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An insult to Dark Knight fans, cinematic technophiles, and DVD special features everywhere.

December 25, 2008 Full Review Source: | Comments (23)


Deniz D.

Deniz Divanli

i guess you like batman and robin more

May 24 - 06:28 PM


Jacob Courts

This is a review of the DVD, not the movie. It shouldn't be on here.

Jun 5 - 11:57 AM


Ole Mattis Opperud

Seriously,, what the fuck? This is a dvd-review, not a movie-review. If you had actually checked it out before adding it to the meter, this guy actually praises the film.

Jun 17 - 09:06 AM

Rhyno 6.

Rhyno 602259

whats wrong with you this movie is awsome it is like my favorite movie ever

Aug 5 - 09:12 AM


Brian Mueller

I'm guessing you're mentally retarded. Hey man, it's okay, don't worry, it gets better.

Aug 6 - 01:56 PM

Michael Boyle

Michael Boyle

An insult?! The only thing that's an insult is this review. Douche bag. Come on, you call yourself a critic?

Aug 12 - 02:20 PM

Mason Mielke

Mason Mielke

pff whatever pretty sure this film makes every other batman fanboy besides you proud to be a batman fanboy

Aug 16 - 07:01 PM

Chris S.

Chris Szczudlik

trololololololol your right, batman and robin is the way to go

Aug 19 - 08:47 PM

Chris Gironda

Chris Gironda

You clearly get off to Batman & Robin.

Aug 20 - 11:24 PM

Rachit Goyal

Rachit Goyal

You're an insult to this website. Go sit your fatass on your armchair and watch Batman & Robin, the perfect movie for low-life assholes like you

Aug 31 - 06:30 AM

Abram Spinney

Abram Spinney

You've gotta be kidding me! How did this get posted? Dude your reviewing the DVD. This site is for Movie reviews. Seriously this shouldnt count since it isnt even about the film!

Sep 8 - 03:50 PM

Andrew Munson

Andrew Munson

People don't post reviews to RT, RT chooses reviews...

Dec 20 - 02:20 AM


Rob Humanick

Wow, about 80% of those that have submitted comments here are retarded. Yes, Rotten Tomatoes has a category for DVD reviews. Yes, they appear on the main screen now. No, they're not tallied into the overall percentage. And yes, I enjoy Batman & Robin. It's a trippy, unintentional remake of Metropolis, among other things, and has Arnold Schwarzenegger's funniest performance. And since I'm not lacking in confidence, I'll tell you that, despite how much I like The Dark Knight, it's not the best Batman film. That would be Batman Returns.

Oct 3 - 04:32 PM

Brady M.

Brady McIntosh

He`s talking about the DVD, NOT the FILM :/

Oct 17 - 07:34 PM


Ole Mattis Opperud

Unfortunately, this proves how insignificant the tomatometer really is.
A dvd-review that praises the movie itself but not the bonus materials on its dvd-release is in fact counted as a negative review of the movie itself. Yep, you heard that right.

Stick to instead, this site doesn't know A from B.

Oct 22 - 05:34 PM

Luis Herrera

Luis Herrera

its an insult to critics that ur a critic. even tho i dont see u as one

Nov 14 - 04:27 PM

Sophie Rickards

Sophie Rickards

your a fuck head

Dec 21 - 01:53 AM

Matt Botting

Matt Botting

Probably shouldn't be included in the tomatometer rating, but I agree with you fully - the DVD/Blu-ray special features were extremely limited. Where's the Joker behind-the-scenes footage?

Dec 21 - 08:32 PM

Larry D.

Larry David

Go fuck yourself with a cactus.

Jul 10 - 06:06 PM

Agasthya Dhanwada

Agasthya Dhanwada

insult to dark knight fans ?! message frm all dark knight fans to you: GO FUCK YOURSELF

Jul 13 - 04:28 AM

Lee Broxson

Lee Broxson

He's talking about the film's DVD, not the film itself. Did you even read it? No, you read the misleading snippet. He's talking about how the DVD has shit for special features and is a terrible DVD release. He is correct.

Jul 19 - 11:38 AM

Nigel Hunter

Nigel Hunter

Clearly you're just wrong

Jul 18 - 02:44 PM

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