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The generation of consumers who swallow this pessimistic sentiment can't see past the product to its debased morality. Instead, their excitement about The Dark Knight's dread (that teenage thrall with subversion) inspires their fealty to product.

July 16, 2008 Full Review Source: New York Press | Comments (327)
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Harry Ward

You're a f*&king a-s-s-h-o-l-e on the grandest stage of a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s, consider yourself blessed I can't get hold of you, you inconsiderate prick

Jul 17 - 08:32 AM


Jeff Bowles

This is a nice review. Not only do we get all the reasons why TDK sucks, but we get a thorough critique on today's youth. Honestly, if I wanted to be talked down to, I'd have a nice chat with my Dad. Every generation has a right to its own Batman. Every generation has the right - no, obligation - to explain to pompous film critics what they should already know in the first place. I'm 23 years old. I deserve this Batman. This Batman exemplifies what modern storytelling has become. This Batman is truer to the cannon and mythos than any screen Batman before it. I do not demand moral ambiguity or excessive violence in the films I watch. I DO demand depth. I demand something more than "You're the bad guy, I'm the good guy, and I win." The best Batman stories ever told were tales about morality and the thin line between truly right, and truly wrong. You, Armond, and your generation also deserve this Batman. 23 year old movie lovers can't tell 42 year old movie lovers why ( when you were a kid, old Bats must've been trading quips with his Super Friends). 42 can only know by trying to remember what it is to be emotionally, viscerally, and intellectually engaged by pop-entertainment.

Jul 17 - 08:43 AM


Chris Janitz

why even watch another comicbook movie if youre not going to like it?

i really hate this guy. almost every popular movie he hates, movies no one has heard of, or that is crap, he loves.

and why write reviews with "big" words in them? trying to sound smart? how about you write the way you speak. you sound like a tool in all of your reviews with the way you write.

its sad that people like you can make or break a movie. all you have to do is make a couple of key strokes to critize what a director, actors and many others have worked their entire lives to achieve.

all you have to do is type. must be a tough job you got there buddy.

Jul 17 - 08:47 AM


Leslie Horton

Take a look at the movies this guy likes! I think I will look at his reviews and go see the ones he hates and avoid the ones he likes. YUCK! He has very poor taste.

Jul 17 - 09:11 AM


Justin Beagl

it was a nolan movie... what were you expecting? something light hearted like walle? I guess if i were expecting great character development and romance in a rambo movie i would have been pretty dissapointed in rambos latest installment too.. but i guess i just know better... of course its gonna be dark, its nolan. of course its gonna make you question things and leave you thinking about life and ethics differently ITS NOLAN... and i might not be forty but ****, i can tell you its more inspiring to realize youre in a world that needs help than a world that you think needs no help. ya might sound smart... but when was the last time you actually thought about what you were saying?

Jul 17 - 09:33 AM


Eddie Jenkins

You are a moron, Sir. Honestly if you don't like comic to film adaptations don't watch them. It is painfully obvious that you went into the theatre knowing you would hate this movie and decided to watch it anyway so you could belittle those (the majority) who love it.


Jul 17 - 11:20 AM


Scott Clever

You're supposed to be reviewing the movie, not society you muck-e-muck!

Jul 17 - 11:40 AM


Andrew Kasch

The NY Post is reading through these comments and responding to them in their latest article. So guys, since you're obviously reading this, I have one thing to say:

You don't need to see a movie to criticize a bogus opinion. Anyone who hates on Herzog and There Will Be Blood and champions Black Dahlia and Fantastic Four 2 should take a class or two in film criticism. Armond White deserves to be hounded for his sorry excuse for psuedo-intellectual "opinions."

Jul 17 - 12:00 PM


Nick Johnston

Not only has our buddy Armond given favorable reviews to some pretty awful movies recently (War, What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, and I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry), he also seems a little hypocritical in all his anti-comic book movie rantings. Because last summer when the Rise of the Silver Surfer was released he give it a great review, but when a movie that is far superior comes out he gets on a soapbox about "the generation of consumers who swallow this pessimistic sentiment can't see past the product to its debased morality." Whatever Armond, it sounds like someone is just a little but partial to their old stack of Marvel comics and didn't really get into the whole DC scene. Oh well, maybe next summer a movie other than a corny romantic comedy, or a clearly homophobic Adam Sandler movie will catch his interest.

Jul 17 - 12:12 PM

placenta poboy

pep md

I'm going to be completely honest here. I don't think Armond White should be a movie reviewer. He's been in the wrong business for years. His writing is lexiphanic. He's clearly aiming for controversy. He's like a high profile forum troll.

I don't know. Maybe he's just way smarter than me and has better taste. It's like that scene in the movie Defending Your Life. Albert Brooks tastes Rip Torn's food, and it's awful because it takes higher intelligence to understand the complexity of its flavors.

I'm just glad I don't strictly get my reviews from The New York Press or I would be missing out on a lot of great movies.

