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[Ledger's] performance is also the most interesting thing in the film, and when the Joker is absent, The Dark Knight loses most of its energy and dynamism.

July 17, 2008 Full Review Source: Washington Post | Comments (128)
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monkeybrow Platyrrhini

your books are terrible.

Jul 17 - 09:16 AM


Scott Gillespie

I'm usually a fan of your reviews Steve; but you really missed the mark here and it smacks of 'a cry for attention' (intentionally being the odd man out just to appear to be independent minded and esoteric). Bad call. Poorly written review.

Jul 17 - 09:19 AM


Adrian Hernandez

CRY FOR ATTENTION is correct. Very poorly written review..

Jul 17 - 09:20 AM


Bill Lehecka

Was this a negative review? He only seemed to have a problem with Eckhart... When a reviewer says Ledger's performance is worth the price of admission, that doesn't seem like a rotten review to me.

Jul 17 - 09:21 AM


Say My Name

i think tubby gave a mostly positive review.

Jul 17 - 09:23 AM


Eddie Jenkins


Jul 17 - 09:23 AM


Michael Moya

What a ****.

Jul 17 - 09:24 AM


Jim Hawkins

Little less on the mayo...

Jul 17 - 09:24 AM


Dan Van

Eckhart miscast? What movie did you watch? Get Burton's....nevermind.

Jul 17 - 09:24 AM


Ali Ghezelbash

You're certainly entitled to your opinion, good or bad, but what does that "pretty-boy face-off" line mean? What is that at all relevant to? That sounds like a very snide and unnecessary remark.


Jul 17 - 09:24 AM


Haz Khalil

Are you father christmas!?

Jul 17 - 09:25 AM

The old man

luke starkiller


Jul 17 - 09:26 AM


Xihix Poops

Wait a tick, Santa is a critic now?

Jul 17 - 09:27 AM


Alp Turgut

He should retire from this job. No counry for old men rotten!!!!!

Jul 17 - 09:28 AM


Mario Zaragoza

lol, you are right!

Jul 17 - 09:30 AM


Steven Tuttle

Reading the review I can't see how you can come to the conclusion it was negative. While its not overly positive he really isn't especially critical of anything but Eckarts performance. There is no grade given and its my belief that RT just took the tag quote and said "yup, thats rotten". I think RT needs to relook at this one. Can we bring it to their attention?

Jul 17 - 09:29 AM


Bill Lehecka

Agreed. He was critical, but not overly negative. Stephen Hunter has always had a way with words, but what critic writes a negative review and includes a line that says a performance in the film is worth the price of admission? RT, this is craziness!

Jul 17 - 09:31 AM


Jeff Weideman

I am beginning to think that some critics have an easier time being creative in their written when they are negative. Sad really.

Jul 17 - 09:30 AM


Eric Lau

Holmes is the better cast? I think Maggie has more of the spunk for Rachael than Katie.

A poor shame he thinks this movie is poor.

Jul 17 - 09:30 AM


Jeff Weideman

I have read many reviewers praise Eckhart's work. I am surprised some have issues with him. I think he's an actor who we'll be seeing more of after this outing.

Jul 17 - 09:31 AM


Eric Lau

This critic agrees with the Tomatometer 69% of the time.

Ah I think we see the problem now.

Jul 17 - 09:31 AM

Harvey Dent

sam niles

yes, a critic's work should be based completely on how often they agree with the almighty tomatometer.

Jul 17 - 01:35 PM


Matt Lubisich

this wasn't a very negative review but oh well. looks like dark knight will have a lower bulk score but a higher quality score than iron man. we can all thank the new yorkers for that.

the important thing is that even the negative reviews make this movie sound better and better. i don't believe for a second that eckhart wasn't the right choice because anyone who has seen thank you for smoking knows that eckhart rocks.

Jul 17 - 09:32 AM

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