the role of a vigilante.
So I guess that if you can't get past the fact that truly becoming a super hero in today's world isn't all fun and games and sugar coated like when you were a youngin', then I don't see why you'd like the Batman character at all.

Jul 16 - 02:41 PM

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