Jul 17 - 01:44 PM


Chris Carter

The biggest thing that I have noticed about the people who have given negative reviews is their lack of knowledge of the source material. I am what would be considered a fanboy...but I'm also a movie lover. If this movie sucks I'll be the first to say so...I mean look at Joel Schumacher's versions of Batman...REALLY BAD. That being said...BATMAN IS A DARK CHARACTER, THAT LIVES IN A DARK, GLOOMY CITY. THE JOKER IS A MANIAC, PSYCHO, SERIAL KILLER, ANARCHIST, WHO CARES ABOUT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I took a graphic novel course at university and studied the duality of Batman and the Joker. If the positive reviews are halfway accurate, then Nolan did the characters, their psyches, and the story justice. Read AND understand the source material before you judge this movie as too dark or cynical or pessimistic.

Jul 17 - 02:36 PM


Chris Burke

A list of movies with a T-meter score over 85% that Mr. White has turned up his nose at: Hellboy 2, Dark Knight, Encounter @ The End of the World, Iron Man, 4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days, There Will Be Blood, Sweeney Todd, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Zodiac, Gone Baby Gone, Michael Clayton, Eastern Promises, 3:10 to Yuma, Hairspray, Knocked Up, and Cache (I, and apparently most people would happily make a weekend out of all of those). Movies he's liked: War, Chuck & Larry, Fantastic 4, First Sunday and What Happens in Vegas. Nuff said folks!

Jul 17 - 02:51 PM


Guy B. Jones

Armond White is the most pretentious film critic alive today. He's like Pauline Kael in that respect. Not only is he completely unable to review films on their own terms, with a balanced sense of objectivity and perspective, but he constantly feels the need to show off what he perceives as his own weighty intellect and savvy understanding of cinema. Hence his reviews inevitably meander into inane and overwrought analysis that does nothing to help the reader assess the film being reviewed.

Jul 17 - 03:26 PM

Big Freeze

Frank Fischer

Obviously Armond White has never read Dark Knight comics. The movie perfectly captured the grim tone of the comics. Go watch Mama Mia for a positive message.

Jul 17 - 05:18 PM

Timmy O'toole

Timmy O'toole

Good point, go watch Momma Mia with a jar of vaseline! Maybe a Momma Mia and Fried Green Tomatoes double header!

Jul 17 - 10:08 PM

Timmy O'toole

Timmy O'toole

Hey bra, this is a movie, not a lesson on morality. Go to church for that.

Was it entertaining or not!!!! Jeeeeesshhh, get an inflata-mate and chill!

Jul 17 - 10:06 PM


Shane Kittelson

After getting a chance to watch it, I find this review to be complete and utter bat guano.

There is a scene toward the climax involving people on a ferry who make moral choices that would make any of us hopeful for humanity, even though, in my opinion, the choice these people made are more the things of fantasy than a billionaire fighting crime on his spare time in a batsuit..

Morally debased? Armond White, why so serious?

Jul 18 - 12:15 AM


Michael Oman

Mr White seems overly concerned w/ browbeating everyone w/ his insular boy in a bubble fears.He's convinced that he's the only person in the world that knows that movies can make you feel as well as think. Unfortunately for him,the movies he cherishes like Babes in Toyland and Bedknobs and broomsticks have long been outmoded by an ever changing world.Someone as privileged as him cannot hope to understand that the rest of humanity has to ACTUALLY DEAL WITH LIFE.
He has little to do but look down his nose at us.I'm sorry,Mr. White. We can all appreciate WALL-E without you,it should be apparent given the $$$ it's taking in.We also have a much wider variety of interest than you do,so we don't need to be reminded of the good ol' days and Hello Dolly.Have fun telling anyone who'll listen how wonderful music videos are. It is NOT the critic's job to help the filmmaker OR the viewer to experience the movie,Movie critiquing is NOT a literary art form,its winning the lottery,a wage for a bitter man to nip at the heels of those who took their experience at the University and actually made something constructive with it. I am more than aware that this negative review and all the comments it inspired are helping you,I find it akin to me giving a drunk a buck on the side of the freeway. Enjoy that bottle of Thunderbird. Perhaps it will last you till the next flick that makes a million dollars off all us "kids"

Jul 18 - 12:36 AM


jared graham

go ****ing kill yourself armond you underachieving mother****er because your sorry little life isn't ****ing worth living anymore because the dark knight is one of the best movies of the summer

Jul 18 - 01:46 AM


First Last

He's insane.

Jul 18 - 03:29 AM


allan Leveque

I read your review before I saw the movie, and I decided not to say anything until I had seen the film. I guess I took offense, as someone who is just exiting their teenage years, to your shot at us. What I found most confusing upon watching the movie was how you seemed to miss the message. Without giving anything away, the last twenty minutes of the film are about our better side as a race, and our need or more importantly, our want for a hero...and that is a constant theme through out the film. So what you catagories as debased morality, others who perhaps decide not to simplify, and look at a complex film as black and white, realize that infact the dark is a nessarcy juxtaposition of the light especially to illistrate how important the light is. PS I can use big word too

Jul 18 - 03:47 AM

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